Arcane Lord Chapter 1008

No one in the world is a real idiot, even more how is a monster known for insidious, cruel and cunning like Moying.

It didn’t believe that the human mage in front of him would take himself out of this place called the study without any conditions. In fact, it was a prison.

Andre slightly smiled, took off the ring of the shifting beast, gently placed it on the table: “My condition is very simple, you must be bound to this ring, there is no mine Commands are not allowed to be used at will, and it is not allowed to kill ordinary persons.”

The magic crystal has good necromantic magic characteristics, and can resist direct sunlight and positive energy. It is a perfect hiding place for shadow creatures.

“hmph! I know that the wizard is basically impossible and kind. It turns out that it was just changing from one prison to another! And this prison is small and pitiful! Tell me, human wizard, why do I have to do this? Do it?” Mo Ying sneered and began to try to bargain.

“Prison? If a place where you can feel the changes in the outside world and even come out occasionally to breathe and kill people can be considered a prison, then I have nothing to say.” Andre also not to be trifled with Yes, he retorted it with a playful look.

As mentioned before, he needs a real spy, a spy who will never be discovered by others, and an expert who can sneak into any dangerous place at any time to steal information.

Although advanced thieves can do this to some extent, shadow creatures can do better and more perfect. As long as they don’t take the initiative to attack, it’s difficult even for archmages. Find.

“Will you allow me to kill?” There was a hint of surprise in Mo Ying’s tone.

Andre shrugged with a smile: “Why not? You know I have a lot of enemies, you can kill them, extract the soul and transform into shadow creatures, and become your own servants. Don’t worry, not only will I not stop it, but I will also encourage you, but only if you must obey my orders.”

Moying’s heart is moved!

To be precise, it was a whole thousand years of imprisonment, which filled it with tyrannical emotions, eager to use the pain, struggle and death of mortals to satisfy its bloodthirsty desires.

After a few seconds of silence, it immediately pulled out a small piece of black, sticky substance from its body, like oil gushing out of the ground.

“This is my heart. As long as you put it in the gemstone, I will always be one with the ring, and I can never be separated.”

As a cautious People, Andre did not dare to touch this small piece of matter directly with his hands, but instead used the hand of a mage. Before he could get it in front of his eyes, he instantly felt a coldness that could not be described in words, even as a person. Half of the Fire Element cannot be offset.

Without any hesitation, he stood up and cautiously placed this heart on the magic crystal, and began to chant loudly incantion, through the power of transformation magic, little by little made the two blend into one.

Of course, this is not without a price. Just look at the painful struggle of the Shift Beast in the gem. After the integration is completed, it will probably be transformed into a member of the shadow world.

However, since the dimensional jump of the great mage’s rod, the power of the ring of the shifting beast has been dispensable, so Andre ignored the wailing of the soul and continued the Guide ceremony.

After more than ten minutes, the black sticky shadow material finally disappeared completely, and the magic crystal looked like a black non-reflective stone.

In order to prevent the Demon Shadow from disobeying orders in the future, he directly transferred the imprint of the undead king to the surface of the gem, and after a finger bone mark flashed, the transformation was finally completed.

Wearing this cold energy ring on the finger again, Andre said: “Now you can come in! Remember, from now on I am your master.”

“hehehehe! Of course, I promise that my strength will never let you down…”

tone barely fell, Moying directly transformed itself into a black line, and searched it into the gem Inside, disappear without a trace.

Staring at the ring with a faint black mist on his fingers, Andre’s mouth was slightly tilted, and he muttered to himself: “Shadow creatures, devil, black Shadow Guard soldiers, magical plague…I am really better now There has been an evil boss posture more and more…”

After sweeping away the valuable books in the room, he returned to the hall full of statues.

After more than half an hour of intense busyness, one third of more than one hundred stone statues has been released from the petrified state, and they are sitting exhausted on the ground, eating the food handed over by the golem.

Because of being petrified for too long, many people’s muscles have shrunk to a certain extent, and many times they tried to stand up but failed to do it.

It is worth noting that everyone wears a purple metal ring on their neck, which releases magical energy all the time, which interferes with the wearer’s thinking. Some even have memory confusion and are slapped hard. With his head.

A half-elf woman with pointed ears suddenly noticed Andre’s appearance, and quickly stood up and asked in an uncertain tone: “Tuan… Leader? Is that you?”

“Yes! It’s me! How do you feel? Is there any injury?” Andre pretended to be concerned, extending the hand, gently stroking the other’s slender neck, a smile that was not easily noticeable flashed in his eyes .

There is no doubt that the subconscious mind of the half-elf female has been hypnotized and has begun to accept the false fact that she is a member of the mercenary group.

“I…I’m not very good! I have no strength all over my body, and my mind is messed up, I can’t even remember your name.” Half-elves not at all care about this kind of invasiveness. Caress, shook his head vigorously.

Under the control of the enslavement collar, she couldn’t raise any awareness of guard at all, even if Andre stripped her clothes naked and rectified the law, she would gladly accept it.

This is where magic is most trembling in fear!

To a certain extent, whether it is these petrified people or demon shadows, all are the collections of the undead kings to spend their time freely!

Andre is obviously not the kind of person who doesn’t care about everything. After a little test, he immediately stopped further action and explained with a smile: “Relax, it’s okay now, I’ve I defeated the powerful Lich that petrified you all. Look, this is the evil skull.”

After that, he took out the skull head abandoned by the Undead King.

The half-elf female seemed to recall something, she trembled abruptly, and exclaimed: “Yes…yes! That’s it! This evil monster cast terrifying spells on me. Ahhh!!! Too terrifying!”

“Hush! Don’t be afraid…Don’t be afraid…I am here, it has been defeated, and you are safe now.” Andre gave this name a slender figure The half-elf female held in her arms, tenderly and comforted.

With excellent deception skills + enslavement collar, he brought more than a hundred professionals under his control with no difficulty. No one doubts the false memories implanted in the brain…

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