Arcane Lord Chapter 1037

“Are you really planning to let a hundred ugly men rape that woman in a crowd?” Seeing Andre coming up from the dungeon, Bonnie hurriedly asked.

Through the peephole hidden in the room, she sees everything happening below in her eyes, a little uncertain whether this is a threat or a fact that is about to happen.

Raymons sneered and replied: “Boss, the other party not at all gives the adults the choice. If we don’t take action, then she will completely believe that we are weak and can be deceived, and then we will get worse. So even if it is to maintain deterrence, we must do what we just said.”

Andre agreed with nodded: “Yes, at this time there is no room for hesitation. Go and prepare. I personally invite Laureta, even if you can’t get useful information, it’s good to test his attitude and response.”

“As you wish, my lord, I will put everything in place in two hours at most. It’s proper.” With that, Ramones bowed with one hand on his chest and quickly left the guild headquarters.

Looking at his thin back, Scary lowered his voice and reminded: “Your Excellency, are you sure that this will not anger Duke Laureta? If the truth about him is so dangerous as you describe, should we? Be cautious?”

“No, it’s not necessary. My strength in the city is much stronger than him. If he is provoked and chooses to turn his face on the spot, then I can just launch a counterattack, and I will suffer by then. It must be him, not me. In addition, Laureta really doesn’t even have this endurance, and he is not worthy of being my enemy.”

Andre doesn’t worry about his opponent’s sudden surge, he What I worry about is the magic array hidden in some corners of Linton City.

To know that summon is a big demon, usually a lot of preparations are needed, including enough sacrifices, strong enough to temporarily tear the barriers of the material world, and finally force the devil to obey his will The complex summon and imprisonment ceremony.

According to the record in the Book of Devil, if summon is a lowest coward, it takes about ten minutes to get everything ready.

But if the summon is a succubus or a succubus, it will take at least a few hours to a day or so. Otherwise, once a step goes wrong, the demon who regained freedom will immediately rush out and kill summon.

As for summon, a lord comparable to a god or a sub-lord, there is not a few years to prepare for the impossible.

This also means that Laurelta has actually completed most of the preparations in some parts of Linton City, only an appropriate time is missing, and the current confrontation is not enough. It’s just delaying time and diverting attention.

Andre must find these locations one by one and destroy them before the ceremony is launched, otherwise, if the big devil comes out by summon, it will be too late, and even killing Lauletta will not help.

The entire Linton City will be reduced to ashes under its frenzied and tyrannical power. Perhaps more than half of the southern region will experience an unprecedented catastrophe.

To a certain extent, the focus of the confrontation between the two lies in the summon ceremony. Whoever can complete his plan first will win the game. The rest is cheating or not. No matter the killing, all are temptations.

Although Bonnie was a bit opposed to the extremely despicable means of gang violence, she still reluctantly agreed to let her subordinates cooperate under Andre’s strong insistence.

In just forty minutes, a hundred men with ugly, ugly, and handicapped faces were forcibly gathered. After a simple grooming, they got a supper that could be described as luxurious. , Then was placed in a warehouse on the back street, waiting to be summoned.

Apart from this, in order to better provoke Lauretta, Andre also asked Scarlet to come out in person and send invitations to some nobles who frequented him, saying that there would be an extraordinary performance soon. Ensuring excitement.

In this way, around midnight, many carriages with the coat of arms of the nobility stopped at the door of the largest brothel, the “flaming red lips”.

Laureta, dressed in costume, walked down from the carriage, squinted her eyes and scanned the surroundings, pursing the corners of her mouth and muttering to herself: “Interesting, actually invited me to this place…”


“Your Excellency, please follow me.” A waiter who had been waiting next to him took two steps forward and made a please gesture.

“Lead the way!”

Laureta followed him through the dimly lit corridor with a playful smile on his face, and came to a secret room on the second floor.

Pushing open the door, he saw Andre sitting in a chair leisurely eating fruit at a glance, and immediately greeted him: “Aha! Good evening, my friend, I thought I would spend my whole life It’s impossible to get your invitation. Didn’t expect, you invited me while we were having fun.”

“Hehe, please sit down, I just learned that tonight There is a good show here, so I specially invite you to come and see it.” Andre smiled and pointed to the chair beside him, motioning him to sit down.

“Oh? What show would interest a hard-hearted person like you?” Laureta asked rhetorically, while sitting down, picked up an apple and ate it.

“Don’t worry, I need to keep a sense of mystery, you can appreciate it right away.” Then Andre gently patted his hand.

In the original lively hall, suddenly quieted down, a woman in a sexy dress stepped up from the backstage, gracefully gave a salute: “Ladies! Gentlemen! I’m glad you can admire it. Coming to Flame Lips! Tonight! I specially prepared a wonderful performance! Don’t talk nonsense! Let’s invite a beautiful heroine to appear!”

“Dudududududu! “

With a burst of sweet trombone humming, Ramona, who was tied up on the cross all over her body, was pushed up. She was obviously poured a lot of aphrodisiac potions, and the skin all over her body showed Alluring pink.

“Oh! Oh! Oh! She is so beautiful!” An infamous sex ghost among the nobles subconsciously licked his lips, and greedy rays of light burst into his eyes.

Another sixteen-seventeen-year-old youngster also swallowed and cry out in surprise in a low voice: “Oh my God! Where did they get the top grade? As long as you can spend the night with her , I am willing to spend a thousand gold coins!”

Just when the nobles and wealthy businessmen began to commotion, the woman in charge smiled and raised her arm to signal everyone to be quiet, and then pointed towards the back of the stage. : “Next, please have the heroes tonight!”

In an instant!

A large group of ugly, wretched, and disabled men walked onto the stage naked. Many of them were a little at a loss and didn’t understand what they should do…

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