Arcane Lord Chapter 1016

After the flames passed, there was only a black burnt at the center of the explosion, just like their fate entangled in their lives, it is impossible to tell which is Manny and which is. Gavin Law.

Wali, the Wisdom Golem not far away, exudes hot temperatures. Fortunately, during the production, Andre took into account the issues of fire and acid resistance, and permanently fixed the relevant protection, so nothing Big trouble.

Furthermore, the melting point of fine gold itself is also very high. Trifling two to three thousand degrees is not enough to melt it, and the corresponding alchemical solution must be added.

President Boris faced the lava flowing place, cast three ice storms in one breath, forcing it to freeze quickly, and then lowered his voice and said to Andre: “Come with me, I need something Tell you…”

“As you wish…” Andre leaned slightly with one hand on his chest.

While all the mages were immersed in shock, the two one after the other quickly disappeared at the end of the corridor.

After a while, Boris opened the secret room at the bottom of the Mage Tower and went straight to a room full of ancient Old Shi statues.

He didn’t have any nonsense, and asked straight to the point: “Will it be convenient to tell me your current cast level?”

Andre nodded with a smile: “Of course! Half an hour ago, I just became a ten Fifth Level mage.”

“Ten Fifth Level?”

Although Boris had been mentally prepared for a long time, but when he heard it in person , I could not help but sent out cry out in surprise.

We must know that the path of magic becomes narrower as he goes backwards. It took him more than a hundred years to barely cross the threshold of Level 14 and become an archmage mastering seventh-level magic. This shows the difficulty.

But now suddenly there is a younger generation who has surpassed him when he was only a teenager, and an unspeakable taste suddenly surged in his heart, including jealousy, envy, and shock…

“Yes! To tell you the truth, I took a special shortcut, so I don’t have any reference. You have the right to treat me as a special individual.” Perceive the old man’s eyes. Declining, Andre had to explain a little bit.

After all, the president extended a helping hand when he was most vulnerable, so he didn’t want the other party to lose confidence and lose the motivation to continue on the magic road.

“Don’t comfort me, I’m not the kind of weak person who gets beaten up, and the spell you gave me, I’ve completed my study and transcription, and I’m ready to find a goal.” Boris waved his hand. , Signaled that he was okay, and did not even find out what the so-called special shortcut was.

As an archmage, he knows that any shortcut requires a corresponding price, even Divine Item is no exception.

The price Andre pays is that he can never get rid of the influence of Arcane’s Eye on him. He must desperately find another eye, even if he knows that there is a huge danger waiting there. No exception.

Staring at the old man’s vicissitudes of life, Andre laughed meaningfully and asked: “You called me because you wanted me to find you a suitable body?”

Boris touched his gray hair, sighed: “Oh…yes, I can feel my body is aging, and my soul smells of decay. I must choose a good target as soon as possible to complete the devouring, otherwise I I can’t guarantee that we will be able to complete such a complicated magic ceremony in a few months.”

“I don’t think there is anything to discuss. There are that many young wizards in their thirties. You can choose one at will, anyway, as long as you hide it well, I believe that few people can find the anomaly.” As he said, Andre picked up a fist sized stone sculpture and began to look at this mysterious room.

He can perceive that these stone statues seem to have some mysterious power that can shield the outside world from detection, but he is not sure whether this power is magic or a divine technique.

“No, you don’t understand. I don’t want to find a young body casually, and then change to another one after several decades, and finally indulge in the pleasure of occupying other people’s bodies and Devouring Soul. I am A mage, not a devil, let alone a devil, has his own bottom line and persistence, so I hope this body can be used by me for at least a hundred years.”

Boris used a very serious tone, Speaking of his philosophy on the magic road.

Although he has made many cold and cruel decisions, he has never joined the evil camp, and he does not intend to be one of them in the future.

Andre raised his eyebrows in surprise, and after a full minute, he looked thoughtful nodded: “Well, since you are talking about this, I will give you a little advice .

First of all, what you need to find is a mage, not an apprentice who doesn’t even have the ability to cast Level 1. Because as far as I know, after the soul takes over the new body, there is a long period of time. The adaptation period of time varies from person to person, ranging from one or two years to more than ten years. During this period, you cannot use all of your power, so the level of the spell cast by your body is very important.

Secondly, when choosing a target, it’s best not to pick those guys with a strong sense of resistance. Please believe me, you won’t like to fight a protracted battle with another consciousness in Soul Space.

Finally, and the most important point, the age of the new body should not exceed 30 years old, otherwise it will be very troublesome to find any strange disease in the body once it is occupied.”

Boris closes After digesting these precautions with my eyes, he quickly lifts the head and asked: “So who do you think is the most suitable?”

“From my personal point of view, the former apprentice of Gavin Laurian, the Bruce family The current patriarch, Zebrun, is a perfect target.

He has a good mage level and innate talent, but also has an obvious weakness. I believe that as long as you can guarantee to take care of his only younger Sister, I think he It shouldn’t be rejected you.

In addition, the Bruce family has fallen to the extreme right now. No matter what kind of personality change occurs, it will not arouse anyone’s suspicion. Buren received serious stimulation, nothing more.”

Andre smiled and threw out the useless “chess” in his hand. With the death of Gavinlaw, Zebron has lost use Value, it is better to give the president a personal affection.

I have to say that in the process of the rapid rise in strength, side effects are still inevitable. Even he can clearly notice that he is becoming more and more cold-blooded and cruel.

“Zebrunn? It is indeed a good goal. I will try to get in touch as soon as possible, hoping that there will be no accidents.”

Boris is undoubtedly moved, squinting I started thinking about how to make a person willingly dedicate his body and soul…

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