Arcane Lord Chapter 1029

Someone once said that the best way to approach a woman is to give her the things she desires most in her heart, such as romance, wealth, status, fame, etc. These, then this woman can basically no longer escape from your palm.

But if you approach a man, the situation will be much more complicated. Not only do you need to understand the man’s character, hobbies, and pursuits, but you also have to create a perfect encounter, otherwise once you meet some People who are more suspicious will have the opposite effect immediately.

Ramona is undoubtedly a very smart woman, so instead of contacting Andre rashly, start with the people around her.

In just two days, she successfully managed Mabel and Fiona, who were relatively simple in character, and at the same time became close friends with Chloe.

After all, the charm of the water fairy bloodline is irrelevant to men and women, as long as she is willing to make any woman fall in love with herself and give up everything for it at any time.

But Ramona didn’t do that. Her plan was to turn Andre’s fanatic Divine Soul upside down and have an intimate relationship with herself, and then to seduce Chloe to make this charming nobleman. The girl fell in love with herself and finally designed a trap to completely expose the chaotic relationship that should have been hidden in the dark.

In this way, she can not only ruin Andre’s happy private life, but also can ruin the important marriage that is about to take place, which is simply one move, two gains.

Today is the most important step of the whole plan. She will complete a well-planned encounter under the recommendation of Chloe…

“Ramona! Come and help I’ll try this dress!” Chloe, who knew nothing, carried a deep blue dress and beckoned to his confidant close friend, who was so unpredictable.

The latter immediately walked over with full of smiles, took off his clothes generously, put a long skirt on him, and asked in a seductive pose: “How do I look?”

Chloe blinked and laughed and replied: “Awesome! If I were a man, I would be fascinated by you.”

“Hehe, you are already fascinated by me now Stopped.” Ramona took two steps forward, hooked the girl’s chin, and her lover kissed the other’s lips.

In an instant!

Chloe felt a burst of intense dizziness, and the whole person there’s no resistance, slumped down, and his eyes were full of blurry colors.

No need to ask, it must be affected by the terrifying charm of the water fairy bloodline, not to mention low-level bards like her, even the archmage of rigorous schemes and deep foresight, some Sometimes they will be captured inadvertently.

According to the records in the book, once an adventurous small accident broke into the residence of the water fairy in the forest, it turned out that there were a lot of powerful mages with a professional level of more than fifteen, and they were battered and exhausted. Escaped.

Later, it became clear that their initial purpose was to study the habits and physiological characteristics of the water fairy. In the end, they fell in love with each other without exception, willing to become a loyal follower, even if they gave their lives for it. At whatever it takes.

Fortunately, most of the water goblins are not evil in nature, otherwise this adventure squad might not even have the chance to leave alive, and it will be blasted into a pile of pieces of meat by the great mages who catch up.

It can be said that water elves are the most enchanting creatures in nature. Even the beautiful creatures who are also the darlings of nature, the tree elves, are beyond the reach. As for the succubus and the demon. The class is not even worthy of shoes.

Because the charm they exude is not a spell effect, but an effect produced by pure beauty. It cannot be resisted by any magical protection. Only the truly hard-hearted people can refuse their retention…

Fixed Chloe, Ramona quickly hugged him to a chair not far away, posing as if she was taking a nap due to overwork, and she took off her long skirt to half. Silently waiting for the target to walk in from the door of the tailor shop.

Soon, ten minutes later, the door that was always hidden suddenly creaked, and a youngster holding a staff walked in from the outside.

Ramona, who had prepared in advance, let go of her hands without saying anything, let her long skirt slide down her shoulders quickly, and put her smooth and sexy back, as well as her hips and legs. She was completely naked, and pretended to lose one’s head out of fear, clutching her chest and let out a scream.


When she shouted, Andre quickly turned his head vigilantly. He just saw the beautiful scenery in front of him, turned around and explained awkwardly: “Very Sorry, ma’am, please believe me, this is a misunderstanding.”

“You…who are you?” Ramona knelt down and picked up her long skirt, blocking her naked body, shaking slightly Asked.

“I’m Chloe’s fiancé. She seems to have been in for a long time, so I plan to see if what happened.” After all, Andre shrugged helplessly.

I don’t know why, he kept playing back the scene just now in his mind. An unspeakable desire began to grow in his heart, even with his extremely powerful self-control.

“Oh, I see, you must be the one Chloe often mentions. Don’t worry, she is just a little tired, and she sits in a chair and rests for a while.”

As Ramona said, she quickly got dressed, walked barefoot to the girl’s side, pretending to be kind, and patted the table.

“Hey! Chloe, get up! Your fiance is here to pick you up!”

“en? Hmm!”

Chloe, who woke up in the dream, let out two soft snorts, quickly rubbed his eyes, cry out in surprise: “Oh-why did I fall asleep?”

Ramona smiled and helped Girl: “Hehe, dear, I guess you are too tired. Go home quickly and take a hot bath, then sleep, and continue to choose clothes tomorrow. You must know that marriage is the most important thing in a woman’s life. I can’t be anxious.”

“Well, I’ll be here today, and I’ll come tomorrow.” With that, Chloe hugged each other and turned to take Andre’s arm. After a while, the two of them left the tailor shop, took the carriage and disappeared at the end of the street.

Looking at the carriage’s fading back, Ramona’s mouth was slightly tilted, and she muttered to herself in a confident voice: “Is this the opponent of the Master? It does not look very good. I can resist my temptation to deal with it. But it’s okay. I can resist it for a while, but I can’t resist it for a lifetime. The more I suppress the desire in my heart, the more terrifying it will erupt…”

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