Arcane Lord Chapter 1040

Just as Andre was busy planning to turn the city defense army and the Knight regiment into his own private property, a bloody battle was unfolding outside the castle hundreds of kilometers away…

“Go! Go! Don’t go back! If you can’t take down the castle before dawn! I’ll kill you all! The corpse is hung on a branch to feed the vultures!” Gross brandished a machete and charged loudly The goblins roared angrily.

Of course, he has a reason for anger, because four hours have passed since the beginning of the offensive. The goblins in charge of the main attack did not achieve even a little victory at all except to die. Who is the commander will not show good looks.

A hobgoblin leader Cowering explained: “General…General, it’s not that we don’t work hard! It’s that the humans are too cruel! Look at the arrow tower standing in great numbers! More than thirty! We have to withstand at least one hundred and fifty Archer’s continuous shooting for each attack, and more than half of the dead and injured before we climb the city wall.”

“Shut up! I don’t want to hear excuses. Either take the castle for me before dawn! Or I will kill you all! There is no second way, do you understand?” Grus widened his eyes and threatened harshly.

The two sharp fangs of his lower jaw looked so hideous, as if they might bite someone’s neck at any time.

Anyone who knows a little about orc and semi-orc habits knows that they start to show their fangs frequently, which means that patience has reached its limit, and the heart is full of manic anger. Continue to stimulate, and you can immediately detonate a volcano.

Compared to the cowardly and timid ordinary goblin, hobgoblin is undoubtedly much smarter, immediately realized that the other party is definitely not cracking a joke, and immediately nodded: “Understood! I immediately organized the staff to continue the impact! But you’d better let the hill giant destroy part of the wooden arrow tower, otherwise it won’t help if you die a few thousand more.”

Gluth hesitated a bit after glancing at the mountain of corpses under the city wall. Immediately shouted loudly: “Muru! Muru! Don’t eat! Get ready to work! Use your best strength, throw me the rocks into the castle opposite!”

tone barely fell !

A huge silhouette slowly stood up from the back of the camp, lifted its heavy legs, and stepped forward, stomping the three kobolds who had not had time to get out of the way.

He looks taller than three meters and five meters tall, brown skin, the surface is covered with thick hair, the cheekbones on his face are high, his eyes are deep, his mouth is full of yellow teeth, and his hands are covered with The root is a thick wooden stick processed from the trunk.

Judging from the appearance, this is undoubtedly a typical hilly giant, greedy, stupid, lacking sufficient reason, and once provoked, it can cause extremely terrifying destruction.

More importantly, they are very good at throwing huge stones. Many human castles and city walls were breached by them.

“Muru is here! Mulu asks for two more roast lambs every day!” The hill giant tried to bargain in unskilled common language.

“Damn it! You and your family now eat more than 450kg of food every day! That’s a platoon!” Gruss gnashing teeth cursed.

You must know that 450 kg of grain is not a small figure, especially for monsters who lack rigorous logistics.

Since they left the border forest, they have lived by looting all the way, and the food is also often eaten up and down. If it weren’t for ogre and jackals to eat human corpses, it would have been because Hungry and lost combat power.

But the hill giant didn’t care about it, and repeated three fingers up: “Two sheep! Mulu wants two sheep!”

Grus’ ugly face twitched visibly After a while, he followed take a deep breath and forced himself to calm down. After all, he didn’t want to confront a strong as an ox giant. It was not brave but stupid.

“Okay! Two sheep! I’ll have someone roast it for you later! Now quickly destroy all those damn arrow towers with stones! If there is another one who can continue shooting arrows, Not only will I not give you two sheep, but I will also reduce the daily ration to half, understand?”

“Don’t worry, Mulu will take care of everything.” Hill received a satisfactory answer The giant bent down, picked up a 200-plus-jin boulder next to it, and ran towards the castle.

When he approached the city wall about fifty meters, fiercely threw the stones into the air, and saw a beautiful parabola passing by, smashing a wooden arrow tower with a bang.

The five Archers above all died, and they didn’t even have time to scream.


The originally boiling battlefield is instantly quiet!

Whether it is the offensive goblin or the human being desperately defending, all were shocked by this scene just now.

“Giant…giant! It’s a giant! God! There are giants among monsters!”

I don’t know who suddenly shouted, and the whole line of defense immediately became on. The verge of collapse, many soldiers saw the terrifying silhouette of the giant and were so scared that they completely lost their fighting spirit and turned around and wanted to escape.

In the eyes of overwhelming majority ordinary person, giant is the general term for a series of words such as strength, mighty, terror, tyranny, invincibility, etc., and is one of the important supporting characters of adventure stories.

Because of their huge size, their life force is very tenacious, and it is difficult to be killed by standard weapons. Even a huge ballista with formidable power takes several hits to hit hard.

But before that, the giant could find the location of the ballista and destroy it with stones or sticks.

Watching the soldiers retreating in a hurry, Necromancer sighed helplessly and said to Yvette beside him: “Look, I said that once their psychological endurance reaches the limit, it will not take long. It will collapse. Get ready, we should break through.”

“Breakthrough? hmph!” Yvette pursed the corner of his mouth and let out a sneer. “Who told you that we need to break through? I will reawaken the fear buried in the bottom of the trash!”

Speak, she drew out the evil and unknown atmosphere of Demon Sword and jumped and stepped on the castle Jumped down from the eaves of his roof and smashed the soldier who lost one’s head out of fear with a sword. He roared sharply: “Stop! Stop! Whoever dares to take a step back! Not only will he kill him! but also his family. Find out one by one and execute them all!”

Under the strong aura of the black Shadow Guard soldiers, all the soldiers who were retreating immediately shivered, stopped and brace oneself and went back to the city wall. Fight.

Especially those bad luck eggs who have experienced hell-like torture. They instantly recalled everything they had suffered, and the whispers that echoed in their ears like the devil, and the goblins rushed up frantically. In their eyes, Yvette is far more terrifying than giants. In just a few minutes, the monsters were driven off…

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