Arcane Lord Chapter 1022

“Hehe, Wali, you have to understand that you are different from an ordinary person. You have a strong as an ox arm, an impervious to sword and spear body, and even Professional warriors can’t match the jumping ability. You are strong and powerful from the moment you are born. So people fear you, fear you, and use you. You have to slowly learn how to distinguish what is hidden under a smile. Malicious.”

Andre undoubtedly enjoyed the process of training a pure and kind soul into a cold and merciless process.

After all, he didn’t want the golem he made to become a messenger of justice in the end, even more Paladin than Paladin. That was a failure.

The role of the golem itself is only two points, and that is to help the wizard resist damage and kill all attackers.

Obviously, Wali can’t do this now. To be precise, it will make its own judgment when attacking. If it is an evil person like Gavinlaw, it will immediately The dead hand, if it is a kind-hearted woman, or a minor child, then it will 100% choose to disobey the order.

I have to say that the gift of wisdom to the golem is really a double-edged sword. The advantage is that the golem is no longer sluggish and can often respond in time before the order is issued.

But in the same way, they will have their own outlook on life, values, and have a strong tendency to good and evil. Especially in the first few years of their birth, they seem to have entered a rebellious period. Dislike commands are disgusting.

Because Andre has seen too many movies and TV works of robots rebelling against and destroying humans in his life, he did not try to solve contradictions with simple and rude methods like most of the wizards in this World, but used the creator’s The special identity slowly led him, and he believed that as long as some cruel truths were revealed at the right moment, the fragile world outlook of the Wisdom Golem would be destroyed.

In this way, while telling Walli a fable full of dark styles, while thinking about how to win more nobles to support him, Andre rode through the gate and entered Linton City .

Although the deaths of the two dukes caused violent shocks from the upper echelons, they had no impact on the civilians.

The shops, hotels, taverns, etc. on both sides of the road are still open as usual. Many civilians who have improved their lives walked to the temple, begging the gods to make good weather in the new year and stop pirate invasion. thing.

As for whether the gods they believe in have such power and priesthood, it is not within the scope of consideration of the ordinary person.

Looking at the various states of life outside the car window, Andre couldn’t help but sigh. Sometimes ignorance is really a blessing, because if you don’t know the imminent danger, you won’t feel panic and fear, and you don’t have to spend all day. Worry about all kinds of accidents that may occur.

He believes that if the residents of Linton City now learn that Laureta Bottons intends to summon a powerful abyssal demon, it will definitely be another scene now.

Crossing the main road that runs through the north and south of the city, the carriage quickly drove into a house in the noble district. This place originally belonged to the blood marquis Kyrgyz, but with the complete decline of the family, it has become Andre’s in the city. residence.

Steward, who was already waiting at the door, hurried up two steps to open the door, bowed deeply: “Welcome back, sir. Countess Anastasia and Count George are already waiting in the living room For a long time, they seem to be a little nervous. There should be something important. I suggest you go to meet up right away.”

“Okay, I get it.”

Andre nodded, walked through the garden, stepped on expensive handmade carpets, and walked into the living room on the first floor.

Wali, the Wisdom Golem, follows closely from behind, patrolling around with two glowing eyes, searching for corners that might hide enemies.

In the production process, Andre considered the stealth ability of the thief and magical invisibility, so he specially attached a powerful prophecy magic to its eyes, as long as the enemy dares to appear in the line of sight, regardless of hiding skills How brilliant it is, it will be caught immediately.

But unfortunately, although this house is not heavily guarded, you can’t come in casually. The most suspicious target Walli can find is to sleep on a branch. Cat.

Confirming that there is no danger around, it gave up its intention to enter the house and silently stood by the door waiting for orders.

Because the poor wooden floor in the house can’t bear the terrifying weight of the golem at all, it will shatter in an instant when you step on it.

“My friend, you are finally here!”

As soon as Andre walked into the hall, he saw Old George standing up, running over with open arms and giving himself a warm hug .

Countess Anastasia also hugged her, smiling and greeted: “Happy New Year! I heard that you are the closest to Chloe. It seems that in a few months, we You can consider holding a wedding.”

“Hehe, didn’t you come here specifically to tease me?” Andre asked with a smile.

After he was seated again, Old George’s face instantly changes seriously: “No, of course not, we have something very important to talk to you.”

“Let me guess Guess, isn’t it the funeral of Duke Georgie and Duke Alexander?” Andre calmly took a sip of water and said meaningfully.

“You know?” Lady Anastasia raised her eyebrows in surprise.

Andre gently nodded: “Of course I know that in fact, everything that happened in this city can’t be hidden from my eyes and ears. They died not by accident, but by a well-planned assassination. , The executor is the mysterious woman.”

“What? Who dares to assassinate two dukes at once? Is he crazy? Isn’t he afraid of causing revenge from the entire aristocracy?” Old George patted angrily Table, as a conservative, he hardly sees anyone using such despicable means to achieve his goals.

Andre laughed disapprovingly: “No, this man is not crazy, he has a clear plan from start to finish, and the death of Duke Georgie and Duke Alexander is the beginning of his huge plan. “

“Who is he?” Countess Anastasia pointed at the crux of the problem.

“He is Laureta Bottons, the only surviving Duke of Linton City, and the most hidden Duke. Please be prepared, the real challenge is coming soon.” Then, Andre stood up and looked at the messenger galloping past the window.

In just a few minutes, Steward gasping for breath ran in and shouted: “Your Excellency! The parliament sent a messenger just now, saying that Duke Laurelta Bottons intends to hold an emergency meeting to discuss Let’s take a look at the recent accident and the future of Linton City!”

Hearing this news, Andre laughed and patted his hand: “Okay! Very good! Seeing that, the opponent has already started making moves. Next, we will also start to take action, hoping that before dawn tomorrow, we can win enough supporters…”

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