Arcane Lord Chapter 1032

When talking with smart people, smart people rarely negotiate terms directly. They tend to test each other first and use various metaphors to express their attitudes.

Obviously, the subtext of what Ramones said just now is to want the right to deal with all emergencies on his own. In return, he will solve all attacks from Dark World, or the enemy’s spy.

After thinking about it for a few minutes, Andre felt that he should try it anyway, so he took out a low-level storage ring he personally made not long ago from his pocket and gently placed it in the palm of the opponent.

“Take it, there are two Level 3 magics stored inside it-Fireball, which should be enough to help you complete this mission. Now to prove your ability, as long as the performance satisfies me, I will Give you everything you want.”

“As you wish, my lord. Finally, do you have any special needs for that woman? For example, destroy her spirit and let She has become your slave completely? You must know that in the court of the Gutak Kingdom, many Princes have gradually developed many unknown hobbies due to long-term mental depression, and I am helping them to satisfy their hobbies.”

As Ramones spoke, he quickly put the ring on the index finger of his left hand, with a cruel smile on his face.

If Paladin or the priest releases the detection camp at this moment, he must be exuding extremely evil and twisted black red.

Andre smiled and waved his hand: “Haha, no, no, thank you for your kindness, just follow the normal way. Just to remind you, I’m playing with a dangerous enemy recently It’s a dangerous game, so you’d better be careful, otherwise I don’t guarantee that he will directly trouble you, understand?”

Danger is a problem that every espionage worker must face. Some people collapsed under tremendous pressure, while others fell into chaos and madness that cannot be described in words. Only a few elites can withstand the pressure and process each piece of information in an orderly manner and send it to the designated person. On hand.

You don’t need to ask to know that Ramones must be the last one.

When he heard the word danger, instead of being nervous or afraid, he gave out a series of chuckles: “hahahaha! My lord, I have understood what I am doing since I was twelve years old. I have experienced various methods including poisoning, assassination, threats, bribery, torture, etc., so please don’t worry, I have enough experience to handle all of this.”

“Very good! Then I will look forward to your performance first. Here is the funding for two thousand Gold Coin activities. If it is not enough, come to me and ask. Remember, I don’t care what means you use, as long as the truth and results, if you let me Disappointed, then I promise that the consequences are definitely more terrifying than any of the punishments you have known.”

After saying these few words, Andre put up a finger, a little bit of negative energy, and then Taped lightly on the opponent’s arm.

In an instant!

Raymons felt the cold from the heart dominates his body, he seemed to fall into an ice cellar, shaking uncontrollably, and his heartbeat slowed down a lot.

Although he has an awe-inspiring brain and rich spy experience, his physical fitness is only a little better than that of ordinary people, which is not enough to resist the invasion of supernatural forces.

Fortunately, Andre not at all intends to kill it. After the negative energy circulates in the body, it completely disappeared without a trace. If the skin at the contact point is a little black, Ramones You might even mistakenly think that everything just now is just an illusion.

The power of magic is always worthy of awe, both for the enemy and for his own people…

After confirming that Ramones keeps this threat in his heart, Andre pushed the car door, walked into the tailor shop, and started talking and laughing with Ramona, pretending to be extremely enjoyable.

Of course, in fact, there is no need to pretend too much. After all, this woman exudes amazing charm all over her body, and any physiologically normal man will not refuse to talk to her.

The only difference is that some men think about how to get it into bed in the process, while Andre thinks about how to dig out the hidden forces, and then send Ramona to another world.

As a cautious mage, he will not let a woman who can interfere with or even affect the normal functioning of her brain live for too long.

As for Chloe who is a bit naive, I don’t know that my fiance and her close friend are having a life and death contest…

At the same time, far away in the border forest Deep down, Laureta Bottons stood on the mountainside, watching the monster army that couldn’t see the end, with a faint smile on his face.

“Yes! More orderly than I thought, almost barely called an army. Tell me, if I issue an attack order now, how long will it take you to get them to appear in Linton Below the city wall of the city?”

Half-orc Skye touched the chin for a few seconds before replied: “At least half a month! This is still on the premise that the offense is smooth. As far as I know , Your opponent has stationed a considerable number of troops near the Glory Land and Earl Carl’s territory. Using conventional means, it is difficult to quickly conquer it in a short time.”

“half a month Is it…”

Lauretta’s mouth was slightly raised, her eyes flickered, and after one minute, she smiled and said to herself: “Interesting, it seems that he really does A lot of preparation work. It’s okay. I like challenging challenges.”

“Master, are you going to let me start the attack?” Skye asked giant axe, stroking his hands behind his back.

Laureta lightly nodded: “Yes, my opponent has been a bit too leisurely recently. I have to find something for him, otherwise the layout of Linton City will not take long. I was aware that, especially the large-scale magic ceremony, once it was destroyed, it would be difficult to repair it.”

“Understood! After three days I will leave the camp and head south, at most You can appear on the edge of the human world in five days, bringing them killing, death and fear!” Skye slapped his chest hard, and his ugly face showed a grinning smile.

“Let’s do it, I will use the blood, life and soul of these innocent people to open the door to Bottomless Abyss and see what kind of methods those aloof and remote gods will use. Come to save their churches and believers. hahahahaha!” At the end, Lauretta let out a frantic laugh, he was like a schizophrenic patient, he was very sane the first second. In the next second, he becomes a lunatic who destroys the world.

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