Arcane Lord Chapter 1011

Andre, who was immersed in the experiment, didn’t know at all, Gavin Laurian had been silently observing himself in the dark, even if he knew it, he wouldn’t care too much.

Because he is not the little mage who can be squeezed by others, but a dangerous person who is really full of danger and is moving towards BOSS template development.

Especially after receiving the gift of the Undead King, there is only one remaining threat to it in the entire Linton City, and that is Laurel Tabotens. The rest is just chess pieces, Cannon fodder, nothing more.

“Amos! Tell me how many more attempts do I need to give the golem a real soul?” Andre asked in his mind while putting the thick metal arms on the body .

After thinking about it, the Eye of the Future immediately replied: “At least two hundred and thirty times! Since you have not been trained by the system, your control is slightly weaker. In the process of giving the soul of a puppet creature, It requires extremely precise control skills, otherwise it will lead to serious defects, or even create a soul that is completely out of your control.”

Hearing this answer, Andre sighed helplessly: “Oh… Well, two hundred and thirty times is two hundred and thirty times. I just hope that next time there is an accident, there will be no more situations such as arms flying out, otherwise it will be troublesome if the passing apprentice is killed. “

“Don’t worry, reduce the energy you input last time by 10%, which can basically avoid more than 90% of offensive behavior. In addition, please don’t equip the golem with weapons too early system, some of your designs are a bit too dangerous.”

Amos faithfully fulfilled his obligations and explained all the problems that appeared in the test.

For it is very sensitive to magical energy, all small mistakes will be keenly noticed, and then recorded, while avoiding as much as possible in the next experiment.

It is precisely in this situation of similar cheating that Andre was able to complete experiment after experiment in just over two weeks. The original relatively weak hands-on ability is now almost the same as the real big The mages were on par and set out to create a unique golem, a golem that has never appeared on Olaer continent.

Looking at the body, arms, head and legs made of fine gold placed on the table in the center of the room, a faint smile appeared on his face.

Different from the bloated and bulky form of most golems, the body of this golem is very slim, but the arms are extraordinarily sturdy, and the upper part is divided into one by one area, with every finger behind There is a kind of weapon and tool hidden, which can be switched into various forms at any time, such as dagger, axe, hammer, long sword, sharp claw and so on.

The feet are also transformed into a weird sharp claw form in order to better adapt to all terrains. When the ground is flat, they can be straightened and walked normally, but in the mountains or woods, the sharp toes will change instantly. Hook up and grab the raised rocks or trees, even sheer cliffs and precipitous rock faces can walk on the ground.

Obviously, Andre has added too many Earth robot design concepts to this work, so according to the traditional golem production method, using the soul of an elemental creature as a driving force is not enough.

He can only endow the golem with wisdom and soul, so that it has the ability to think and learn like a real person.

But this is not simple. According to the records in the golden scroll, giving soul to creation is an irreversible process!

This also means that once it starts, it can’t be stopped anymore. Whether it is to create a peaceful soul or a monster full of destructive thoughts, as a creator, you must assume The corresponding responsibilities.

Andre is not interested in a fight with the killing machine he made, so he is not at all eager to do it, instead he exercises his precise control repeatedly to achieve a million percent accuracy.

In the next few days, he tried to awaken his soul again and again, but failed again and again.

There is no way not to fail. After all, that is the seventh-level Arcane-something that is only possible with limited wish spells. Andre’s current cast level is only twelve, and it must be upgraded.

What I’m doing right now is to feel the subtle changes in the magical energy during the birth of the soul, so as to ensure that in the real creation, I can create a complete soul without any incompleteness according to my own wishes…

Time flies, and another month has passed in the blink of an eye.

In addition to taking the time to join forces with Georgie and the Duke of Alexander to pull up Duke Ian and his family by the roots, Andre never left the room of the Mage Tower.

As time enters November, all preparations are finally completed.

He has not cleaned up his personal hygiene for nearly two months. His whole body exudes a strong smell, his hair is greasy and curled into a ball, and his teeth are even more yellow. Exhales one breath saying can To kill people alive.

But all the sacrifices are worth it. After such a long time of focused exercise, he has completed the training plan developed by Amos.

Today is the day to officially awaken the soul of the golem.

Without any hesitation, Andre directly chose to add a large amount of EXP to the mage class. His level instantly rose from Level 12 to Ten Fifth Level, and finally he was able to learn the powerful 7th and 8th level spells of formidable power. .

However, he didn’t rush to open the scroll box and look for Arcane with great lethality. Instead, he picked out the seventh-level magic, the limited wish technique, and carefully analyzed the complex spell structure inside.

Just like the name, this is a magic with a peculiar effect. It can not only simulate any Arcane, divine technique, psionic, spell-like abilities below level 7, but can also do something with ordinary Goals that cannot be achieved by methods, such as the soul of a golem.

As for the specific method of use, it depends on the wording ability and imagination of the caster.

After just a few hours, Andre completed the transcription of the limited wish technique. After a little preparation, he stood in front of the assembled golem and muttered to himself: “After so long, I I have finally come to this step. I hope I don’t make any mistakes…”

“According to your current control, the probability of accidents does not exceed 0.1%. Ignore it.” Amos seemed to feel the master’s anxiety, and said comforted in his mind.

“Hehe, let’s get started!”

Andre smiled and opened his arms, chanting incantion loudly, a magical voice echoing in the room, just a few minutes Let Heaven and Earth change its color…

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