Arcane Lord Chapter 1025

“Everyone! I believe you all should have heard of the horrible incident that took place on New Year’s Eve!

Two respected dukes were relegated to their residences Assassination! And the other party also used base and shameless methods!


Very base and shameless!

They even used women!

Some of you may think it was an accident!

But I want to tell you!


This is a premeditated Assassination! Every one of us is in danger!

Look at what we have experienced this year?

The destruction of the huge fleet! The port was blocked by the hateful pirates! Now it’s the shameless assassination against the nobles again!

We need to unite!

The system needs to be improved! The power is concentrated as much as possible! So that Linton City can deal with it as quickly as possible Respond to the danger! Instead of waiting for things to have no clue in the past two or three days like now!

Please forgive me to speak bluntly!

The previous four dukes and parliament jointly governed The method is too backward!

The reason why I am holding this emergency meeting today is to remind every congressman that if you still hold that pitiful right in your hand, then it is tantamount to indulging the enemy Be reckless in our turf!

Maybe today! Maybe tomorrow! Maybe someday in the future! You will suffer the same things as Duke Georgie and Duke Alexander!

I sincerely suggest that you look farther!

Maybe today you will lose a little insignificant voting rights, but you will have a safer environment and more opportunities to make a fortune!

As long as Linton becomes stronger again! We can still regain the route! Continue to dominate the entire South Sea Territory!”

Laureta Bottons stood on the podium in the Council Hall, Waving his arms, the impassioned presentation of his own speech, as Andre had expected, he has stated a point from beginning to end, that is, to concentrate all rights in one hand.

Although as the most unremarkable Duke of Linton City, he rarely appears in the public eye, let alone publicly express any opinions.

But the duke is a duke after all, and the family influence accumulated by dozens of generations is by no means comparable to the nouveau riche.

Looking at the performance of the noble councillors around you, you know that although they were a little surprised at Lauretta’s sudden transformation, no one came forward to question it.

Because the problems he described exist objectively and threaten the interests of the nobles, especially the trouble of personal safety, no one can ignore it.

Of course, what the nobles didn’t know was that all of this was a conspiracy planned by Laurel.

Andre, who noticed the changes in the expressions of the people around him, knew that if he didn’t take action, he would be persuaded to set up Sect, so he stood up decisively and interrupted his opponent’s endless speech.

“Sorry, Duke Lauretta, I have some small questions about your point of view. I wonder if you can explain it?”

“No problem, since Bao After the disappearance of Archmage Reese, you are the president of the Mage Association. Naturally, you are qualified to question anyone, and I am also very happy to explain my ideas.” Laureta stroked her chest with one hand, owing her body very gracefully.

However, these disguise may be able to fool the nobles, but they cannot fool Andre. He noticed the excitement and expectation in his opponent’s eyes, as if he was eager to confront him, even if it was just words. Up.

“First of all, the first point! You mentioned the need for centralization to enable our city to have the ability to respond to crises faster. I totally agree with this point, but the question is how to ensure that when power is concentrated in someone’s hands After that, he won’t do anything worse than the pirates and Assassin?

It’s easy to know that it’s easy to concentrate power, but it will be extremely difficult if you want to spread it out. Linton City is building At the beginning, an agreement was reached with the residents here that there will never be a so-called City Lord or King!

Any unrestricted rights are dangerous!

Just like our Mage Association, although it has always held a powerful force, it also accepts the constraints of the council. You can imagine what terrifying consequences will be caused if the Mage Association loses control?

I can tell you clearly that it can destroy all resistance in Linton City in just a few days. Those so-called city defense forces and Knight regiments will all be crushed by the indomitable steel and the powerful Arcane. .”

In order to make the nobles present realize the terrifying of centralized power, Andre deliberately showed the cards hidden in the tower, and at the same time deliberately exaggerated the power directly belonging to the association.

There’s a good saying, if you want to refute a person’s argument, you don’t need to peel an onion. You just need to find the loopholes in the argument and focus your firepower to attack. Let others have doubts and fears, so that his theory will give people the illusion of being a joke from beginning to end.

For the nobles, what do they fear most?

The answer is obvious, that is, loss of rights, life safety and property cannot be guaranteed!

Andre took full advantage of this, provoking panic and anxiety among the nobles. These people may not care about temporarily centralizing their power, but it is absolutely impossible to sit and watch someone ride on the head of all the nobles. Going shit is like some powerful feudal king robbing his nobles of their territories at will.

Laureta squinted her eyes and looked at Andre with a dangerous look. It took one minute before she laughed and applauded: “hahahaha! Great! What you said is really good! Since you think centralization is a dangerous thing, what do you think about these recent crises? How can we avoid similar situations from happening?”

Seeing the opponent kick the ball back, Andre Replied calmly: “I mean, any rights that are not restricted are dangerous, but not at all says that rights cannot be centralized.

We can establish a complete supervision agency. , Or a dualistic administrative agency, which divides the power of the entire city into two parts, the internal affairs and the military, which are elected by the parliament, and then handed over to two people.

The person in charge of the military concentrates on dealing with foreign enemies, while the army’s salary and logistics are controlled by another person; similarly, the person in charge of internal affairs controls the financial power, but is not allowed to reach into the army. If he dares to violate the rules, Another person can be arrested and brought to justice.

As the Guardian of Linton City, I am responsible for supervising the normal operation of the entire organization on behalf of the Mage Association. Anyone who retreats and breaks this kind of rule will follow Become the enemy of the Association…”

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