Arcane Lord Chapter 1007

Put one of his hands into the mouth of the statue, and Andre was transported to a hall full of stone statues of all kinds of strange things in the next second.

Don’t ask, these statues are the adventurers imprisoned by the undead king in the last ages. Among them are warriors, mages, warlocks, thieves, knight-errant, knight, priests and other mainstream professions. There are also rare professions such as Bard, Archer, Paladin, Dwarf Defender, and Shadow Dancer.

At a glance, there are always hundreds of people in the forest. From their eyes and expressions, they don’t know how they were petrified at the last moment.

Just when Andre was secretly sighing the power of the undead king, a steel golem came from another place and said in a low, muffled voice: “Hello, I have the imprint of the master secret technique. Strangers, I’m the Guardian One, can I help you?”

“Please tell me, how can I make them obey me 100% without harming these petrochemical objects Command?”

Without any hesitation, Andre directly asked the question he cared most.

After all, the golem is this thing, you can’t expect it to have too high intelligence, so there is no need to go around the corner, just be straightforward.

“It’s very simple. There is a collar of slavery in the warehouse. As long as everyone wears it, they will treat you as a god. No matter what you say, they will have no doubt. Of course, doing so may lead to A certain degree of intellectual impairment, but it is nothing compared to loyalty.” Guardian No. 1 quickly gave the answer.

After hearing this answer, Andre shivered subconsciously, and the names of many cult organizations came to mind.

But considering the next plan, he still lightly nodded: “Well, just do as you said. Put everyone on a collar of slavery, and then disarm them, faster , I’ll give them something to eat when I’m done. I’ll go somewhere else first.”

“Understood! Guardian One obeys your orders!” The steel golem Ruby’s eyes flashed a light. , And soon began to get busy.

Andre is not interested in these repetitive manual labor, and went straight to the temporary base to store books and spell scrolls. For him, knowledge is the first place, the knowledge recorded by a Legendary mage , It’s exciting just to think about it.

Passing through the dark underground passage, Andre quickly came to a room of about two hundred square meters full of books and parchment scrolls. He just wanted to pick up one to check At that moment, I suddenly heard a harsh sound in my ear.

“Don’t move! Who are you? Why were you allowed to enter the master’s room?”

I saw a group of black shadows slowly emerged from under the bookshelf, forming a It looks like a human being. It is about a meter tall and has no real body. Its two eyes are like the ice on the wasteland of the far north, so cold to the heart.

With the knowledge stored in Andre’s mind, I instantly realized that this is a monster that should only exist on the plane of shadow-the magic shadow.

Their bodies are completely composed of shadow energy. Even shadows the size of fingernails can be hidden on the ground. Unless they actively show up, they cannot be detected at all.

What’s more terrifying is that these guys like to drag the victim’s soul out of the body, and then pollute it with shadow energy, and forcibly transform it into a member of the shadow kingdom, except for positive energy Supernatural means such as, flames, etc., ordinary physical attacks can hardly cause damage.

Magic Shadow is one of the most powerful and scariest branches of all shadow biological clocks. It is said that as long as a mortal is touched, it will instantly become a corpse under the erosion of terrifying energy.

You don’t need to ask, you know, it must be the undead king summon who came out to guard the scrolls and books in the room.

“It doesn’t matter who I am, the important thing is that I have this and this…” Andre shook the archmage’s staff in his hand and the secret technique mark on his arm.

Moying seems to be very afraid of the mark of the undead king, and immediately backs off several copies: “Damn! Get out of here! Don’t come over!”

“Aha! It seems I found Your weakness. Now I order you to find out all the valuable notes, scrolls and books in this room right away! Remember, don’t play tricks, or I don’t mind putting this mark on your body.”

After that, Andre sat down on the chair, his eyes staring at the demon shadow with interest.

Although he has seen many wonderful creatures since he became a mage, it is the first time for him to look like this special species like a shadow, and his heart is full of curiosity.

“As you wish…”

Magic is undoubtedly a very clever magical creature. Although it is very reluctant, but under threat, he has to do it obediently. After a while, I picked out about one percent of the thousands of scrolls, books, and manuscripts, and placed them on the table respectfully.

I picked up a book of “One Hundred and Seven Ways to Improve the Intelligence of Golems”, and Andre read it while quietly asking: “How long have you lived in this study?”

“One thousand and two hundred years! One thousand and two hundred years!” Moying’s tone revealed strong resentment and unwillingness.

As long as it is an intelligent creature, there is no one who is willing to be locked in a small space and unable to contact the outside world, even if it is an alien creature.

But it is a pity that in front of the ruthless mage, most alien creatures have no choice, either to obey or die, there is no second way apart from this.

Be aware that the challenge level of demon dao shadow in the book of monsters is as high as twelve, even higher than some giant dragons in youth, but it still has to crawl under the feet of the undead king to become a book administrator.

Andre sensed the strong desire to escape here, deliberately smiled slightly, put down his books and said, “Then do you want to leave here? Want to see what the material world is in this thousand or two hundred years? What has changed?”

“What do you want to do?”

I don’t know if it’s because of being trapped once, Moying’s vigilance is beyond imagination. .

“It’s very simple, I need an excellent spy, and you who can sneak into the shadows at will happen to be a good choice. As for Lich, don’t worry, I’ve got his full authorization. From now on, everything in this base will belong to me, including you.”

After that, Andre lifts the head, looking at the opponent’s cold eyes, waiting for a reply.

Since a long time of silence, the Demon Shadow suddenly burst out with a harsh scream, and then said without the slightest hesitation: “Okay! As long as you can leave this damn place! I am willing to be your eyes. And ear! Let’s talk, what kind of magic contract do I need to sign?”

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