Arcane Lord Chapter 1003

“Damn it! The situation is a little out of control! Immediately activate the ultimate defense array!” a female Legendary mage yelled.

She doesn’t care about any dignity, reserved things, and just wants to minimize the loss first, otherwise the demiplane where the experiment is located may be destroyed by this strange shock wave.

Be aware that the demiplane is not like the material world. It is a huge and complete place. It is more like a kind of fragment floating in the endless void. If it is impacted by a powerful force, it is very It may cause a crash.

What are the consequences of the collapse of the demiplane?

The answer is simple. First, during the collapse, the surrounding space will slowly collapse, and all matter will be compressed into a singularity, waiting for the next detonation.

During this process, the failure rate of any teleportation magic cast is as high as 99.99%!

In other words, if you can’t run out before the crash, you don’t have to run in the future, just sit in place and wait for death.

Obviously, the shock wave erupted at the moment of the death of the main brain is definitely enough to destroy this demiplane, so the Legendary mages are very nervous one by one, for fear of accidentally ruining this place.

“no! Don’t start! Ceremony is going to a critical moment! I don’t allow anyone to sabotage! Hold on! Hold on to me!” The undead king seems to be in a state of madness, ignoring the possibility of occurrence Danger, continue to guide the magic energy to transform the nerves of the main brain.

Another Legendary mage glanced at Lich, and immediately gnashing teeth cursed: “Asshole! Absaron is crazy! Even though we all have the means of resurrection! Can’t be so wasteful!”

“Calm down! Absalon is right! Ceremony is at a critical moment! And the Second Layer protection is still working? For the rise of magical civilization again! This risk is worth taking!” Wang Dali Support your friends and quickly return to the original position to help channel some out of control energy.

As survivors of the ancient magical civilization, these Legendary mages are eager to reappear again all the time, even beyond the glory of the past, so they gritted their teeth and walked back to their original positions. After a while, The loud singing echoed in the air.

No one goes back!

No one escaped!

No one has given up their duties!

Even the adamantine golem is crushed into powder by a terrifying shock wave!

Standing not far away, Andre saw everything with his own eyes, and could not help but softly said with emotion: “Is this the persistence and courage of the Legendary mages? It is amazing! No wonder the ancient magical civilization was at its most prosperous. Can actually fight against the gods…”

“According to the creator’s record, magic is a more advanced thing than divine force, and it is also the only existing energy that can fight against divine force, so in During the ancient magical civilization, countless Legendary mages believed that they would be able to reveal the power of the root of magic and use it to create a perfect world.”

The Eye of the Future Amos used it to be full of metallic Feel the voice, explained in my mind.

“Hehe, you don’t understand. In fact, in many cases, it is not only advanced or powerful, but also powerful. Quantity and means are also very important indicators.

Think about it, suppose you have a Level 3 Fireball scroll in your hand, and your opponent is indeed three guys holding missile wands. Without protection from both sides, you feel like you Is there any hope of winning?

The answer is obvious. You can only kill one enemy at most, and the remaining two will smash your head with magic missiles.

Facts On the other hand, ancient magical civilizations do not lack powerhouses. What they lack even more is quantity. Although there are a lot of Legendary mages, they are still too few compared to the gods in the sky.”

After all, Andre Weiwei sighed, as if feeling that such a powerful and advanced civilization was ruined by the gods.

Just as he was communicating with Amos, the circular shockwave in the building finally broke through the last layer of blockade and flew straight to the Legendary mages. If nothing else, within a few seconds They can be cut off.

The undead king only has bones in his arms, two cold lights in his eye sockets skyrocketed, and exhausted all his energy to sing the last incantion: “Barney… Duka… Shrek!”

I saw a deep red arcane aura gushing out of him, completely shrouding the main brain, and after the next second, its body was hit by the energy ring, and the body protection spell just insisted It exploded with a boom in a second.

Even if the bones with Lich’s hardness comparable to mithril, all split up and in pieces instantly, leaving only a skeleton head floating in midair.

As for the remaining Legendary mages, apart from anything else, they used teleport spells and fled.

Seeing the terrifying energy ring getting closer and closer to him, Andre didn’t care about anything else, and quickly ran the arcane eye’s power to its limit. The golden ring in the pupil quickly surrounded the body. Perpetual absorbed the terrifying energy and transformed it into EXP. In the blink of an eye, his EXP soared to a terrifying number, even enough to rise to ten Fifth Level mages.

The impact ring comes and goes fast. In just ten seconds, it turns into dust in the air and disappears completely.

Because it was absorbed by the Arcane Eye too much, it failed to destroy the entire demiplane, but just smashed the upper part of the entire building, like a sharp knife, from the half position With a slash, the roof and walls all turned into some unknown fine particles under the action of the energy ring.

Now Andre lifts the head can see the weird sky of the demiplane. There is no sun, moon, or stars here, but some are just colorful dazzling strips of light floating in endless void. .

He was not at all anxious to raise the level of the mage, but stepped forward to the huge mastermind, and extended the hand lightly touched the mucus-stained wrinkled surface.

In an instant!

A familiar voice echoed in my mind!

“hahahaha! I succeeded! I finally succeeded! This is the miracle of necromantic magic! A mastermind with immortal attributes! A creation that perfectly combines psionic energy with Arcane! I can feel my thinking Ability has been infinitely magnified!”

“Big…master! Is it you? Oh… my God! You actually injected your soul and consciousness into the master brain! This is really crazy!”

Andre was stunned, shaking involuntarily all over his body, and even glanced back at the Lich skull floating in midair.

He couldn’t believe that the undead king actually abandoned his identity and became part of the mastermind.

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