Arcane Lord Chapter 1039

“Hehe, do you think I will reveal my carefully prepared plan for a trifling stupid woman? No, my friend, she is not worth it, so give up your boring Try it out. If you want, I can watch the show here with you every day for the next month until you get tired of it.”

After figuring out the opponent’s strategy, Lauretta Throw away the anger in my heart completely, and put on a nonchalant appearance.

Perhaps in his eyes, Ramona is just a pawn that is thrown away when it is used up. Now that this pawn has fallen into the enemy’s hands, he simply gives up, and saves the need to do it himself.

Andre is a bit unsure whether this is a bluff or real. He turned his head and glanced at the stage. He was completely unconscious, like a walking corpse-like woman. It took one minute to He sneered and spread his hands out: “Well, it seems that my request is a bit high, so I lower it a bit and tell me what the hell is happening recently. You must know that staying in the city like this is not your style. “

Laureta’s mouth was slightly cocked, touching the neat and tidy beard, and asking playfully: “Oh? Please tell me what you have heard?”

“This doesn’t need news at all. From what I know about you, once you start to be silent, it indicates that there will be big moves. I don’t want to be kept in the dark, and I don’t like being attacked suddenly. , So reveal a little bit of information, let us quickly end the boring temptation, blunt into the final confrontation part, isn’t it good?”

After all, Andre picked up the bottle and took a sip of the slightly sour Red wine, silently waiting for a reply.

He understands that this kind of negotiation tests the most patience. The more unfavourable the situation, the more you have to stay calm, otherwise you will lose even the last bit of chips.

Laureta watched the scene of Ramona being gang-raped by countless ugly and ugly men. She seemed to be thinking about something, and quickly nodded with a smile: “Well, it depends on your last confrontation. On the premise that I am very happy, I agree to reveal a little bit to you, but only if I see that woman’s head is cut off.”

“Of course! No problem, I can even let Someone packed her head and delivered it to the door in person.” Andre agreed without thinking.

For him, Ramona, who is basically impossible to speak, has no value at all. Using her head to exchange for a piece of useful information is simply a profitable business.

“You don’t need to deliver it to your door. Let’s solve it on stage. I remember I told you before that I love opera very much and I am also very keen on collecting scripts that ended in tragedy. Now I think It is the most perfect to draw an end to her life with an artistic death.”

Speaking, Lauretta opened her arms like a sentimental poet…

Andre sneered, raised his hand and gestured to Ramones who was hidden in the corner of the backstage. The latter immediately understood, carrying a sharp axe into the crowd, while everyone in the hall was immersed in When the pleasure brought by fleshly desire, he raised the axe in his hand and instantly chopped off Ramona’s head.


Due to the rapid flow of blood throughout the body, the blood spattered from the neck is much higher than usual, within a second or two. Blood mist formed in the air.


“Oh my God! They killed! They actually killed people!”

“Asshole! What about such a beautiful woman Kill it if you can say it! It’s a waste! I still think about it in two days and play it for a few days!”


With screaming and cursing, several A man who was pulsing his waist frantically slammed his head wisely, it is hard to say whether it will leave any psychological shadow in the future.

Not only them, but the “male protagonists” on the stage were also very frightened. It was completely didn’t expect that the stage will end in this way, but there are still a few that did not stop, but instead Is more excited.

Staring at the chaotic scene below, Andre asked without looking back: “How? Are you satisfied?”

“Yes, I am very satisfied, and also very satisfied . In return, I can tell you, pay more attention to the north, because the real rainstorm is coming soon.”

After saying this meaningful sentence, Laurel stood up and gave a salute, very Turn around quickly to leave the room and disappear into the dim corridor.

“North?” Andre narrowed his eyes and muttered in a low voice, instantly realizing what he had overlooked. “Damn! It’s the army of monsters in the forest!”

Bonnie, who just ran in from the door, shouted and asked: “Army? What monster army?”

“Remember me and you I’ve said that in the border forest, there is an army of about 100,000 people gathered by terrifying creatures such as half of people, ogre, goblins, hobgoblins, kobolds, and jackals? They are here!” Andre looked solemnly. Replied.

He has paid too much attention to Ramona recently, so he didn’t expect that the other party will take advantage of this time to start an all-out war.

Judging from Laureta’s tone just now, the monsters must have achieved considerable results. Perhaps the entire north of the border forest has fallen. If you can’t react as quickly as possible, it will be troublesome for the monsters to come down. .

“Oh—no! No! No! My god! This is really bad! What are you going to do?” Bonnie was obviously panicked.

After all, she was only in her early twenties, and the most terrifying thing she had experienced was almost being raped, and she didn’t know how to deal with the monster like a natural disaster.

Andre pulled his lover tightly in his arms, kissed fiercely on the attractive red lips, and did not let go until one minute later, softly comforted: “Don’t be afraid! Do what you should do, Leave the rest to me! I think it’s time to convene a council and borrow the power of Linton City itself.”

“Do you want to mobilize the city defense forces?” Bonnie’s eyes widened, almost afraid Believe in what you hear.

“Yes! I not only want to mobilize the city defense forces, but also control the Knight regiment, so that all the armed forces in the city are in my hands. After all, the invasion of the monster army is a critical one, but It’s also an opportunity.” Andre’s eyes flashed with expectant rays of light.

In fact, he had long wanted to bring all his powers under control, but due to the fear of the nobles, he never found a chance to start.

But now is different. Once it is learned that there are tens of thousands of monsters threatening the survival of mankind again, all the nobles will hand over all their rights in panic to ensure that the enemy will never break the city wall, otherwise Their wealth, status, reputation and lives will all be taken away.

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