Arcane Lord Chapter 1036

Because of the small dose of anesthetic poison injected, about an hour and a half later, Ramona began to convulse slightly, sweating heavily all over her body, and slowly waking up.

But when she realized that she was being tied up, and her eyes and mouth were sealed, she immediately struggled fiercely and made a wu wu voice, as if she wanted to say something.

“Go, take the wooden ball from this beautiful lady’s mouth, I want to hear her explanation.” Andre was instructed at Ramones.

The latter hurriedly walked over, untied his belt, took off the saliva-stained wooden ball, and stood silently within one meter behind him. As long as the opponent behaves abnormally, he can instantly put the poison The steel needle pierced the neck.

“Who are you? Why did you kidnap me?” Ramona’s first sentence was an angry question.

But it’s no wonder that she has become accustomed to the benefits of amazing charm. No matter where she goes, there are a group of suitors. Let alone kidnapping, she hasn’t encountered face-to-face confrontations for many years. , Now that he is treated so rudely, it’s not strange if he is not angry.

Andre smiled and made a gesture, motioned for punishment first, suppressing the other’s arrogant attitude, at least to let her understand how difficult her situation is.

The corners of Ramona’s mouth were slightly tilted, and a trace of cruelty appeared on his face. He took a steel needle from the table and pierced it directly into the nail. The severe pain instantly let Ramona endure I couldn’t help but let out a scream.


She might not even dream of it. Someone in the world will have the heart to hurt herself.

Looking at the dark red blood drops slowly dripping down the steel needle, Andre said: “Madam, I hope you better give up all your illusions, and answer my question obediently and honestly. If you do, I can make you suffer less, after all, I don’t want to leave too many ugly scars on your beautiful body.”

“You…you…you are Andre?!” Ramona finally heard Andre’s voice and yelled out.

“Hehe, you are sharp and smart, but you don’t know how to act in a low-key manner. You know? In fact, I didn’t at all doubt you when I first started, maybe you are slow One point, if you don’t deliberately create some holes full of coincidences, I might really become your captive. But unfortunately, your believe oneself infallible ruined everything.”

Andre never thought about it. To hide the identity, admit it openly, and ruthless pointed out the mistakes made by the other party.

Undoubtedly, he really enjoys the appearance of the enemy lose one’s head out of fear, because it will bring a sense of satisfaction that cannot be described in words, just like a sentence describes it, fighting with people The joy is endless.

Strong fighting spirit is the driving force of a person’s continuous progress. Only those special individuals who desire to surpass their opponents and surpass themselves are qualified to stand at the apex of the pyramid.

Now, Andre can finally understand why Laureta Bottons is so eager to have an evenly matched opponent. Only in a hearty competition can one inspire oneself within the body All potential.

Ramona deliberately pretended to look like lose one’s head out of fear, yelled: “You…what are you talking about? Why don’t I understand! Let me go! I’m just a Poor tailor shop Boss! You must have caught the wrong person! Where’s Chloe? I want to see her!”

Seeing the other party Won’t shed tears till you have seen your coffin, Andre couldn’t help but shook with a smile the head: “Okay, madam, please don’t pretend, do you think I will catch you without evidence? No, my dear Rain Spider has found out that you killed Duke Georgie and Duke Alexander Murderer, so I would like to ask you to cooperate and tell me all about Laureta’s plan. This will be good for you and me, what do you think?”

“hahahaha! You actually want me Betray your master? Dream! If you want to use torture, you can try!”

Finding that her identity was completely dismantled, Ramona completely tore off her disguise, showing a very aggressive personality.

From her fanatical tone, Andre realized in an instant that it would be quite difficult to pry the other person’s mouth open.

Raymons took off his blindfold and sneered curl one’s lip, and suggested in a deep voice: “My lord, since this lady is so uncooperative, I personally think that I don’t have to be polite.”

“Oh? Is there any way you can do it? Let’s listen?” Andre, knowing that this is a technique to threaten prisoners, asked deliberately.

“It’s very simple. For a beautiful woman, she cares about two things.

The first point is beauty, we can choose to put on this lady’s face 、Leave some irreparable injuries on the body, or permanent disability.

The second point is rape. The guild has the largest brothel in Linton City. We can find her a hundred The ugliest and most disgusting guest came to a fierce hand-to-hand fight under the public. Think about it, if the host in her mouth saw this picture, how would he react?”

Ramones spoke at a moderate pace and said something that people have one’s hair stand on end.

Just like the nickname he gave himself, he is simply a vicious spider, just one bite is deadly.

Although Andre had heard that Court Eunuch was a group of psychopaths in his last life, but at this moment, he found that this description is still too conservative. What is the abnormality, it is simply crazy.

But in order to achieve the best intimidation effect, Andre is still nodded pretending to be excited: “Yes, great advice, especially the second one. I think I can invite his host to visit. Believe that when the time comes, it must be very interesting.”

“I will prepare immediately. Please give me two or three hours of preparation time. I promise to make this matter beautiful.” said After Ramones bowed deeply with one hand on his chest, he turned and disappeared at the end of the dungeon.

Ramona bit her lower lip, her arms trembled violently, her eyes revealed anger, despair and fear, but she still had no plans to speak.

Obviously, the intimidation worked, but it was not enough to offset that fanatical loyalty.

After discovering this, Andre frowned slightly and asked coldly: “Madam, this is your last chance, don’t you plan to say something?”


Ramona’s answer was just a spit.

“Well, it seems that you protect Laureta and would rather sacrifice yourself. It doesn’t matter, I will fulfill you, and two or three will disappear. He will appreciate your sacrifice with me, I just I hope this is worth it.”

With this sentence, Andre ignored the prisoners in the dungeon and walked straight to the stairs leading to the upper floor…

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