Arcane Lord Chapter 1005

“hehe! Haha! hahahahaha! Well said! It’s really good! I mentioned it a long time ago! When dealing with gods, we must by fair means or foul! Even if it is Destroying the entire world is no hesitate! But you are always terrified and over-cautious! Look now! We actually need to hide ourselves like mice!”

The old man waved his arms frantically, hoarse He roared loudly, he looked so mad that it was difficult for others to figure out whether his spirit was normal.

Another beautiful woman wearing a crown shook the head with a wry smile: “Don’t go crazy, Damon, if you do everything according to your ideas, it is estimated that the entire Olaer continent has nothing alive. “

“Yes, especially the magical plague that you have researched out. It is really terrifying. Just put it in a densely populated place, and it will immediately cause a huge riot and panic. Live The people who die will quickly die, and then automatically turn into undead, even the divine technique is powerless to cure diseases.” Another Legendary mage stood up and agreed.

It can be seen that this old man, called Damon, is a truly dangerous person who specializes in the study of terrifying biological and chemical weapons of mass destruction.

But he himself obviously didn’t think so, he immediately retorted with his two red eyes, “What can be done then? It’s better to die! This way we can establish a complete There is a country of pure mages!”

“Oh… my God! Here again! You old lunatic is not secretly conducting a dangerous experiment banned by parliamentary orders, right?” Wanda patted himself ‘S forehead groaned.

When the beautiful woman wearing a crown heard these words, the whole person seemed to be stimulated in some way, and she shivered immediately: “Damn! Damon! Hand in your dangerous items. Come out! This is the base for our future apprenticeship training! I don’t want to see it in a piece of death that no one can approach!”

“hahahaha! Well, well, since you insist. But. , I will not give the research results to you, but give it to the owner of Arcane Eye. I believe this youngster will definitely use it in the right place!”

After all, crazy The old man took out a small bottle of green liquid that exuded a shivering breath from the close-fitting dimensional bag, and gently placed it on Andre’s hand. There were countless painful souls inside the body that could be observed with naked eye.

As soon as he got it in his hand, Andre’s Sixth Sense immediately started to sound an alarm. With the power of arcane’s eye, he quickly figured out the purpose of this thing, and the whole person felt bad.

“Super Magic Plague 176th Improved Enhanced Edition!”

“It can infect any animal, plant, water source, land, and absorb magical energy in the air It grows rapidly, within three to five days, all the people in a village can be transformed into undead carrying the plague, and a city can be destroyed in a week or half a month. No known divine technique in the world can have any effect on it. Once it spreads, the entire continent may become a ghost. The only way to prevent spread is to burn it with flames.”

There is no doubt that this thing is completely the super biochemical weapon of the foreign world. Formidable power, it can get rid of the viruses, bacteria and chemical gases developed on Earth.

To some extent, it is indeed an unexpandable ultimate weapon, but it requires a frenzied heart to use it.

Andre didn’t think he had to do this hand, and hurriedly returned the vial: “It’s a pity, master, this thing is too dangerous, I don’t think I have the ability to control it.”


Damon did not hold out hands to receive, but shook the head with a smile: “No, you have this ability, and you are the most suitable candidate, especially the remarks about weapon deterrence. It’s very good. Take it, release it when you think you need it, and teach the arrogant gods a lesson.”

“Well, if you insist.”

Andre twitched the corner of his mouth to take the small bottle, cautiously placed it next to his body, and planned to use Mithril to create a box to seal it up when he went back. It is best not to use it for the rest of his life…

Seeing danger The product fell into the hands of normal people. Every Legendary mage present was involuntarily sighed in relief. Although with their power, even if they were infected with the plague, they did not have to worry about death, but no one wanted to be a mobile source of infection, wherever they went. Will bring death and fear.

In the next few hours, the Legendary mages began to test the performance of the main brain, computing speed, logical thinking, etc. After a while, they were surprised to find that in the undead king’s Under the control, this thing is like an all-knowing and omnipotent monster, no matter what the question can be answered quickly.

More importantly, the main brain can divide itself into fist sized cell tissues. It is equivalent to a portable microcomputer, which can not only store knowledge and answer questions, but also can be carried in a glass jar. !

Finally, according to conservative estimates, with the vast knowledge base and rich experience of the Undead King, at least three to five thousand apprentices can be brought at the same time.

I have to say that this is a huge improvement, and many Legendary mages have leaked ecstatic expressions.

Because even at the most glorious time of magic civilization, the number of wizards did not exceed 100,000, even more how is the era of extreme decline of this kind of magic.

In only ten to twenty years, these apprentices can grow into unique spellcasters, continuously contributing to the rise of magical civilization, and even blowing the horn of counterattack gods.

As Andre, who put forward this concept, immediately received praise from countless people. All kinds of benefits were almost soft. The magic scroll alone received more than 20 copies, all of which were seven, eight, Level 9 Arcane, many of them are like the long-lost limited wishes outside, the finger of death, weather control, time stop, pop explosions and so on.

It can be said that with these scrolls, even if you encounter a joint wanted by the Church of the Gods, you can blaze a trail.

Apart from this, the undead king also gave away the Meditation Method robe of death, the staff of the archmage, two super storage rings, dragon skin belts, etc., At the same time, there is also a temporary base with hundreds of professionals who have been sealed up by petrochemicals, even the remaining skulls.

After all, Lich’s skull is the magic material of the cream of the crop. A little processing can make Legendary-level equipment.

At the time of parting, he made a meaningful exhortation, asking Andre to end the small game around Linton City as soon as possible, and then go to the north to embrace his own destiny…


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