Arcane Lord Chapter 1031

Ramons is undoubtedly a qualified intelligence officer, especially the court of the Gutak Kingdom where he once served. There is a bloody tradition that has been preserved since ancient times, that is, if the current king If you accidentally die by accident, the remaining Princes will start to kill each other and decide a final winner to inherit the throne, and the rest will be killed regardless of whether they get involved or not.

The only thing that can survive is Princess, because they are important marriage tools, used to reward meritorious officials, or to appease neighboring countries that begin to stir.

It is precisely because of this morbid system that every Prince has to fight hard for survival since he was just sensible. They will constantly try to win over the nobles, waiters, and maids around them. Use all available resources to fight against competitors and ensure that you can stand out and become the sole heir to the throne.

Similarly, waiters will join a certain Prince’s camp for survival and rights, give advice to him, and contact outside loyalists.

In such an environment, every surviving waiter has become an out-and-out intelligence expert and a master of conspiracy planning. Any dialogue or action that an ordinary person feels indifferent is in their eyes. There is a lot of useful information revealed.

As one of the well-known figures, Ramona only glanced at Ramona from a distance, and immediately realized that this woman was absolutely abnormal.

Be aware that he has seen countless beauties in the court of the Gutak Kingdom. Among them are elves, half-elves, hybrid Heaven Realm creatures, hybrid lower plane creatures, etc., but there has never been one like Ra Mona is like this, giving people a strong attraction of heart palpitations, restlessness, and trance. Even he, who has no desire for men and women, can’t help but produce some kind of strange impulse.

“How, did you find anything?” Andre asked while sitting in the carriage and flipping through the spell book.

After intense venting yesterday, he is much calmer at the moment and can already control his emotions.

Ramons, who was dressed as a coachman, laughed and replied in a low voice: “Of course, my lord, although I don’t quite clear her origins, she has obviously received some special training from the behavior and behavior. , Especially when someone approached, she would subconsciously put one of her hands behind her, which is not a tailor-shop boss’ response.”

Andre’s mouth was slightly tilted, his face A hint of playfulness emerged: “So, she carefully arranged the unexpected encounter yesterday? To seduce me?”

“Yes! Think about it, a woman is changing clothes, you just pushed away The door walked in, and her skirt just slipped down. What is the probability of such a coincidence? The first thing I learned in the court of the Gutak Kingdom is that once there is a coincidence around me, someone must be there. What is the planner behind it.”

Speaking, Ramones put down the dainty and delicate monoculars in his hands, and there was a hint of excitement in his eyes.

That’s right!

Just excitement!

Spiders like him, who are used to weaving webs in dark corners, will always be impossible to adapt to a normal life. His sick heart is eager to watch the prey crash into the web he has woven and struggle. , And finally entangled with silk threads, it becomes delicious food.

The more dangerous the prey, the more excited and happy he will be, and the more satisfaction he will gain after success.

Andre is keenly aware of this, and he lifts his chin nodded with a smile: “If I guess correctly, you already have a way to deal with her, right?”

Ramones licked his lips: “hehe! Yes, I plan to start with surveillance and see her everyday all contact with who, but this still requires your cooperation. In the last few days, you’d better be more diligent , I believe it will not be long before she will contact the people behind her.”

“And then kill them all at once?”

“no! Of course not! The intelligence network that destroys the enemy is The most rude and stupid approach, we must seize it, use it, and let it be used by us. A false information at a critical moment can pave the way to victory for you.”

After all, Ramones stared at two pale blue eyes, and the whole person showed strong self-confidence, like an artist about to conduct a band.

The espionage war, to put it bluntly, is an intelligence war, a hidden contest between the two sides in order to obtain useful information.

On the relatively primordial land of Olaer continent, most spies still stay on the basis of spying on intelligence, assassinating, buying enemies, and inciting rebellion. Very few people can understand that in fact, many times it is completely possible. In turn, the enemy’s spies were used to spread some false news, allowing the opponent to make a wrong prediction.

However, this kind of difficult game cannot be played by anyone. At least so far, Andre has not found such a talent.

But at this moment, Ramones has shown this innate talent, so he is a little uncertain whether to give the opponent a chance or to wipe out this dangerous element from the body to the soul as soon as possible.

After being silent for five minutes, Andre closed the magic book in his hand and asked in a voiceless voice: “Tell me, Ramones, what do you desire?



Or status?

With your cleverness, you should understand that I will not arbitrarily give power to an unknown source People.

If I decide to reuse someone, I must first understand what he wants from me and whether I can satisfy his wishes.

Especially like intelligence systems Sensitive things, I must ensure that the people who master it are 100% loyal, otherwise, once a betrayal occurs, the harm caused is far more serious than being directly attacked by the enemy.”

The hat was placed on his chest and bowed deeply: “My lord, have you heard of rain spiders?

That is a very strange creature, because it often rains where they live, Therefore, the spider web will be ruthless every three to five.

But this kind of small animal does not at all give up, and still repairs the web again and again, because they know that if there is no web, they will Being starved to death, or becoming a hunting target for other animals.

Although it’s a bit sad to say that, I am a rain spider. After I started contacting this dark world at the age of twelve, There is no retreat.

Netting is the only way for me to live. As long as you are willing to trust me, then I will weave a net to stop all enemies from the dark for you, no matter what the net is How many times I destroy it, I will repair it again.

Of course, if you can arrange a warm home for me, then I will be more grateful to you and work harder to repay this kindness.”

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