Arcane Lord Chapter 1006

Although Andre has never understood what his destiny is, this does not prevent him from understanding the importance of this journey, especially the other half of Arcane’s Eye. How to find it too.

With countless doubts and incomprehensions, he once again passed through the cracks of the material world, from the hidden half plane to an all black, no daylight Underground Palace.

With the help of dark vision, he quickly discovered the ruined statues and murals around him.

Obviously, this is one of the temporary bases of the Undead King, and it is also the capital of the ancient Balinta Empire.

But just like a saying often mentioned by wizards: life will eventually die, and no matter how powerful an empire is, there will be a day of decline. Only arcane and time are eternal.

Legendary Mage Wanda observed the surrounding situation at the fastest speed. After finding that there was no danger, he immediately said with a smile: “Okay, I will send you here. The wizards are very Pay attention to privacy, and then you will slowly explore it by yourself. Anyway, there are the staff of the archmage and the secret technique mark. Don’t worry about being attacked by the magic guard.”

Andre stroked his chest with one hand and made a slight bow. Bowed. “Thank you very much for your help. Let me do it myself. After all, exploration and discovery is also a kind of enjoyment. Anyway, this is the material world. I can use teleportation to go home by myself.”

“Then Don’t pass this. I’m afraid that when we meet again next time, you have completed the turning point of your fate and become a spellcaster who can stand by our side. Explain that we will come to discuss the future development direction of the magical civilization.”

After that, Wanda chanted a jerky incantion in a low voice. The whole person was quickly sucked in by a black hole and disappeared without a trace.

“Hoo…Finally gone…”

Watching the other party leave, Andre immediately sighed in relief, together with these Legendary mages whose bodies are surrounded by terrifying magical energy all the time. , The pressure is too great, just like a lamb staying in the lion group, there is no sense of security at all.

Of course, these Legendary mages are not at all malicious, and they are also very friendly, but a lion is a lion, and no friendliness can conceal their dangerous nature.

As a person who likes to leave behind no matter what he does, Andre decides that until he has enough power to talk with him on an equal footing, it is better to be rare.

Slightly relaxing his tight nerves, he immediately began to check the magic equipment he had obtained from the Undead King.

First is the rod of the archmage. This rod is engraved with rune and seal, one end is wrapped with mithril, and the other is a strong demon weapon with fist sized emeralds. It is just constant magic. Just over five.

Anyone who picks it up can immediately obtain the eighth level Arcane-a mental barrier, immune to all spirits, emotions and detection magic, whether it is Heart Demon who is good at mind control, or all kinds of weird Enchanting system spells will all be useless. Even if you accidentally strike, you will wake up in an instant by holding the staff.

The other four constant attributes of the staff are:

Level 3 Arcane-Advanced Mage Armor, defensive power equivalent to a piece of steel full body armor, which cannot be compared with Level 1. The armor of the mage exists at the same time;

Level 4 Arcane-advanced resistance enhancement, greatly improving the resistance to various spell abilities;

Level 2 Arcane-dimensional jump , Similar to the ability of the ring of the shifting beast, it can be teleported at will within the range of sight without any restriction;

Fifth Level Arcane —— Dragon Power, strength, physique and charm three attributes respectively Get a +4 improvement, and the skin surface will also have dragon scales that can be seen, which can play a certain degree of protection.

It can be said that as long as you pick up this staff, and then bless the stone skin technique, it doesn’t matter if you stand among tens of thousands of army and let ordinary soldiers cut it for days or nights.

Apart from this, the emerald at the top of the staff also has an exorcism effect attached. Anyone hit by the target has a certain chance of being dispelled by the magic effect, whether it is good or bad. of.

In addition to the wand everyday all, the holder can release three additional six-level magic-serial lightning, four Fifth Level magic-Ice Cone Technique, and five Level 4 magic-fire wall Skills, eight Level 3 magic—flame arrows…

Almost covers everything from protection, to magic breaking, to attack, and there is no dead end at all.

Andre even dare to say that this staff alone is a great mage!

Undoubtedly, this is definitely a Legendary wand, and it may even be a Divine Item, especially the exorcism effect with a constant cast level of the Undead King. I’m afraid the opponent is not a Legendary mage. Smash it all at once to ensure that all protective magic is gone.

After fiddling with the staff for a while, he began to check the Death Meditation Method gown.

It doesn’t matter whether you look at the result, it was really shocking at first glance.

This gorgeous robe inlaid with gold threads and gems is not made of any known fabric. It is woven with silk threads extracted from the souls of countless dead people, although there is no physical defensive ability, but it cannot be destroyed.

As long as you wear it, you will immediately get an attribute that increases your casting speed by 15% and magic resistance by 20%.

In addition, the wearer’s sensing and manipulation of magical energy will also be strengthened. When meditation and guiding magic ceremony, it can play the effect of twice the results for half the effort.

Without any hesitation, Andre immediately took off the flame protection robe, replaced the Death Meditation Method robe, and then began to check the third piece of equipment, which was the belt made of blue dragon skin.

As everyone knows, the blue dragon is the Ranked 2nd horror creature among the five-color evil dragons. All magic items made from a part of their body must carry anti-electricity attributes, and this belt is no exception.

First of all, the belt has 50% resistance to electricity, and following it can provide the wearer with two additional power’s attributes.

Because it is dragon skin, the protection ability is not bad, at least +2 weapons cannot damage the dragon scales covering the surface.

The last and most terrifying point is that all enemies that attack the wearer will suffer a strong electric shock rebound. Although the damage ability is not as strong as the Level 3 lightning technique, it is definitely not much better.

As for the last two storage rings, each of them can store eighteen units of magic, that is, two Level 9 magic, or three sixth-level magic, nine Level 2 magic , Eighteen Level 1 magics, in short, as long as they don’t exceed the maximum limit, you can match them as you want, and they can be released by a single thought during battle.

Although they do not have any attributes themselves, the advantage is that they can be worn with the magic rings of other permanent attributes without any conflict.

After putting all the powerful magic items neatly on, Andre took a deep breath and lightly touched the huge stone statue covered with moss.

The latter two eyes instantly released two red light, followed by a low voice greeting: “Welcome, stranger, although I don’t know you, you have the master’s staff and The secret technique imprint can be passed…”

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