Arcane Lord Chapter 1019

In the basement of the Duke’s Mansion in the Noble District of Linton City, Laureta Bottons sat on a chair, watching silently at the dozen or so hidden cloaks and hoods on both sides of the long table It took several minutes for the black shadow to ask, “Where is Tracy? Why hasn’t she shown half a month after the summoning order was issued?”

“Master, special Last time Ressi received your order to go to Sardinia to find out what the pirates are doing. She has never contacted the outside world since she sneaked in. Like a female scorpion, she mysteriously disappeared.” A man stood. Get up cautiously replied.

“Disappeared?” Laurel was subconsciously frowned, her eyes flashing with weird rays of light.

The man gently nodded: “Yes, it disappears, as if it never existed before. I think there must be something wrong over there. Maybe the pirate king Francis betrayed you and took refuge in a new master. In short, their movements are very strange recently, and it is really unpredictable.”

“no! impossible! Although Francis is a bit ambitious, he does not have enough courage. Betrayal is not what he is good at!” orc Case shook the head retorted.

Although thinking about complex issues is not what he looks like, he has always believed in his instincts, as long as he recognizes things he will never change easily.

“hmph! Elm head! Then please explain to me, why Tracy and the female scorpion disappeared in Sardinia? Who is able to win the moment where he can escape into the shadow at any time? , And a Dragon Vein warlock disappear silently?” The man asked without regard to the half-orc’s face at all.

Case sneered at curl one’s lip: “Don’t look at the world with your narrow eyes! There are so many powerful and incredible powers in this land, don’t you think you can’t do it, Can no one else do it?”

Seeing that the two people quarreled more and more loudly, Laureta immediately waved impatiently and said, “Shut up! Shut me up! About Sa Let’s put things aside for the Dinh Islands. I don’t care what happened to the pirates now. I just want to know about the plan. How are you preparing?”

A woman stood up respectfully He bowed: “Master, please calm down your anger. Except for the pirates, the rest of the plans are going well. As long as you give an order, we can immediately set off a storm of remediation in this city. Will be under your control.”

“Very good!” Hearing this answer, Laurel was nodded with satisfaction. “I give you authorization now. After 12 o’clock midnight today, we will first get rid of the two dukes who got in the way, and let their families fall into civil strife. I don’t want this interesting game to be disrupted, do you understand? “

“Understood! Don’t worry, I promise that Duke Alexander and Duke Georgie will die in a romantic affair just after midnight today.”

After that, The woman took off her hood and revealed a beautiful face that was shockingly beautiful. Even the other people who were also women could not resist the charm that she exuded, and they showed expressions of obsession or greed.

However, Laureta Bottons was not affected at all. He smiled and praised: “Ramona, your water fairy bloodline is getting richer and stronger. It seems that it won’t be long before you can Inherit all the power of mother and become a beautiful creature that no mortal can refuse.”

“Your Excellency, I am now a beautiful creature that no mortal can refuse. As long as you are nodded, I am willing to help you get rid of the Duke of Flame who believes oneself infallible.” Then, the woman called Ramona bent down and kissed the ring on Laureta’s finger one-knee kneels with her eyes Is full of love.

“hahahaha! I appreciate your kindness, but don’t underestimate my opponent. Maybe you can get Andre into bed, but it is impossible to really kill him. Because like him and me. This kind of person who completely devotes himself to the arcane, is always impossible to truly fall in love with someone, so for the sake of your life, it is best not to provoke him easily.”

Although when talking about this remark, Laureta kept smiling all the time, stroking the woman’s smooth chin and slender neck, but the whole body exuded an extremely dangerous breath.

People who are familiar with him understand that this is a warning in disguise. If someone is wrong, then the end is definitely not as simple as death.

Ramona shivered nervously, lowered her head quickly, and said in a humble tone: “Your will is the order!”

Laureta waved at random: “Okay, go and complete my order now. Have fun, know that today is the most important day of the year. Whether it is Georgie or Alexander, I can’t wait to find a young and beautiful new lover. Satisfy her old body and morbid hobbies.”

Soon, under the gaze of a dozen pairs of eyes, Ramona put on her hood again, and silently disappeared into the tunnel leading to the upper level. in.

As soon as she walked on her front foot, Case teased with a smile on her back foot: “Master, maybe you should consider accepting Ramona, she is the most loyal to you among all people, because she loves you more. Love yourself too much.”

“Accept her? A half-water fairy half-human?” Lauretta shook the head with a contemptuous smile. “No, my friend, she is just a chess piece, a chess piece that is still useful for the time being, and I will dispose of it personally when it is used up. Because she is not like you, and knows how to stay in her place obediently and honestly. , She is a big trouble, one day she will lose control, and I happen to hate this situation the most.”

“You are really a cruel and ruthless person, you are willing to kill such a beautiful woman. “The half-orc soldier sighed with regret.

Undoubtedly, he knew this result a long time ago. After all, as the commander-in-chief of an army of nearly 100,000 monsters, his status is much higher than others, and he is also more trusted.

“If you like, I can ask you to get rid of Ramona yourself, explain how you want to play and how long you want to play, it doesn’t matter, just bring her head back.” Lauretta breathed. There is no emotion, as if talking about a stranger, not a beautiful woman who has expressed love to herself.

Skye was frightened and shook his head quickly: “No, forget it, I can’t resist her charm.”

Lauretta smiled and spread his hands:” Look, even a warrior like you with all kinds of desires is unwilling to want her, how can I accept her? Stop talking nonsense, how is your army preparing?”

“Everything Ready, as long as you are nodded, war will be ignited around the entire Linton City, killing and death will cover the earth, bringing you enough soul and negative emotions.” Half-orc replied with a hideous expression.

“Yes! Let’s move it, it’s time to make this game lively.” There was a glimmer of excitement and madness in Laureta’s eyes…

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