Arcane Lord Chapter 1023

Following the sudden deaths of the two dukes Georgie and Alexander, as well as Laurelta Bottons’ naked seizure of power, the entire city of Linton quickly fell into a vortex fighting for power.

In order to ensure that their own interests are not violated, or to take a closer look at the opportunity, every nobleman is rushing around, and carriages with noble badges can be seen everywhere in the streets of the city.

From the morning, to the afternoon, and to the night, there is never a break. Even some of the mages who are deeply involved with the nobles have also taken action, trying to use the power of the mages to help themselves and Allies guarantee and protect.

From morning till night, Andre met with more than 20 people in a row, including those who came to test his attitude and those who wanted to join conservative interest groups.

As half a politician accustomed to intrigue, Andre neither refused nor promised. He just said a few unsatisfactory words, and then gave the rest of the negotiation work to the old man. George and Lady Anastasia.

With the help of these two well-rounded veterans, in just one day and one night, there are dozens and voting members of the parliament who clearly expressed their willingness to support him in the upcoming emergency meeting. Everything is decided.

The so-called struggle between politics and power, to put it plainly, is to see who can win more allies, whether it is democracy or dictatorship, there is no difference.

After all, ruling a country or city requires more than just one person’s efforts, but an organization and a team working together. It involves all aspects of interest, including nobles, merchants, craftsmen, and soldiers. , Ordinary residents, farmers, etc.

What Andre has to do now is to win the support of nobles and merchants as much as possible, and then use money to buy the officers in the army. As for the remaining civilians, farmers and craftsmen, you don’t need to care too much.

They are destined to be sacrificed and abandoned from the very beginning, whether it is in the highly developed information media Earth, or the relatively backward Olaer continent……

“How Can you figure out how many people can support us in Parliament tomorrow?” Andre sat on the sofa, dragged his chin with his right hand, and asked calmly.

Old George looked at the parchment and quickly replied with a smile: “At least 40% of the council members are on our side, and some are on the sidelines. Anyway, I have to advance Congratulations. When the meeting tomorrow is over, you will become one of the rulers behind the city.”

Andre smiled and shook the head: “No, I think let us congratulate Let’s take a look at Ms. Anastasia, because she will soon become the first place duke in the history of Linton City, and may be the only one.”

“Hehe, duchess? I like this new title! But if you want to do this is not at all so easy, we have to fight for more than 10% of the wait-and-see group, otherwise there will be trouble in voting.”

I will set foot on the peak of life. Countess Anastasia on the road looked radiant, she was at least fifteen years younger all of a sudden, like a young woman full of mature charm, her gestures gave people an indescribable temptation.

Looking at the green eyes of Old George, you will know how exciting and challenging it is for men to conquer a woman with the title of Duke.

No wonder there are that many idiots in history, moth flies into the flame surrounded by women in power, willing to be their playthings and faces.

Similarly, power is also the best medicine for women to suppress aging. Women who have a strong desire for power also have exceptionally strong physical needs. Many of them are in their 60s and 70s and still maintain good health. Beauty.

Obviously, Countess Anastasia is such a woman. When she learned that Andre was going to push herself to the front desk, she was immersed in the dream of ruling power all day long. Now this dream It was finally coming true, so excited that he could hardly control himself.

“Countess, please allow me to give you this golden key symbolizing the conservative covenant. It not only represents the leader of the alliance, but also represents thousands of private troops and millions of Gold. The right to transfer the Coin property.” As he said, Old George took off the golden key from his neck, hung it gently on the opponent’s neck, then bent down and kissed the back of his hand.

Anastasia glanced down at the key inlaid with emeralds, and solemnly responded: “Please rest assured, count, I swear that I will protect the interests of every ally. May Our covenant and friendship Earth is long.”

Old George nodded with a smile: “This is exactly what I hope. Only with unity can we defeat all our opponents and become a well-deserved rule of this city. Whoever!”

Andre picked up a good bottle of wine, poured three glasses quickly, then raised one of them and suggested: “I think it’s best to have a drink at this important time. The choice!”

“hahahaha! My friend, this idea is really great, come on, let’s toast!” Old George also raised his cup.




The three of them touched each other’s cups and made a bite of red The liquid was poured into the stomach, sharing the excitement and joy between each other.

But Andre knows that Laureta Bottons will never let himself achieve his goal easily, and the meeting after dawn will definitely be a contest of words.

He must be prepared to give the enemy a fatal blow at the critical moment…

At the same time, just a few blocks away in the Bottons family mansion, Laureta is doing the same thing.

I saw him lying on the bed, enjoying the massage of the beautiful maid and listening to the report at hand.

“Your Excellency, I have won the support of about 40% of the nobles for you, especially those radicals who have suffered heavy losses and urgently need a new leader. They think you are a good candidate , So they all expressed their support for all your decisions.”

“hmph! The cry of the defeated dog! No promises to them! When I get the right to rule Linton City, the first one to be cut off These are these idiots!” Laureta sneered curl one’s lip.

He obviously doesn’t think much of the shrinking radicals. To be precise, he looks down on anyone in this city except Andre, including the church of the gods, otherwise he would not do everything possible. summon A great demon considered taboo by the gods.

“understand! I’m not at all give them any promises, all of which are supported by their wishful speculation, but I have to remind you one, four percent is not a very proportion of insurance, you need to win to get Twenty percent of the wait-and-see faction’s support. And…”

Before he could finish speaking, Laureta waved his hand impatiently: “Needless to say, I understand what you want to say, this The choice between the two adults will become a crucial point. I will win them over through a speech. After all, the game is only interesting when there is some suspense, right?”

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