Arcane Lord Chapter 1038

Seeing that the male and female protagonists are already in place, the host took out a parchment and began to read aloud: “In remote ancient times, there was a beautiful witch with a vicious heart. She used The evil spell killed all the women in the surrounding villages, and also turned the men into ugly appearances. Finally one day, the evil witch was defeated, and the men decided to use the most cruel ones: A Tooth For A Tooth and Blood For Blood Retaliate in the same way!”

After reading the set plot, the host fiercely kicked the stagnant men and sternly urged: “Idiot! Go and do what you should do. !”

The ugly men who have always been at the bottom of society and have been oppressed and insulted for a long time were so scared that they shivered, and hurriedly approached Ramona cautiously, and gently touched each other with their trembling hands. Skin.

They can’t believe that a woman who is radiant with beauty like this will become the target of their desire to vent today.

Of course, not only did they not believe it, but even the audience sitting in the audience could not believe their ears.

For a while, many people were dumbfounded, while some others had their eyes shining brightly, showing strong expectations.

After all, in the eyes of some veterans, ordinary performances can no longer satisfy their increasingly extreme desires. Only some heavy tastes can provoke their dull excitement.

In fact, adhering to the concept of light service industry on Earth, the flame red lip has surpassed most of the brothels on Olaer continent. It not only provides various services such as role-playing, singing and dancing, and group parties, but also Special bards are often invited to write scripts and perform some musicals with plots.

This not only keeps guests fresh, but also allows certain prostitutes with innate talents to gain a higher value. This alone is sufficient to continuously attract people from all corners of the South Money man.

“Awesome! This is amazing! It’s so exciting! The guy who designed this script is a genius!”

“Yes! I feel young instantly Twenty years old! Wait a minute, I must tell the three chicks to vent!”

“Damn! I can’t stand it! Waiter! Waiter! Call a woman!”


Countless men on the brain got up, called the prostitutes they knew, and went shirtless in the crowds, the scene was chaotic.

Andre sitting on the recliner watched all this with indifferent eyes, and asked without looking back: “How? Are you satisfied with the show I arranged today?”

“Hehe, should I praise your alertness, or should I praise your coldness? You know that there are not many people who can resist Ramona’s charm. You are actually willing to let a group of ugly men rape her. I have to say, this It’s really impressive.” Lauretta teased with a smile.

Despite his indifferent appearance, Andre still noticed the flash of anger.

“When you send her to approach me, you should be mentally prepared for this.

When treating the enemy, I never show mercy, no matter Men and women, whether they are beautiful or not, and do not care whether it is an old man or a child, there is only one result waiting for them, and that is more terrifying torture than death.

Do you know? Today this is just the beginning. Within a month of, everyday all will repeat the same repertoire until your subordinate’s mental breakdown is complete.

If you want her to die faster, then tell me the array of summon devil Where is it hidden? Otherwise, after Ramona’s mental breakdown, I will peel off her skin and make a cloak.”

After that, Andre turned around and looked into the other person’s eyes. Grasping the staff of the great mage placed beside him, he was ready to respond to emergencies at any time.

Laureta exudes a dangerous breath all over her body. She gently stroked the magic ring on her middle finger. After one minute, she suddenly laughed: “hahahaha! You want to irritate me? Damn it. It’s too cunning! I was just a little bit fooled!”

Seeing that the first plan failed, Andre smiled and spread his hands, and frankly admitted: “You see through!” What a pity, I originally planned to kill you here, and then slowly cut off your wings.”

“Wow! Insidious means! This doesn’t fit the role you play, does it? “Laureta blinked and asked.

“Sorry, I suddenly realized recently that the role of the brave is not suitable for me, because in this cruel world, good people usually will not live too long, but the evil ones can live even more For a long time, so I fell into the arms of evil. From now on, I decided to no longer play the so-called brave, but plan to play the same evil as you, by fair means or foul mage.” Andre let go of the staff, making no secret of Changes in your own camp.

As early as a few months ago, when he used the collar of enslavement to control those adventurers, he had changed from absolute neutrality to neutral evil.

After all, actively enslaving others, no matter from which point of view, is a completely evil act, and it is extremely evil. Unless you do more good things to save the people in the future, you will never think about it. Back to neutrality.

Of course, Andre does not regret his choice. The only drawback is that the attitude of the people of the Church of Good God has changed from being friendly to hostility. Even the church of Morning Light Goddess, which has cooperated with him, has severed communication… …

Laureta nodded with a smile: “Yes! I know that a mage like you who pursues the highest truth will sooner or later become a member of the evil camp. The reason is simple, only Evil can make us unscrupulous, and only evil can break the bottom line of ethics and morality! Congratulations, my friend, you have embarked on a real path of mage.”

“Thank you, although being in evil is not My intention, but this small price is nothing compared to letting go of the restraints. Okay, that’s the end of the nonsense. Now let’s talk about Ramona. You reveal a little bit next I will end this farce, what do you think?”

Andre, who understands that Laureta is absolutely impossible and reveals the position of the magic array, put aside the endless temptations, and blunt’s conditions .

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