Arcane Lord Chapter 1027

“Your Excellency, congratulations on another brilliant victory. I believe that under your leadership, the entire Linton City will soon be restored to order and regain its former glory. “A conservative nobleman stroked his chest with one hand and said with a serious compliment.

“Thank you! This is the hard work of everyone. As I mentioned before, as long as we are united, no enemy can stop us from moving forward.” Andre smiled and gave a bow.

As the voting ended, all the MPs who followed him received substantial benefits, such as tax relief, more public and military positions, etc., which can be said to be conservative From top to bottom, the municipal management system has undergone a major change. Except for Laurelta, who also bears the name of a military duke, all the remaining losers have been cleaned up.

As the leader of the entire large vested interest group, Andre will naturally be supported and loved by many members. Some people who complained about the old George betting too early, now have changed their words and praised him for his bright vision like a torch, has brought great returns to the whole faction.

The nobles are always realistic, whoever can bring them rights and benefits, they will support whose rule.

even more how Andre has no plans to rule Linton. He just divides the power and let the nobles and merchants carry out autonomy. Just like the Dutch parliament in the 17th century, he just needs to firmly grasp Living in the ocean can completely guarantee that the parliament will never escape its control.

But it’s a pity that overwhelming majority aristocrats are not at all with such a long-term strategic vision. They only know that Lord Duke of Flames does not love power and does not like to eat alone in business. The only hobby is hiding. Studying mysterious magic in the tower, so there is no reason to object.

Looking at the men and women talking and laughing at the banquet, Andre shook the head with a light smile, and exclaimed with a voice that only he could hear: “It’s really a group of guys without any sense of crisis. If you tell them that someone is planning Using the lives of 100,000 residents of this city as a sacrifice, Summon is an extremely powerful demon. It is estimated that the first thing they did was not to organize resistance, but to take their property and family and escape by boat…”

“My friend, what are you whispering here?” The old George, who was full of red light, asked when he came behind him, holding his wine glass with a smile on his face.

Although he has retired from the position of conservative leader, he still maintains a noble position, especially the vigorous expansion of the salt trade within a few months, and the guarantee and guarantee of the Sardinian pirates. Protect, his family property and strength have expanded dramatically, and he already owns ten armed merchant ships equipped with artillery.

Andre shook the head with a smile: “No, nothing, it just feels a little boring, you know I don’t like this kind of occasion, and there are too many people who come to say hello, especially those who constantly The guy who introduced me to my wife, younger sister, daughter, and even granddaughter is really nodded.”

Old George raised his glass and took a sip of red wine and laughed and teased:” hahahaha! My dear friend, you have to learn to adapt and enjoy!

After all, under your leadership, we have become the true ruler of this city, and you are the famous Duke of Flames, The only surviving member of the Blanchflower family will naturally receive the attention of countless eyes.

Think about it, how strongly those nobles desire your bloodline?

I can tell you clearly that they will even find ways to buy your maid, valet, steward, cook, gardener, and collect everything in front of your bed every day that can enable a woman to conceive.

We must know that although the Blanchflower family is not well-known and has always been called destroyers and destroyers, they are the most beloved family in the Fire Element world. Any offspring will be blessed by Prince Fire Element. If It’s not that there are no women of the right age in my family. I will definitely put some medicine in your wine and come up with an illegal child.

So be careful, you may no longer face They are fierce enemies, but a group of young, beautiful, and enchanting women. As long as you show a little heartbeat, they will immediately rush to devour you.”

After saying this, old man I touched my gray hair, his eyes filled with taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune.

As a romantic male nobleman, he knows a famous saying, if a woman pursues you, it is a sweet happiness; if two women pursue you, it will be one This kind of terrifying pain and torture, if a group of women pursue you, it will be an out-and-out war.

After listening to old George’s words, Andre shivered subconsciously. He hurriedly inspected the women in the banquet hall and found that the other person looked towards his own divine fruit, which was a bit strange.

If you have to use a simple word to describe it, he is now like the Tang monk in Journey to the West, and these women are like monsters of various ways.

“Damn! I think I’d better hide in the mage tower for a while…” Andre decisively interrupted his attention.

We must know that he is already the kind of powerful spellcaster who can calmly face death threats, but when facing a group of terrifying women, he still feels a little trembling in fear.

Old George shook the head with a smile: “Oh, no, please believe me, running away won’t solve any problems.”

Andre rolled the eyes with no anger: “Then you Say what to do? I don’t want to be annoyed by these endless women!”

“It’s very simple, get married with Chloe as soon as possible. After you get married, she will be able to stand up for you. Most of the harassment.” Old George lowered his voice and gave his own suggestions.

He is undoubtedly an expert in dealing with aristocratic issues. Otherwise, it is impossible to be elected as the leader of conservative aristocrats.

“Marriage?” Andre lifts the head glanced at Chloe who was chatting with several aristocratic Young Lady not far away.

This girl has passed her sixteenth birthday and looks slim. Whether it is a full chest or a pretty buttocks, it shows that she has reached the age to be picked.

In addition to the long-term training of the sword technique, the body is not a little fat like the ordinary aristocratic Young Lady, but full of streamlined muscles, especially the slender waist and slender thighs, enough to be intense Bring the ultimate enjoyment to men in the sports.

Old George touched the chin on the neat and tidy beard, smiling nodded: “Yes! Getting married! It is the most sensible choice for the hostess to deal with things like sending suitors. I used to Just ask Madam to send away those women who are trying to entangle themselves, otherwise the illegal child may already be able to form a squad.”

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