Arcane Lord Chapter 1020

The Bridal family is the oldest nobleman in Linton. There is no one. It is said that they were the Upright Sect of this land in the ancient imperial era, which can be traced back to two Thousands of years ago, so the traditional two characters almost paid attention to the point of nitpicking.

Especially on this important holiday on the last day of the year, all members dressed in full costumes to participate in the banquet organized by patriarch Georgi. There were a steady stream of nobles who came to congratulate them, even the poor beggar stood at the door. Say a few words of blessing, and you can get a shiny Silver Coin in return.

The etiquette and heritage of the nobles, vividly and thoroughly embodied in this brief moment, whether it is the steward ringing the bell to announce the identity of each guest loudly after entering the door, or the courteous and courteous attitude of the servants. It makes people feel valued and respected.

While Duke Georgie was enjoying the warm festive atmosphere, he suddenly heard a quarrel at the door. Turning his head and looking intently, he found an elegant and charming woman in a long silver dress. His steward is arguing about something.

Without any hesitation, he swiftly stepped forward and gave a salute to the other party first: “I’m very sorry, good evening, ma’am, can I ask why you quarrel with my steward?”

“Of course! Your Excellency! I came all the way from afar just to feel the enthusiasm of this city, but your steward refused me to participate in the banquet because he could not show his identity certificate. This is simply impolite. Now! I have not suffered such contempt and insult when I grow up!”

The woman’s tone was quite agitated, and even choked a little, as if she might cry at any time.

But she is not someone else, it is Ramona who left Laureta Bottons not long ago.

Under the incomparable charm of the water goblin bloodline, Duke Georgie was instantly captured, turned around and reprimanded his steward: “You idiot! Take a look with your eyes wide open! How could she be such a beautiful and charming lady not from a noble birth? Are you willing to check the genealogy of every guest?”

“My lord…I…I…everything is mine Wrong!”

Steward originally wanted to defend himself, but after noticing the cold light in his master’s eyes, he immediately changed his words and took the initiative to admit his mistake.

As a wise man who has served this family for more than 20 years, he knows too well how Duke Georgie’s friendly surface hides a distorted and sick soul.

Seeing Steward’s softness, Georgie quickly showed a satisfied expression: “Very well, now immediately roll me to the back kitchen and let someone else take your place!”

” Yes!”

Steward bowed respectfully, turned and disappeared into the kitchen entrance.

Standing aside watching the farce she directed herself, Ramona’s mouth curled up slightly, pretending to be grateful, and said: “Your Excellency, your decisiveness in punishing the servants just now is too much. I’m fascinated. Thank you very much for everything you have done for me. If you don’t mind, can you show me around?”

“No problem! Can walk with a beautiful lady like you, yes My pleasure.” As he said, Georgie took the other’s hand and kissed the back of his hand lightly.

Since seeing the extremely beautiful woman in front of him, he feels that his old heart has been injected with new vitality, especially the lower body that has not reacted for a long time, vaguely beginning to swell, and can’t wait to want Possess each other.

“Hehe, you are really an elegant gentleman, please lead the way.” Ramona took the Duke’s arm, and stuck her chest that was strangled by the corset, like an innocent and unaffected, a girl who is not deeply involved in the world.

Qiao Ji, who has been teased out of lust for a long time, forced his composure, and quickly walked towards the secluded back garden. What he wants to do most now is to flirt with no one, and then lead the woman into himself In his secret room, use those cruel props to satisfy his twisted desires.

But what he didn’t know was that Ramona had the same idea. The only difference was that the former was just an ordinary aristocrat who knew a little sword technique, while the latter was half magic. biological.

If nothing happens, Georgi will be over-excited and die of a heart attack after getting unprecedented satisfaction.

Two dedicated guards watched the two disappear into the dense trees and grass. They looked at each other, and they showed regretful eyes, as if they were sighing that another beautiful woman was going to be played by the duke lethal.

After a while, Georgi’s gasps of excitement came from the small wood house in the back garden, accompanied by the sound of whiplashes and the painful cry of women.

The whole process lasted for more than two hours before slowly quieting down. Just when a guard wanted to get closer and look at it, Ramona suddenly opened the door and rushed out. She was now ragged. The alluring Twin Peaks were completely exposed to the air, and the upper part was densely packed with bite marks and welts, as if they had been cruelly tortured and abused, and ran out crying all the way.

Guards who are accustomed to similar situations not at all stop them, but come to the wood house door and ask softly: “Your Excellency? Your Excellency Duke? Do you need me to get a new set of clothes for you?”


There is dead silence in the house!

The experienced guard immediately felt that something was wrong, and opened the door to take a look. He saw that Georgie’s eyes were round and his whole body was lying naked on the wooden bed, and his face was still twisted and excited. His smile is obviously dead.

“Damn it!”

The guard cursed cursed in a low voice, and hurried to inform other members of the family.

In just ten minutes of effort, the banquet that was originally full of festive atmosphere turned into a funeral in an instant. Several heirs fought to become who can inherit this huge family.

I believe that in at least half a year, they will have no time to take care of the outside world, and the entire Breidel family will be in an internal struggle.

At the same time, Ramona, who put on a new dress, once again appeared outside the Alvi family’s manor. With no difficulty, after using the charm of the servant at the door, she walked gracefully He walked into the banquet hall at the same pace, went straight to the Duke of Alexander, stretched out his slender arm, and invited in a rather arrogant tone: “Your Excellency, can you dance with me?”

As soon as it turned on, a kiss was made immediately: “Of course, how could I bear the heart to refuse a beautiful lady like you.”

After one song, the two disappeared from the hall, half an hour later , A passing servant found the Duke’s body in a room on the second floor.

Like Duke Georgie, his face also has the same excitement and distortion, as if he was enjoying the ultimate happiness a second before he died…


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