Arcane Lord Chapter 1030

Compared with the hustle and bustle of the day, the night in Linton City is so quiet, except for a few taverns, hotels, underground casinos, brothels and other places open 24 hours a day Most areas are in silence. People who have been tired for a day are lying in bed to rest, and some of them are also lying in bed doing physical and mental health.

As the most dangerous area in the whole city-Back Street, it has now evolved into the most prosperous gold cave at night.

Whether it’s aloof and remote nobles, rude advertisers, mercenaries, they all like to have a drink here after nightfall, enjoy the blood-filled fighting beast performance, and gamble on two. Finally find a beautiful chick for the night.

To some extent, the prosperous business model of the backstreet represents that the city is degenerating. People are looking for channels to vent, so they like this kind of drunken stupor life.

As the actual controller here, Bonnie is no longer the little character who needs to hide from Tibet, but a big boss. At least thousands of people are working on her, and More than ten times the number of people live under her control, and even the nobles of aloof and remote must show considerable respect.

But I am afraid that everyone will not imagine that this newly-rising Widowmaker, at this moment, is like a little kitty who has only been tamed, lying limp on the bed, and letting the man gallop on him. I don’t know how long it lasted. She looked exhausted and her voice became hoarse.

Obviously, this man is not someone else but Andre himself.

Because of the seductive picture flashing in his mind, he could not sleep peacefully, so he had to come to his lover to vent.

It’s okay if you don’t vent. Once the vent is completely like a flood that bursts a bank, you can’t stop it. Even Bonnie is replaced by the beautiful silhouette in the tailor shop from time to time.

After more than ten minutes, Andre’s physical strength was completely exhausted, and he stopped intense activities. He turned over and lay on the bed, breathing in fresh air, his whole body was already saturated with sweat.

As a mage, he knows that this kind of reaction is absolutely abnormal, but the problem is that there is no reason.

Beyond the excited Bonnie, he lay on the bed and kept twitching for several minutes, then struggled to sit up and asked in an incredible tone: “Oh my God! You are crazy today! I thought You want to get me to death in bed. Can you tell me what makes you so excited?”

“Sorry, I haven’t figured out the situation so far, just keep coming up in my mind The naked body of a woman is like a charm spell, unable to rest or fall asleep.” Andre smiled wryly and rubbed his forehead replied.

“Woman?” Bonnie frowned immediately. “What woman? Is she beautiful?”

Well, when a woman encounters this kind of problem, the first reaction is always whether the other party is more beautiful than herself, and then she starts to analyze the How great is the probability of magic charm.

Andre took a deep breath, shook his head helplessly and explained: “I don’t know! I even remember not quite clear her appearance now, I only know that she is a new tailor shop Boss in the city, it seems I have maintained close relationships with many ladies and Young Lady.”

Hearing these words, Bonnie opened his eyes and gasped, “You said you don’t remember her Looks, but I want to sleep with her?”

“Yes, I know this is weird, but I checked it with spell and there is no sign of being affected. See the staff over there Already? It can shield all mental, emotional, and probing spells. Even if someone exerts similar influence on me, as long as I hold it, I will immediately wake up. So I can be 100% sure that this is definitely not the effect of spell.”

Andre scratched his hair angrily, irritability and anxiety appeared on his face.

To be honest, since he became a mage, this is the first time he has encountered such a strange situation, and he even has the idea of ​​killing the opponent.

Bonnie also realized that there was something wrong with his lover, and quickly suggested: “Would you like me to help you investigate this woman and see what her background is?”

“Are you sure your people can handle this situation?” Andre asked suspiciously.

“Of course! I have recruited a lot of special talents during this time.” As he said, Bonnie smiled slightly and shouted at the door: “Raymonds! Come in!”

In just a few seconds, a man wearing a white shirt walked in from the outside and bowed deeply with one hand on his chest: “Boss, you call me?”

Bonnie without the slightest hesitation’s nodded: “That’s right! I have a task for you now to monitor the newly opened tailor shop in the city, Boss. Be careful, that woman seems to have a very special ability.”

“Hehe, you can rest assured that no woman can have any influence on me, no matter how beautiful she is.” Raymonds’ lips curled up slightly, and a trace of contempt appeared in his eyes.

Andre noticed that the other person’s looks seem a little strange, especially on the chin, there is no thick beard or beard of most men at all, and the way of speaking is somewhat feminine.

In order to confirm this, he suddenly probed: “Raimons, have you been castrated there?”

“Oh? Do you also know about castration?” He raised his eyebrows in surprise, but there was no sign of anger.

“I have heard a little bit, but I have never seen it.” Andre answered ambiguously.

Obviously, he guessed it right. The man in front of him with a little weird behavior and words is actually a castrated person, and he was castrated very early, so the male hormones stopped secreting long ago. There are no physical needs or desires at all.

Raymons smiled and pointed to himself: “hahahaha! You have seen it now. I am the court waiter from the Gutak Kingdom east of the continent. I am responsible for helping the king manage the huge harem. To prevent someone from tampering with his own women, the king will buy some younger boys every year, and then castrate them and send them to designated places for training. I am one of them.”

Andre looking thoughtful nodded, and then asked: “Then why did you appear in the south? As far as I know, the Gutak Kingdom is at least tens of thousands of kilometers away from here. I am afraid that an ordinary person will die on the road less than halfway, right?”

“Magic, I escaped here through the power of magic. As for the specific reason, please forgive me for not being easy to disclose. But please rest assured, if you want to monitor a charming woman, I am the most Good candidate, because no matter how beautiful and charming she is, she can’t compare with a few Silver Coins in my eyes. How, can you rest assured that you can let me perform this mission now?”

With Ramones waving his arms, he performed an exaggerated court etiquette, and the whole action was so smooth that people couldn’t find the slightest fault…

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