Arcane Lord Chapter 1021

“Bad news! Duke Georgie is dead! Duke Alexander is also dead!”

Just as the new year’s dawn, the man responsible for intelligence gathering Bonnie, passing through the gap between the material world and the plane of shadow, appeared in the room on the second floor of the castle.

Since transplanting a special organ that originally belonged to a female scorpion, she has gradually liked this ability to appear and disappear unpredictably, coupled with the excellent thieves innate talent, she can use it freely in just over a month If it weren’t for being repeatedly warned not to steal, she would probably patronize more than half of the noble and wealthy merchants’ residences in Linton City.

Andre, who was analyzing the magic scroll, was too surprised, not at all, just frowned and asked: “Dead? How did it die?”

Bonny sat in a chair He raised his slender thighs wrapped in tight leather pants, and said in the tone of taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune: “I guess you can’t guess that the two famous dukes of Linton actually died at the New Year’s Eve party at the same time. On the belly of a woman. This incident has spread in the city. It is said that before they die, their faces still have expressions of excitement and enjoyment. It seems that they must have met a stunning beauty.”

“Wait! If there is no problem with my ears, did you just mention that the two dukes died at the same time?” Andre’s sense of smell has always been very keen, and he instantly realized that this was probably a perfect assassination.

After all, it took less than seven hours from 12 midnight to now. The two important figures that could maintain the stability of Linton City died like this. Anyone with a little brain is impossible to believe There is no conspiracy.

In addition, neither Duke Georgie nor Duke Alexandria are the kind of idiots who can play with women and take their lives. They are aloof and remote nobles, mature politicians, and they know how to go. Restrain the desire in your heart.

“Yes! Two people died one after the other, and the time between their deaths was no more than two hours. According to my investigation, the cause of their deaths seemed to be related to a very beautiful human woman.

But the strange thing is that everyone who has seen her can’t accurately describe her looks. Some people say that she has long cascading silver hair and a slender figure. Others say that she has short fiery-red hair and full body. With flame-like enthusiasm and sexiness…

In short, in everyone’s eyes, she is the most beautiful and desired sexual fantasy object in her heart.

apart from This, we also found a sign hidden in the corner at the scene.”

Speaking, Bonnie threw a parchment printed with a scorpion tail on the table, which was rubbed from the corner of the wall. After coming down, she didn’t understand why the murderer deliberately left clues.

Andre picked it up and glanced, and quickly let out a burst of unfathomable mystery laugh: “hahahaha! Interesting! Interesting! My dear opponent, your first target was not me, and It’s the Linton City Council of Nobles. Well, since you want to play political games first, then I will play with you.”

Obviously, he recognized this one belonging to Lauret Bottons Mark, know clearly that this is the other party sending a message to yourself.

The game has begun…

Bonnie found that his lover was a little bit wrong, and hurriedly asked: “Is there anything I need to do?”

” No, no, don’t act rashly, let alone show your own presence, lurking obediently and honestly and continuing to collect information secretly, this is not a game you can participate in.” Andre had a meaningful smile on his face, directly Refused.

Although so far, he has not figured out what method Lauerta used to kill the two dukes, but one thing is certain, that is, the other party did not have any concealment and gave generous directions. He handed in a battle book.

“Then how are you going to respond to this incident?” Bonnie blinked curiously. “Knowing that the sudden death of the two dukes directly caused the nobles in the city to panic. Many people are ganging up in private, ready to deal with political storms that may arise at any time.”

“Don’t worry, I have made sufficient preparations. Countess Anastasia and Earl George will take care of the nobles, and I will take care of the rest by myself. Counting the time, that dear opponent should have sent the invitation. “

Speaking, Andre turned to open the window, and saw a gray owl dropping from the sky, dropping a letter into the house, and then disappearing in the woods outside the castle.

He opened the envelope and took a look, and found that only one sentence was written on the parchment:

Since all conspiracies start with the fight for power, let us start with the fight for Linton City Let’s get started. I’ll be waiting for you in the city…

——Your good opponent, Laureta Bottons.

Obviously, by now, the outstanding dísciple of the undead king no longer hides his identity. He is eager to build a shining stage, eager to defeat an evenly matched opponent, and eager to release his heart. The suppressed enthusiasm in the whole person is like a volcano about to erupt, full of danger.

“If this is what you want, then I am happy to accompany you to the end…” Andre muttered to himself in a low voice, lit the parchment and threw it out the window.

Blowing in the slightly humid and cold breeze in the early morning, this letter was like a swaying boat in the sea, which burned out after a while, turning into black ashes scattered on the ground.

After half an hour, a carriage escorted by a dozen elite cavalry slowly left the castle and drove towards Linton City.

The one sitting on the carriage is no one else, it is Andre himself, and his extremely loyal bodyguard, the wisdom golem Wali.

This mechanical lifeform, who is curious about everything, just finished a lively festival in the castle, and looks very happy. It likes to contact, talk, and play with humans, even if the other party is just using it That huge force, do some heavy physical labor.

However, Wali didn’t care about it at all. In just a few days, he helped many tenants and serfs finish the farm work that took a whole winter to complete. It shows the paintings with unknown dyes. The pattern is a gift from the farmers.

“Wali, have you been happy recently?” Andre asked with a smile, sitting in the chair.

“Of course! Creators! The people within the valley are very friendly. I followed them to learn how to plow, sow, fertilize, and feed poultry and livestock. The only regret is that I can’t eat. There is no way to taste the various delicacies they prepared.” Walli was very excited to tell his experience.

It is like a child, eager to share happiness with parents, but unfortunately, it has no parents, only a creator with bad intentions…

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