Arcane Lord Chapter 1009

As a well-known figure of Arcane, the six-level transformation system, the petrification technique formidable power is quite powerful. Although it does not produce direct lethality, it turns the opponent into a stone statue and uses a hammer Breaking, in essence, is very different from killing not at all directly.

However, most wizards choose to use petrification not to kill the enemy, but to seal the enemy as a spoils of war, or to satisfy some ulterior hobby .

For example, a long time ago, a powerful mage confessed to the Princess of a certain kingdom that he had failed. He was so angry that he rushed into Princess’s room, turned it into a stone statue and took it back. The whole incident did not come to an end until the adventurer entrusted by the king rushed in and killed him.

Obviously, the undead king imprisoned so many adventurers who broke into his temporary base. He must be impossible for obscenity, but he thinks it can come in handy one day.

So each of these more than one hundred people has outstanding skills. Although the professional level is generally not more than ten, the victory lies in the reasonable combination. Frontal melee combat probably accounts for one third, and spellcasters and long-range shooters account for one. After one third, the rest are auxiliary occupations such as bards and thieves. Combining them together can easily form an elite mercenary group, even if they fight positional battles with regular troops.

Of course, due to the long period of petrochemicals, many people need some time to recover their physical strength. According to conservative estimates, it will take at least one month for all employees to recover.

Obviously, Andre certainly didn’t have that many time to wait. After thinking about it a little bit, he directly used the Transmission Gate in the base to send everyone to a wilderness near Kantru Kingdom at once, and before the appointment The female half-elf named Sinnord acts as the deputy commander, moving freely in the vicinity.

Anyway, with the implanted false memory and the double guarantee of the enslavement collar, he is not afraid of betrayal at all.

In order to ensure that these people can survive the period of weakness, Andre also left about 50,000 Gold Coin as the start-up capital. I believe that with the strong strength of all professionals, it will not take long to become this area. A well-known mercenary group.

After finishing all this, he returned to the base and emptied all the valuable things left by the undead king, including the six steel golems including Guardian One.

Although the creator of these iron knots is the undead king, considering that his Senior is now integrated with the mastermind of Heart Demon, there is no need to worry too much about him suddenly coming out to regain control. You can use it with confidence.

If it wasn’t for the need to bring a large amount of supplies back to the castle, Andre wouldn’t even want to let go of the Transmission Gate itself.

Because the things held by the undead king are not ordinary goods, the gate filled with thousands of gems can not only transmit error-free in the material world, but also transmit across planes, just inside the gate. The recorded coordinates are more than two thousand, covering every corner of the universe. For Andre, who is eager to explore the unknown, it is simply an irresistible temptation.

But it’s a pity that this thing is not as easy to transport as other things. According to the theory that Transmission Gate cannot pass the space compression, if you want to carry it back to Linton City, you must use walking, running, With flying, transmission is definitely not possible anyway.

With six golems, a large number of precious books and valuable materials, Andre crossed the Transmission Gate and instantly appeared in the tower of the Mage Association.

Because of the presence of the steel golem, as soon as it entered the teleportation, the alarm system in the mage tower was triggered.

It took less than five seconds for the president Boris to be fully armed and appeared at the door. When he saw this scene in front of him, he was immediately stunned. It took one minute to cry out in surprise: ” My goodness! Did you just rob the lair of a certain powerful spellcaster?”

Glancing at the golem carrying a big bag behind him, Andre nodded with a smile: “speaking from a certain perspective, yes .master, I would like to borrow tower energy to manufacture something, do not know what you think of it? “

” no problem, as long as the towers do not exceed the percentage of the total storage At thirty, I can give you this authority.” The chairman agreed without thinking.

With the current relationship between the two, this small request does not require bargaining at all.

After moving his somewhat sore body, Andre couldn’t help but yawn: “Aha—thank you very much, please give me a room. For a long time to come, I’m afraid I’m going to spend it in the Mage Tower.”

Boris thought for a moment, and immediately pointed to the ceiling above his head and said, “Go to the fourth room on the right side of the second floor. There is not only a full set of experiments. Equipment, and it’s close to the library, which can meet all your requirements.”

“It’s pretty good. As a reward, I will give you the secret of immortality that I promised before, no matter if you choose to To transform into undead, or to use this magic to seize a new body, I sincerely wish you can go further and further on the road of arcane.”

After all, Andre pulled out a scroll from the scroll box, lightly Lightly stuffed it into the opponent’s arms, turned and walked towards the second floor with the golem.

Since becoming a Level 12 mage, he quickly completed the deciphering of the Necromancer Francis spell book, and found a seventh-level Arcane named Soul Corrosion in it.

Although the name sounds very big, it is actually just an improved and advanced version of the Fifth Level Arcane Demon Soul pot.

The role of the latter is to abandon the body and transfer the soul to gems or crystals. Once the target is found, it will quietly invade the spiritual world and drive the original owner of the body into the gem or water crystal interior. Occupy the body, and when the body ages or is about to die, the soul retracts to find the next goal. Strictly speaking, this is also one of the methods of immortality.

However, the evil Francis improved this spell. He turned the imprisonment into swallowing, so that his soul itself can become stronger and more difficult to resist through swallowing. The ordinary person’s will will collapse even at the moment of contact.

“Eternal life…”

Boris sighed with excitement, and hurriedly opened the scroll with a trembling hand, his eyes filled with excitement and expectation.

Although he has already got a vampire just in case, it is better not to use it. After all, vampires seem to be powerful in the eyes of many people, but they are equally weak, especially In the eyes of the mages, there are no fewer than dozens of ways to kill it with no difficulty.

Without any hesitation, the archmage who was about to reach the end of his life quickly returned to his room and began to learn the magic on the scroll.

He can’t wait to abandon this old body and replace it with a young, smart and energetic body…

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