Arcane Lord Chapter 1012

“hong long! hong long! ”

Along with the loud thunder, the residents of Linton City were surprised to find that the sky suddenly dimmed and the silver The lightning snake raged crazily over the mage tower, and even the Illusion Technique surrounding in the vicinity disappeared under the influence of terrifying natural forces, revealing the magical garden.

But these are not the most important, the most important is the rapid loss of energy stored in the mage tower!

In the blink of an eye, the reserves of the element pool were reduced by 25%!

Be aware that this is a valuable resource accumulated by the Mage Association for hundreds of years!

The mage responsible for monitoring is scared!

Hurry up to rush into President Boris’s room at the fastest speed, lose one’s head out of fear yelled: “Gu… Your Excellency! Big… The big thing is not good! Master Andre… Master Andre is now Crazy pumping of energy! The room he is currently in has formed a huge flow of magic power, and if it grows, all of us will be in danger!”


This news Boris, who was addicted to immortality, was awakened suddenly, and immediately stood up and sternly asked: “Tell me! What is going on?”

“I don’t know! I really don’t know anything!” The young mage was almost crying, his legs trembling all the time.

Maybe an ordinary person or an apprentice who does not have a deep understanding of magical energy does not understand what is the concept of this level of magical power together.

But as an official mage, he knows that once the magic flow in the room is out of control, the element pool in the mage tower will resonate, and the mage tower will become a super dangerous evil. Stabilize explosives.

As long as it is overloaded for more than ten minutes, it will directly cause an explosion comparable to Legendary magic formidable power. A radius of tens of kilometers will be turned into ashes under the raging energy of terror, whether it is people, domestic animals, or All buildings will cease to exist.

No one is immune!

Because with this degree of explosive formidable power, any protective magic will become a sad joke!

“Damn it!”

Boris cursed cursed in a low voice and immediately stood up and walked towards the second floor. He ignored the members of the association who came from all corners, went straight to the door of Andre’s room, used the power of the president to open the door forcibly, and found to his surprise that the situation was completely beyond his control…

I saw Andre’s eyes closed tightly in a state of concentrating on casting a spell, surrounded by layers of energy rings around his body. They were both a kind of protection and a pure energy aggregate.

Under the guidance of incantion, the magical energy in the air slowly poured into the body of the golem, and the eyes made of diamond stone kept flickering, as if it might come alive at any time.

When an old mage saw this scene, he couldn’t help cry out in surprise: “no! This impossible! He is creating life! Creating a soul from nothing!”

“It’s amazing! It’s incredible! I didn’t expect that I could see it with my own eyes in my lifetime…” Another mage also sighed.

In the eyes of these wizards who focus on the magic field, Andre’s ongoing ceremony is far more important than Linton City and the more than 100,000 residents living here. It is not unreasonable to sacrifice the latter when necessary. can.

After all, people can be recruited when they are dead, and cities can be rebuilt when they are gone. The opportunity to observe the creation of life and soul is missed, and I am afraid that there will be no chance to see it again.

In today’s extreme decline of magic, most of the truly powerful wizards retreat behind the scenes and rarely appear in people’s sight. Therefore, the wizards present have their eyes widened and want to change every action. , Record every incantion, take it back and study it carefully.

Even President Boris clenched his fists subconsciously. He couldn’t believe it. The youngster, who was nervous and restless in front of him a few months ago, had already surpassed himself and became a real big Mage.

As he also masters the seventh-level magic, he will never mistake the energy level of the seventh-level magic.

Andre, who was immersed in the process of creating soul, did not know that he had become the object of countless people onlookers, wholeheartedly let the magic energy collide with each other in the spiritual world, forming unstable high-energy particles.

And these unstable high-energy particles are the key to the birth of the soul!

At this moment, he has completely forgotten time and space, focusing on the pure energy domain. I don’t know how long after that, the uncontrolled high-energy magic particles finally begin to produce weak consciousness, gradually forming a fuzzy mass , A curious soul.

“Who am I? Where do I come from? Who are you?” The newly born soul asked like a curious child.

Andre smiled and replied: “You are a consciousness born in magic, a soul created by magic. I am your creator and also your master.”

“Magic? Soul? Master? What are those?” The new soul is like a blank sheet of paper, with no concept of everything.

“Hehe, you have too many questions, I can’t answer one after another. Why not, I will share part of my memory with you.”

Said, Andre suddenly opened his eyes, tapped a lightly on his temple, drew a silver translucent thread from it, and tapped it on the golem’s head.

In an instant!

The dazzling rays of light are released from the eyes of the golem!

Its body began to vibrate violently, and a burst of words of unknown meaning came out in its mouth, and it took more than ten minutes before it slowly stopped.

All the mages crowded in the corridor were watching, with strong expectations on their faces, as if they were eager to witness the birth of a life created by magic.

The Golem not at all disappointed anyone. After a brief silence, it raised its right hand, moved its five metal fingers, and laughed.

“hahahaha! I understand! I am alive! I have my own thoughts and consciousness! I am a life! A life that is complete without any defects! Thank you, the creator of Supreme, please now Marry me a name.”

“How about calling Wale?” Andre smiled and suggested.

“Wali? Sounds good! Then from now on I am Wali!” The golem quickly switched various weapons fixed to his arm, his tone full of excitement.

Looking at the adamantine golem that was just named Wali, Andre knew that he had succeeded, and what was left was to slowly influence the thoughts of this immature soul and make its values ​​as consistent as possible with himself .

Be aware that wisdom golems are not ordinary golems that only know to obey simple commands. Although the creator still retains a huge influence, if the values ​​of the two sides oppose each other, they will run away. Or rebellion.

Don’t underestimate this!

In the history of Olaer continent, there are not a few wizards who have been resisted and killed by the Wisdom Golem. The common mistake they make is to treat the Wisdom Golem like ordinary golems.

As a smart person, Andre will not make such common sense mistakes. He intends to use Wali as a newborn baby to train and grow…

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