Arcane Lord Chapter 1018


Uluzi’s eyes widened, and his mouth closed in surprise for a long time. He had no idea that after he destroyed Duke Ian with the momentum of thunder, who in the entire Linton City would dare to be an enemy of his own monarch, the famous Duke of Flames.

Looking at the shocking gaze under his hand, Andre smiled and explained: “Yes, war is not a small fight like before, but a truly evenly matched bloody battle.

In this city, I have always had an opponent. He is no one else. It is Laureta Bottons, the most hidden Duke.

He has hidden a half in the border forest. The monster army composed of orc, goblins, kobolds, and ogre is more than 80,000, and your mind should understand what this means.

In addition, Laureta himself is also comparable to me. The archmage of, is very good at controlling mental magic, so I have no way of judging how many of the nobles are under his control.

According to our verbal agreement, wait until midnight today. After two o’clock, he will officially enter a state of war. Although I don’t think he will be demeaned and launch a raid on the most important festival of the year, it’s not wrong to be careful.”

The agreement between the two people will be lifted within a dozen hours, so Andre has nothing to consider. He has to let his men understand the enemy’s strength, otherwise it is impossible to quickly rely on the strength of one person. Defeat Laureta and win the game.

“Duke Lauretta is your enemy?”

Uluz, who suddenly heard the news, was stunned, and failed to come back to his for a long time. senses.

“Why, do you find it unbelievable?” Andre asked as he ate a piece of bread.

Uluzi hurriedly nodded with a smile: “Yes! You have to know that a few days ago, you also participated in the banquet held at his home, and he even prepared a living mermaid for you as the main Cai, this matter is widely circulated in aristocratic circles. I once thought that your relationship is very good, even if you are not friends, you will not be enemies.”


Andre swallowed the bread in his mouth and laughed loudly.

“No, no, no, my dear Uruz, don’t be fooled by the illusion on the surface.

The enemy from the very beginning between me and him. It hasn’t changed, and it won’t change in the future.

But you have to understand that there are many types of enemies. Some are conflicts of ideas, some are conflicts of interests, and some are that we need to become each other. Opponents, there is no reason, and no reason is needed.

Laureta and I belong to the third. In essence, we have no conflict of interests or hatred, more like sitting in front of a chessboard Wisdom and brave opponents satisfy their own desires by defeating powerful enemies.”

“I’m sorry, I’m afraid I can’t understand the complicated relationship between you and Laureta, in my hometown. , The enemy is the enemy, you can deal with them by fair means or foul, such as seizing the oasis where the enemy tribe depends for survival, killing men, rape women, forcing them to conceive, giving birth to their own offspring, and then erasing them from the root Traces of the existence of the entire tribe.”

Uluzi recounted the way of acting in the Great Desert. He now needs to figure out where the bottom line of this war is, whether it is like the inland nobles. There are a series of unwritten rules.

“It’s okay, you don’t need to understand the relationship between us, as long as you do your own thing, that is to lead an army to defeat all enemies that threaten the territory, especially the one hidden in the forest The monster army, seize the opportunity to annihilate them. You can use all means you can think of, including deception, lure, bribery, etc., at all costs, I will send someone to provide you with corresponding intelligence resources.”

Andre has a priority level for dealing with threats from beginning to end. Lauretta is undoubtedly the first place, and then these terrifying monsters are the second place.

Of course, the “horror” here must be quoted, because for Andre, the simple quantity is no longer a problem. A summon of the Fire Element army can kill tens of thousands of monsters with no difficulty. Exhausted.

The trouble is that Lauretta has this information right now, so he will never let the monsters confront him head-on, but will try to draw him away, and then let the monsters give full play to their innate talent, rushed into the manor and farm around Linton City and wrecked it.

Once the monsters rushed into the valley, the logistics base he worked so hard to build would be completely destroyed.

As a person with a strategic vision, Andre wants to make sure that this kind of thing never happens, at least to minimize the probability.

The network of relationships he spent a lot of thought on establishing among the surrounding inland nobles was used for warning.

If the monsters really plan to get out of the forest, they must first pass through the territory originally belonged to the Duke of Wynne, and then they will have to take down the fortress of the Glory Land. Together, the two lines of defense are enough to fight for at least a week. time.

Nodded of Uruz looking thoughtful: “I understand! That is to say, I can give the enemy the cruelest blow according to the rules of the Great Desert, and kill them all one by one, trouble will completely vanish.”

“This is roughly what happened. Just two weeks ago, our spy Del had successfully penetrated into the enemy and became the Hundred-men Commander of a semi-orc army. He would Sending the source of intelligence back, you can keep abreast of the current situation of your opponents, including what they are eating, how they are resting, marching directions, weapons and equipment, etc. You can also poison them when necessary, or create a little chaos.”

After that, Andre took out a few yellowed parchment from his pocket. The densely packed above was filled with the enemy’s noteworthy points, and even the layout of the camp was not overlooked.

Obviously, the ugly appearance of the half-orc thieves del has played a huge role in this brief moment.

Without saying anything, Uruz quickly picked it up and read it carefully, his face showed ecstasy: “Awesome! This is perfect! As long as I can keep track of the enemy’s movements, I promise Design a trap for them, even if they can’t be defeated at once, they can fiercely dig a piece of meat.”

“Then I look forward to your performance…” Andre slightly smiled, stood up and walked out of the castle Go.

Today he still has a lot to do, such as reminding his allies, and preparing the Sardinian fleet to attack.

After all, the next big game requires cooperation in all aspects, so as to minimize his own losses. He dares to use his head to bet that Laureta must be making the same preparations at this moment.

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