Arcane Lord Chapter 1004



The trembling from the heart!

No wonder some people say that if the ancient magical civilization were not destroyed by the gods, one day they would play themselves to death!

The reason is simple!

The mage’s brain was seriously abnormal at that time!

They don’t care about their lives at all!

Never mind other people’s lives!

Just thinking about exploring the unknown world!

Even if it may bring devastating consequences!

Andre can’t imagine at all, if he were with such a group of madmen, would his mind become abnormal.

We must know that humans are very vulnerable creatures, especially in a large group. Individual will often subconsciously obey the will of the group. There is a famous social psychologist on Earth—— Gustav Le Pen, based on this, wrote a book called “mob”.

The point stated in the book is that even if people have their own independent opinions, once they join a group deceived by the people’s worship ideology, they become a member of the mob, as if a chemical reaction occurs. In the same way, they become a group of crazy and commiting any imaginable misdeed guys, and they are inspired by a kind of “historical mission” or “justice mission”, not at all any sense of crime.

Obviously, Andre does not want to be like the undead king, who is willing to give everything to explore the unknown magical realm, so he instinctively focuses on integrating into this group of dangerous people who lose control. Be afraid.

As a master brain who can easily spy on the minds and hearts of others, Absalon with no difficulty has the opportunity to feel the fear of the youngster in front of him. He immediately measured his spirit strength and laughed and comforted: “Don’t worry, we Not at all The plan and plan to turn you into a wizard like us. You are special, unique and unmatched, so we will not interfere with your growth and decisions, but will silently guard one side and pay attention to your every move , That’s all.”

Andre shook the head with a smile: “No, master, I’m afraid you won’t understand my worries. There was a saying in the world I lived in, saying that nuclear weapons are the largest formidable. Power is placed on the launcher instead of directly launched. You should be able to read the concept of nuclear weapons from my thinking activities, right?”

“Of course! Incomparable formidable power! Even used Destroy the world! There is no problem with killing most of the gods! It is hard to imagine that in a world without any supernatural power, you can actually create so many incredible things.” The Undead King exclaimed with the power of his mind. .

“Then you know, why this weapon was completely sealed up after being used once at the beginning, and never used again?” Andre continued to ask with a smile.


This question obviously stunned the Undead King. He used the highly developed thinking of the main brain to run quickly, and after a while, he answered with some uncertainty: “Is it because of fear? Your world does not have any supernatural power, which means that once this weapon is put into actual combat, few people will be spared, waiting for the destruction of civilization and the rapid degradation of everything called technology, maybe The entire human race will perish because of this.”

Andre gently nodded: “Yes! It’s because of fear! Fear comes from the unknown! From the awe of something powerful and irresistible!


So when a nuclear weapon is placed on the launcher and has not been launched, it can produce the maximum deterrent to the designated target.

Similarly, I think too powerful magic should not be It has been used many times, especially Legendary magic, and the ancient civilization’s Divine Item destroying heaven extinguishing earth.

In addition, the target you threatened was also wrong. It should not be the gods, but the material world. Mortals.

As everyone knows, the gods that exist in this universe, most of their power comes from the influence of the material world. They need believers and mortals to identify with their ideas, but if these mortals abandon them What?

The answer is very simple. They will weaken, fall, and even become the object of countless people’s curses, falling from the position of aloof and remote.

Just imagine, if it was The ancient magical civilization used powerful Legendary magic to announce to the real world that any country and town that dared to build temples and spread beliefs would be ruthlessly destroyed. Guess what will happen?

No need Legendary mages took their own hands, and those panicked civilians would riot, tear the priests of the gods to pieces, and send their bodies respectfully.

The temples of the gods will be destroyed. !

The foundation of faith will be shaken!

The gods who lost their influence immediately fell back into unprecedented panic and turmoil. Not only did they dare not attack the magic civilization, Instead, beg you to let go of the restrictions and even sign a series of unequal treaties.”

With the speed of Andre at a moderate pace, Legendary mages who returned to the half plane gathered together. Come here, the listener’s idea has never appeared on Olaer continent.

In fact, ancient magical civilization is a sign of human beings free from enslavement, so Legendary wizards are also Guardian of the entire human world to some extent. They never thought of threatening themselves, let alone I thought about threatening the gods by killing humans.

But Andre is different. He comes from Earth and has long been used to the ugly faces of politicians.

What these guys are best at is not how to make an ordinary person’s life better, but they are good at kidnapping and tying millions, tens of millions, or even hundreds of millions of people with themselves. Once When a war breaks out, innocent people will be sent to death immediately, and he will hide in a safe place with a large amount of property and his family and wait for the result.

For example, a person who is honored as the father of the nation would go to a neighboring country to ask for political asylum every time he launched an armed uprising, and even when the soldiers were desperate, they took time to get a ten. How old is a foreign loli.

For another example, a fatty who was born in the 1980s than the sun next door completely puts the interests of himself and his family above the people, even the underage child did not let him go. Block the bullet for yourself.

In Andre’s view, with the power of these remnants of ancient magical civilization, if you want to confront the gods head-on, you must put aside the so-called human Guardian thinking and achieve the goal through terrorist threats.

After all, due to the barrier set by the gods, the gods cannot come to the incarnation and the saints. It is difficult for the Legendary priests and Paladins to kill the Legendary wizards. They can use this loophole to renew Build a country of your own, instead of hiding in the dark and manipulating everything like it is now.

Every Legendary mage has a pensive expression on his face!

You don’t need to ask, they are heart-stirred, especially one of the old people with messy hair and crazy rays of light bursting out of both eyes. The chaotic evil breath is released from all over his body, and his mouth emits from time to time. A burst of laughter of have one’s hair stand on end.

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