Arcane Lord Chapter 1002

Andre has never liked procrastination. After attending Earl Carl’s funeral, he returned to the Turs Valley and threw the debris to his hands to deal with, and he was quiet. Coming down to sort out the magic knowledge and skills gained during this period, and teach the apprentices by the way, the life is both leisurely and fulfilling.

However, as there is a saying, the relaxing time is always extremely short. After only half a month, the undead king-Absalon Blackburn broke this calm.

“We have found a way to transform the mastermind! It is a great honor to invite you to witness this miraculous moment!”

After Lich teleported to Andre’s private room, he spoke first The sentence goes straight to the subject. He wasn’t even in the mood to pay attention to the frightened servant next to him. He pulled up Andre, who hadn’t reacted, directly activated the teleportation magic and disappeared in place.

With a burst of intense dizziness, Andre only felt that his body was squashed, passing through a layer of mysterious material like a transparent film, and then staggered one by one, jumping out of the gap in the space, almost not falling to the ground .

Just when he was about to ask, a man in a gorgeous dark red robe walked over, opened his arms and laughed and greeted: “My dear old friend! This is the arcane The Owner of the Eye?”

“Yes, Wanda, don’t you feel his difference?” The Undead King smiled and replied.

“Of course! Of course I felt it! As revealed in the prophecy! He brought us new perspectives! New ideas! And new ways of thinking! A man who can continuously train mages Cradle, is there anything more exciting than this?” The man called Wanda raised his hands and exclaimed with excitement.

The undead king nodded with emotion: “Yeah, you are right. We have been lurking under the surveillance of the gods for thousands of years. It is time to open the door of New World and let them crawl Arcane’s power is shiver coldly!”

Feeling the terrifying magical energy surrounding the body called the Wanda middle-aged man, Andre instantly realized that he was also a man who could stand alongside Lich. A survivor of ancient magical civilization, a true Legendary mage.

He didn’t dare to neglect, so he hurriedly bowed with one hand on his chest: “It’s a great honor to see you, master.”

Wanda smiled and gave a gift: “No, It should be said that I am honored, the prophet. We must know that many of us have a strong interest in you, and some of us are eager to get those wonderful ideas in your head. If it is not for fear of affecting your growth, no The young congressman can’t help but invite you.”

“Okay! Alright! Don’t talk nonsense! Let’s go in and start the ceremony! I can’t wait to see this necromancer It is a miracle of spell!” The Undead King waved his hand impatiently, and walked quickly towards the huge arched building up ahead.

Under the drag of Lich’s powerful force, Andre only smiled apologetically, followed closely behind, and after a while, he saw a huge pool of more than ten meters in diameter in front of him. , What floats in the pool is nothing but the mastermind that is brought together by countless Heart Demon brains.

This special lifeform with powerful psychic powers seems to be aware that he is about to die, and constantly releases bursts of strong power impact, even the fine gold golem with a height of about three meters is almost lifted Turn to the ground.

It’s a pity that although the power of the main brain can be considered strong, it can’t release the psychic powers too far, not more than 20 meters away, under the combined suppression of several Legendary mages. , It was blocked by the invisible energy position.

“This is the mastermind? It looks spectacular!” Andre muttered to himself, narrowing his eyes.

Although he has seen similar illustrations in books before, he still involuntarily feels the magic of the Creator compared to the giant human brain that seems to be exposed.

The undead king pointed to the mastermind in the brain pool and explained: “This is the third mastermind we captured from Underground World, and it is also the most powerful one. The city where it is located has 4,000 people. We took Heart Demon as an adult, more than 30,000 powerful slaves, and we lost more than 50 golems alone. But all this is worth it, and today it will become the cornerstone of the rise of magical civilization!”

Hearing Lich’s description, Andre could almost imagine how fierce the battle was.

After all, the golem itself is born to resist attacks, so there is no doubt about the hardness of the body. Not to mention the complete destruction of the core, just to break the magic coating covering the surface, you need to use heavy weapons to beat it repeatedly.

With fifty golems and enough soldiers, one or two feudal kingdoms can be swept across the surface world, but a Heart Demon city can be captured in Underground World, and all of them are destroyed.

No wonder some people say that the Underground World and the surface world are no longer on the same level. If it weren’t for the inability of underground creatures to adapt to sunlight, the fragile human civilization might be in danger of being destroyed.

I briefly introduced the process of the experiment from the beginning to the present. The undead king left Andre in place, quickly stood in his place, and exchanged one with several other Legendary wizards with different dresses. His eyes, and then began to chant loudly incantion.

With the amazing mana of Legendary mages, in just a few seconds, a terrifying matchless energy storm filled the entire building.

It is like a shining nebula, quickly surrounding the main brain, little by little seeping in through the tender folds.

The mastermind is naturally impossible to allow external forces to control itself, madly releasing psychic powers, bursts of air explosion sound echoing in the sky, forcibly tearing the energy storm apart.

But unfortunately, its struggle was futile after all. Under the control of the Legendary wizards, the storm quickly returned to its original state and continued to slowly eat away.

One minute has passed…

The resistance continues!

Ten minutes have passed…

The resistance has weakened a bit!

An hour has passed…

The resistance seems to be a little bit weak!

A whole day has passed…

The main brain’s resistance finally stopped, as if it had accepted its fate, and let the magical energy enter its nerve center. After a while, its consciousness Began to dissipate.

Just when Andre thought the conversion was successful, near the connection point below the brain, a terrifying shock wave suddenly erupted!

Just a moment!

It completely destroys the energy position covered outside!

Several Legendary mages immediately realized that the situation was not good, and activated their protective spells. All of a sudden the splendid Arcane brilliance filled the air…

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