Arcane Lord Chapter 1010

Some people have said that human desires are endless, and they will never be satisfied in the true sense.

When a person has no food and clothing, his greatest wish is to have a nice meal, and then hide in a warm hut to sleep.

But once he gets these, he will immediately start to desire money and women again. If the second wish is also fulfilled, then he will make progress in pursuit of power, power, and finally even hope forever To live is above all life including gods.

There is no doubt that President Boris is going further and further on this path, and immortality is the 1st Step in his entire huge plan.

But Andre is too interested in an old man avoiding death not at all, and after casually instructing an apprentice to go to the Tulse Valley to report peace, the whole person is immersed in the ocean of knowledge and cannot extricate himself.

With the help of Arcane’s Eye, he quickly recorded the manuscripts, scrolls, and books of the Undead King, and then began to experiment wildly.

According to Amos’s suggestion, he did not immediately upgrade his mage level, but concentrated on consolidating the lack of basic knowledge, as well as practical skills. In just half a month, the room he was in was just There have been hundreds of accidents such as explosions, freezing, raging lightning, and negative energy leakage caused by the loss of control of magical energy.

On average, there are two to three everyday all events, and all the apprentices in the entire mage tower are afraid to pass by, for fear that they will accidentally be affected and become bad luck eggs and dead ghosts.

No one knows what Andre did in it, only that the huge steel golem that occasionally enters and exits the room is covered with pitted scars and looks so hideous and terrifying…

“Hey! Manny! Have you heard? The Lord of Flames seems to be doing something dangerous. Last week, an idiot passed by and happened to run into a negative energy burst and rushed him directly to the wall. The whole person stopped heartbeat in an instant. If it weren’t for Master Jamet just to pass by and give a bottle of secondary healing potion, he’d probably be dead.” A male apprentice pointed at the closed door and quietly turned to his side. Another female apprentice said.

The latter’s very coordinated patted’s sizable breasts exclaimed with lingering fear: “Oh… my God! That’s too terrifying! Do you know what is going on inside?”

The male apprentice pretends to be a mysterious shook the head, and then replied in an exaggerated tone: “I don’t know, no one knows. Let’s not talk about the golem standing at the door. It’s scary enough just for Andre to give him. Don’t you know? He killed hundreds of people outside of the city half a month ago. It was cold-blooded and outrageous. It is said that all the dead were burned to charcoal, and the smell of barbecue was strong. Let those who smell it won’t be able to eat meat for several days!”

“Then can you take a peek at what it looks like for me? I’m so curious! If you can do it , It proves that you really love me, and tonight I will also prove that I love you.” The female apprentice named Manni moved closer and let out a sigh in the ear of the other party.

“Oh oh oh! This is amazing! Okay! For love! I am willing to take a risk!”

A male apprentice in adolescence cannot resist this at all Tease, and agreed without thinking.

He forgot the rules in the mage tower, and also forgot that the official mage masters the life and death of the apprentice, putting himself in the most dangerous situation, and he did not notice the flash of contempt in the eyes of the female apprentice. .

“Go, my warrior, I am here waiting for the news of your victory return.” After that, Manny stood on her tiptoe and gently kissed the other person on the cheek.

As a girl who knows how to make use of her youthful and beautiful body and is scheming, she knows that she must first give some benefits at this time, otherwise the other party is likely to shrink at a critical moment.

Love can always make the youngster lose his mind, and feel the chemical reaction of the soft lips touching the skin. The male apprentice slammed into a clever gesture and mustered up the courage to walk towards the steel golem guarding the door go with.

Although he knew that the Golem might not ask the reason, he smashed himself into the flesh directly with his fist, but he still had no hesitation.

Fortunately, Andre was never a cruel and bloodthirsty character, so when he was within ten meters, one of the golem’s eyes flashed with a red light and turned around to warn with a low voice “Newcomer stop! The master does not want to see anyone now!”

“I…I am an apprentice in the kitchen, and I came here to ask, what would Andre master want to eat tonight?” The male apprentice quick witted in an emergency, and then compiled a reason.

Anyway, as long as he can trick him into opening the door, even if he completes the task, he doesn’t have to enter the room himself.

The two eyes of the golem kept flickering, as if considering whether such a disappearance was necessary for notification. After three to five seconds, it was finally nodded: “Okay! You are waiting here. .”

tone barely fell!

There was a sudden loud noise in the house. Before the golem could open the door, the door collapsed and flew by itself. A thick metal arm slammed on the wall with a bang, and the rubble was scattered. The force of horror was stunned to knock out a big hole in the granite.

The male apprentice was so frightened that he didn’t dare to move even if his face was cut by gravel, and his lower body almost urinated his pants.

Just before he knew what happened and so on, Andre slowly walked out of the house, looked at the metal arm embedded in the wall, and said to himself: “Um… Is formidable power not enough?”

Hearing this, the poor apprentice burst into tears and thought: Is this formidable power not enough? It’s enough to smash the giant to death! How much destructive power do you want! “

Manny, hiding in a dark corner, scanned the furnishings in the room with wide eyes, quickly dropped her so-called boyfriend, turned and disappeared in the corridor.

Minutes later, she quietly walked into a room on the third floor, facing the silhouette in the dark and respectfully gave a salute: “Teacher, I have followed your instructions and explored the other’s room. He seems to be making a Giant golem. “

“Golem? Doesn’t he already have several steel golems? “

With a gloomy voice, a man with eagle-like eyes walked out of the corner. He was no one else but Gavin Laurian.

Since After learning about Andre’s terrifying strength, his whole person seemed to have evaporated, and he never appeared in the public eye again, but secretly hid in the mage tower and waited for the opportunity.

Because he knew that he had already On Andre’s blacklist, if you continue to sway in front of the opponent’s eyes, it is almost no different from courting death.

“Sorry, mentor, I am not quite clear, but the golem he is making seems to be the same as the traditional golem. There are some differences, but I can’t tell you the specific differences. “Mannie explained in a low voice.

“Well, I see, you go down first, I will call you again if necessary. “After finishing speaking, Gavinlaw waved his hand and disappeared in the darkness again…

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