Arcane Lord Chapter 1024

The night full of conspiracy and restlessness quickly passed, and Linton City ushered in a new day, also the 2nd day of the New Year.

Early in the morning, the municipal council, located in the center of the city, hung the blue flag symbolizing the republic of the nobility, and the guard of honor was also lined up, waiting for the arrival of the congressmen.

But as long as you carefully observe the anxious eyes of the soldiers and the Knights, you will know that they are now worried about the possible turmoil, because once the political turmoil occurs, they will be forced to choose their own camp.

If you choose the right one, it’s easy to say. Not only can you get a promotion and raise your salary, you will be on a smooth road from now on. If you don’t choose the right one, you will be purged along with the loser, and even your family will Follow bad luck and become a beggar sleeping on the street.

It can be said that the whole city, the least hopeful of political turmoil is these soldiers and officers who belong to the city defense army.

But it’s a pity that although they have a powerful military force, their military pay is controlled by the nobles. They are like dogs chained to chains. They can only live with the owner’s feeding, otherwise they will be hungry. dead.

“Hey! George! Who do you think will win this power struggle? Will our salary for next month be delivered on time?” A soldier on patrol asked his companions in a low voice.

The young man called George shook the head with a wry smile: “Sorry, my friend, I’m just a little Captain. You think something like this is such a big deal. What inside information can I have? “

The soldier is obviously not giving up, cautiously looked around, and said in the smallest voice: “Man! I heard that there are a group of people recently who are quietly contacting high-ranking officers, especially those Knights. , I think something big may happen!”

“Listen! Sam! From now on, you’d better control your mouth, or I can’t guarantee that you will disappear suddenly! Understand! “Aware of the seriousness of the problem, George covered the opponent’s head and issued a sharp warning.

Undoubtedly, he knew very well how dangerous the current situation was and what the consequences would be if he joined the rights struggle without authorization, so he stopped his friends’ remarks in time.

“Okay! Okay! I shut up! But George, I want you to understand that as long as you are nodded, you can get a thousand gold coins right away. They even promised After you become an officer of a hundred-man battallion, think about it, that is a position that only aristocrats can hold, and I can replace you as Small Captain.”

The soldier named Sam has obviously been blinded by interests. With his eyes closed, he kept bewitching his friends to join him. He didn’t understand how fragile small trash fish like them were in the Game of Thrones, and could be swallowed by others at any time.

George wanted to punch him in the face at the moment, but seeing the noble carriages around him, he gave up this plan very wisely, Fiercely glared: “Idiot! Give me Honestly! If I hear anything similar in your mouth, I will let you get out of the army immediately! Remember! This is the first time I have heard nothing.”

Sam was undoubtedly taken aback, and hurriedly nodded: “Understood! Understood! I haven’t said anything, and you have never heard anything.”

“Very good! Pull yourself now! Together! Continue to patrol!” After that, George took a deep breath and ignored the soldiers who had brain issues, and walked straight ahead.

But just as he walked the corner, a man covered in a gray cloak emerged from the shadows and asked softly: “What if? Did it succeed?”

“Hug… Sorry! I tried my best! But he doesn’t seem to want to join.” Sam replied with a trembling voice.

It can be seen that he is a little nervous and a little scared, but there are greedy rays of light in his eyes.

“Since you are not willing to join, then get rid of him! Here! This is poison! As long as it is added to wine or food, only a few drops can make him sleepless.” He said, The man in the gray cloak pulled out a small bottle of black liquid.

“Poison…poison kill? You are going to kill George?!” Sam’s eyes widened in fear.

As a southerner, he recognized at a glance that this is the venom of the most terrifying snake in the jungle. As the other party said, it only takes a few drops to kill.

Of course, the disadvantage is that this snake venom cannot be stored for a long time. It must be used within three days after being extracted. Judging by the color, this vial is undoubtedly less than two just taken out of the snake’s mouth. Hours, the value on the black market ranges from five hundred to a thousand gold coins.

There is no doubt that if someone is willing to use such an expensive poison, then they must be willing to kill the target with a higher commission.

The man with the hood sneered and said sarcastically: “Why? Are you scared? You must know when you charge us, but solemnly vowed promised that no matter what kind of task it is, it can be done. If you want to regret it now, then think about your beautiful wife and two lovely children.”

After saying this, he quickly escaped into the shadows and disappeared. without a trace.

Sam who stayed in the same place kept trembling, and it took several minutes to barely calm down. He took a deep breath and hid the poison in his personal pocket. No need to ask, he knew that he had already made a decision in his heart. , That is to kill his once best friend.

Many times, there is only a thin line between hell and heaven, but one wrong choice is enough to ruin everything…

Half an hour later, the person responsible for contacting and issuing orders successfully returned A secret base in a slum, Hui reported: “Boss! Scar! Sam’s idiot has entered our trap. Now he has no second choice besides poison to death George.”

“You did good! As long as the George who refused to bow to us died, the remaining officers would begin to fear and fear, and then one by one would accept our purchase. By then, the city defense forces stationed near the slums would be in ours. Under control.” Scar’s mouth turned up slightly, and a grinning smile appeared.

To be honest, he is now more and more enjoying the feeling of hiding behind the scenes and manipulating everything, especially in the past two days, playing with the officers who used to be aloof and remote on the palm of his arm, every one of his body The pores are singing excitedly.

Bonnie sat on the chair and asked in a slightly confused tone: “Why must I control the city defense army? What else do we need to do next?”

Scar guy touched the chin Beard explained with a smile: “Boss, you have to understand that although we have very powerful power, we cannot walk in the sun.

But the city defense forces are different. After controlling them, many don’t Anything that is convenient to come forward in person can be solved by them.

As for the next thing to do is to wait, wait for Lord Andre to defeat political enemies and become the true ruler of this city, when the time comes we Will also as the tide rises, the boat floats, and become an awesome underground organization…”

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