Arcane Lord Chapter 1033

Anyone with a bit of military knowledge knows that large-scale military operations cannot be concealed at all. The only thing that can be done is to make smoke bombs so that the other party can’t figure out the direction of their attack. That’s it. .

Of course, if there is only one offensive direction, then even this point can be omitted, just push it straight.

With Laurelta’s authorization, the half-orc warrior Skye quickly issued a marching order. Tens of thousands of monsters began to grandiose out of the border forest and march towards the fringe of human civilization. In less than three days, the goblins and hobgoblins responsible for the vanguard had captured the territories of several inland nobles.

They not only ransacked all the food, but also forcibly organized the prisoners together. The men were responsible for the cruel and heavy physical labor, such as building camps and making siege weapons. Women and children were responsible for doing it. Fan, as for those beautiful women, the end is even more miserable, being gang-raped by the smelly hobgoblins all day long. Life is better than death.

In the face of absolute numbers, any resistance is futile. Many nobles who tried to rely on the castle to defend, almost did not hold on for several hours, they were forcibly dragged down by countless goblins. .

Even the mighty Knight can’t maintain high-intensity combat continuously, so it makes sense to be exhausted in the end.

Suddenly, everyone in the surrounding area of ​​Linton City realized that another terrifying monster invasion had begun. They called for friends and tried to unite and form a coalition army to drive the other side. Go back to the forest, just like you did before.

However, it is a pity that Skye is not a brainless idiot. He has lived in the human world for more than ten years and understands what to do to ensure that his army is unimpeded and quickly swept the entire southern region.

Before the army was launched, there were hundreds of hunting squads lurking in various traffic arteries. Almost all contacted messengers were intercepted and killed, not only failed to deliver the message. Going out instead allows the enemy to obtain a lot of useful information.

Using the letters exchanged by these nobles, the monsters quickly concentrated their military advantage and focused on several more threatening targets. In less than two days, they were pulled up by the roots.

Lost a powerful organization of people, the remaining aristocrats quickly fought each other like a dish of scattered sand. In front of the endless monsters, their little bit of tentatively was regarded as an act of resistance. Except for courting death, There is no use anymore.

Some bad luck eggs, even when I wake up, I find that my strong fortress has been dug out several tunnels by the kobolds. With these tunnels, the enemy continuously floods in and slaughters the guards.

Efficient sweeping and plundering accelerated the expansion of Skye’s army. Compared with just leaving the forest, his monsters are now all well-equipped, and there are more than 400,000 Coolies and cannon fodder are available for use. At critical moments, these poor humans can be issued a weapon to let them attack the city wall, fill in the moat or trench.

Seeing that the situation is complete, the cunning half-orc commander laughed hideously and said to a cronie behind him: “Grus! How are your people preparing?”

The half-orc called Grus beats his chest hard, in a low, muffled voice’s answer: “Hungry and thirsty! My king! As long as you give an order! I can capture any target for you immediately ! You know that the hill giants are very good at throwing rocks. In just ten minutes, they can smash any city wall!”

“Very good! Now I give you one hundred thousand human slaves! Let them go to conquer Count Carl’s territory! Remember! Move quickly! I don’t want any news from the other party, understand?” Skye asked loudly, staring fiercely.

“Understood! In a day you will see them lying on the ruins and wailing in pain!” After that, a cruel smile appeared on Grus’s ugly face.

Due to the influence of the orc bloodline, the semi-orc within the body also has a strong tyrannical factor, coupled with the most recently killing, plundering and rape, making them completely incarnation a very positive wild beast. It is full of bloodthirsty desires.


March, especially the rapid march, no matter in any age or place, it is not an easy task.

Especially as a slave who can only eat one meal of pig food a day, the situation is even more miserable. In just 30 kilometers, hundreds of people fainted on the roadside. When the wild beast is eaten, it is swarmed by hungry gnolls and ogre, torn into pieces and swallowed.

Panic and despair permeated the captured crowd. Some people even began to think of suicide, eager to end the nightmare with death.

Just when the grandiose slaves reached their limit, the bloodthirsty and cold Grus finally gave the order to rest, and at the same time sent his men to surround the castle not far in front.

Obviously, he is not in a hurry to attack, but intends to wait for the night to take advantage of the cover of night to conquer the castle.

After all, compared with humans, monsters have a natural advantage in vision. Even the lowest goblins have a slight night vision ability. They only need a little moonlight to see clearly.

What about humans?

Let’s not talk about those militiamen who are seriously inadequate due to vitamin intake, even many professional soldiers have night blindness.

“Damn! I think we are in big trouble!” Necromancer Mante whispered, standing at the top of the castle.

Since he learned that he was staying to stop an army of monsters, he has made enough preparations, including the castle all around, the newly erected wooden arrow tower, and the hot kerosene. In order to meet the positive impact.

But what made him absolutely didn’t expect is that even the IQ underground monsters have learned to use tactics these years. Once the opponent chooses to attack at night, the formidable power of the arrow tower will undoubtedly drop a lot.

Yvette squinted his eyes and looked at the enemy who was camping, said with a cold laugh: “Don’t worry, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a day or night attack. I will use this castle to let it go. Their blood!”

Hearing this sentence of send cold shivers down one’s spine, Mante instantly slapped a clever voice and asked in a slightly fearful tone: “Bloodletting? Are you planning to turn this place into a spine? Flesh grind? I have to remind you that most ordinary persons have limited mental endurance. Once they exceed a certain limit, they will burst out instantly. Don’t think you can always use fear to dominate those poor soldiers.”

“hmph! Don’t worry, I believe those idiots are more afraid of me than monsters. They will obey orders, even in the face of death.” After that, Yvette stopped paying attention to Necromancer and turned and disappeared. In the dim corridor…

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