Arcane Lord Chapter 1034

Andre, far away in Linton City, didn’t know that a terrifying army of monsters had already begun to approach. At this moment, he was lying on a chair, listening to Ramones’ report.

“My lord, based on my observations these days, I can basically conclude that this woman named Ramona is deliberately approaching you. Please see that this is a list of people she has contacted since she appeared, almost All of them maintain a certain degree of intimacy with you. In my experience, she is no longer a secret operation, but a just and honourable seduction.”

“That’s it?” Andre asked, crossing his hands on his chest.

Undoubtedly, this piece of news can’t satisfy his appetite at all. What he wants is the secret mastermind that controls Ramona. If the guy in front of him is only this way, then he doesn’t mind. Let the other party roll back from where.

Raymons also noticed this, and shook the head with a smile calmly: “No, of course not. Even the smarter Hooligan can handle this kind of low-end information. , I’m more advanced than them, so I can naturally get more information. Please take a look at this…”

I saw him take out three identical silver white and transparent pieces from his back pocket. Silk underwear, from the delicate and seductive pattern, it can be vaguely judged that its owner must be a beautiful lady.

After all, although Olaer continent has long been developed to help men and women increase their attractiveness to each other, the price of each piece is quite expensive due to restrictions on materials and craftsmanship. Ordinary persons are absolutely impossible to buy. Affordable.

Of course, as an already wealthy country, Andre can often enjoy the happiness that his lover and fiancee bring to himself after wearing them.

But he didn’t quite understand, why did this “Rain Spider” take out three pairs of women’s erotic underwear?

Is there any connection among them?

Noting the doubts in Andre’s eyes, Ramones used his fingertips to pick up one of them and explained: “My lord, please note that this one was found in the cottage where Duke Georgie was killed. According to the guard’s description, she belonged to a charming lady.”

Following him, he provoked another one: “This one was found under the bed on the second floor of the residence of the Duke of Alexander. It also belongs to A charming lady.”

Putting down the two panties, he picked up the last one: “I stole this from the bedroom of the beautiful tailor shop Boss.”

“What?! You actually sneaked into her bedroom and stole a change of underwear?!” Andre was stunned, unable to believe what he heard.

Rao is because he has a strong psychological quality, but he is still not lightly thundered. You must know that on Earth, this is definitely an out-and-out abnormal behavior. He has to be hung on a flagpole for three days!

“no! No! No! Please don’t get me wrong, all of this is related.” Raymonds also found that his tone of voice seemed to be prone to ambiguity, and hurried to explain.

Andre’s mouth twitched slightly, said solemnly: “I’m listening! But please hurry up, my patience is almost at its limit!”

Raemons laughed embarrassingly , Put the three pairs of underwear on the table, and said in a very proud tone: “I am a palace envoy who has received special training since I was a child. I can clearly distinguish different tastes with my nose, especially the taste of women.

Perhaps you are not quite clear. In fact, women’s body fluids are just like their faces, skin colors, and pupils. They are all things that can be used to identify their identity, and they cannot be forged by any means. Therefore, Gutak The royal court often uses this method to identify women and prevent spies from infiltrating.

I carefully sniffed the body odor on these shorts and found that they taste exactly the same, all from the same woman , I believe you should understand what it means.”

“You mean that the female boss of the tailor shop was the murderer who assassinated the two dukes?!” Andre flashed a cold in his eyes. light.

Obviously, if this inference is correct, then Ramona is under Lauretta.

Whenever he thinks that the enemy has such a trump card that can easily affect the minds of others, a strong killing intent surges in his heart.

“Yes! In order to confirm this, I also specially checked the hair on the death scene of the two dukes. Among them, Duke Georgie likes to play some special tricks, so I collected a lot at the end of the whip. I even made a special comparison and found that there is almost no difference between the two in terms of color, thickness, or brightness.”

After all, Ramones handed out two handfuls of weird fur on the table. I made a gesture to enjoy watching.

Andre is never the kind of person who believes and so on what others say, so without the slightest hesitation opens the eyes of arcane!

In an instant!

Countless golden rings are spinning rapidly in the pupil, and after just a few seconds, the detailed information of the two strands of hair will appear on the retina.

“Hair of the Half-Blood Water Fairy: With incredible magic power, it is the best material for making potion of ecstasy. Just a few pieces can make a person who has never been masked fall in love with you, even for you. Death.”

As the ultimate creation of ancient magical civilization, the terrifying power of Arcane’s Eye is naturally not something that an ordinary person like Ramones can bear. From the moment the golden circle starts to rotate, he Kneeling on the ground with a plop, shivering coldly all over, feeling like a boat swaying in a rainstorm, and may die without a burial site at any time.

Fortunately, Andre didn’t last too long. He returned to normal after half a minute. He sneered and said to himself: “Interesting, Laureta Bottons, my dear opponent, really didn’t Expect that you still have such a hole card, a mixed-blood water fairy, which is quite worthy of research. Since you are so generous to send it to the door, then I will accept it unceremoniously.”

arcane After hiding his eyes, Ramones immediately felt that the terrifying pressure disappeared. He quickly got up from the ground, wiped the sweat from his forehead, cautiously asked, “My lord, what do you need me to do? It is to deal with that woman directly. If you drop it, or do you seize it in secret?”

“Grab it, I want to live. Water sprites are quite rare magical creatures. Although the hybrids are a bit worse, they can provide a lot of useful materials, especially It is the skin on her body. If it is completely peeled off and made into a cloak, it will instantly turn an ugly monster into a beloved heartthrob.”

When facing enemies, Andre never cares about the identity of the other person, whether it is a woman or a child, there will never be any excess tendency to clemency.

“As you wish, I promise that after midnight today, she will appear in the secret dungeon of the Backstreet Guild.” Ramones bowed with one hand on his chest, and disappeared into the darkness. Among…

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