Arcane Lord Chapter 1041

Seeing that the goblin who was about to occupy the outer wall was driven back again, Gros roared furiously: “Supervisor team! Kill all these garbage for me! One! Don’t stay!”

“As you wish! General!”

The sturdy half-orc warrior responded loudly, and then raised his right hand to make a cut throat gesture.

More than one hundred well-equipped half-orc superintendents wearing breastplates quickly drew out their weapons, and launched a bloody and cruel massacre at the collapsed goblins. They had no intention of show mercy at all. In just a few minutes, thousands of goblins were killed without any armor, blood and rubble were scattered all over the place, looking extremely cruel.

To know that the ruling structure of the monster army is not like a human army, you need to consider the feelings of the soldiers to prevent them from being unable to endure the cruel military laws and causing mental breakdown.

Monsters dominate their subordinates in a very simple and rude way. Whoever has the big fist has the final say. As for the cannon fodder races such as goblins and kobolds, they have never had the right to resist, even Seeing the slaughter of his compatriots, he dared not step forward to help. Instead, coowering hid for fear that he would be implicated.

Massacre came fast and went fast. The semi-orc fighters fully demonstrated their skills in killing. The speed is incredible.

Gruss kicked the head of a certain bad luck egg to the hobgoblin commander standing not far away, threatening with a cold tone: “Remember! This is the last warning! If your scumbags have not captured the city wall next time, then I promise that this will be your best end! Get out! Get me to organize the attack right away!”

“Yes…Yes! I swear As long as those arrow towers are all destroyed! The next attack will definitely be able to take down the outer wall!” The hobgoblin was completely frightened by the horror that happened just now, and hurriedly nodded vigorously.

From the slightly trembling voice, I knew that this guy was completely frightened, and at the same time, he knew very well that if the next attack fails to achieve a result, then his life will come to an end… …

“Muru! Keep throwing rocks at me! Throw all the things built up with wood!” Grus didn’t have time to pay attention to the hobgoblins’ feelings, and quickly urged the hill giant to continue. Throw stones.

“Muru knows! Mulu will get rid of all those pesky wooden shelves!”

Nodded, the hilly giant stupefied, raised a rock and started to run, and followed Lost in midair.

The huge stone traversed a beautiful parabola and accurately hit the arrow tower more than 60 meters away. Five more Archers died on the spot, and there was no time to escape.

I have to say that this kind of waiting for death is not a good hand. After only two rounds of attacks, the Archer on the tower began to turmoil. If the giants are allowed to continue their attacks, it won’t be long before they will It collapsed and fled, and then lost the protection of the arrow tower. It was impossible to defend it by the poor soldiers on the city wall.

In desperation, Necromancer Mante sighed, immediately turned around and beckoned: “Bring up the secret weapon, I hope we are lucky enough to make a hit, otherwise it will be a few seconds later. There will be a huge boulder.”

The five robust man who has been waiting for a long time pushed the bronze artillery removed from the battleship into the firing position slowly, and the gunner completed the filling and calibration at the fastest speed. .

Because the giant’s throwing distance is only between fifty and seventy meters, there is no need to throw a shot, just aim the muzzle directly at the target.

After doing all this, the person holding the torch stared at Necromancer, waiting for him to give orders.

Mante is undoubtedly the kind of person who is very patient. He didn’t rush to let his subordinates light the lead, but silently waited for the giant’s next run-up.

Because he knows that when the stone is thrown, the giant will be completely defenseless. It takes two to three seconds from the throwing to the completion of the action. At this time, the artillery is formidable. The best time for power.

The stupid hilly giant didn’t understand how terrifying the metal tube of the black hole on the castle was, and he still diligently picked up a stone, planning to destroy the next arrow tower.

In his eyes, there is no danger in this kind of stone-throwing work. An arrow that is deadly for an ordinary person cannot penetrate the giant’s firm and elastic skin. , Even if a few puncture the skin occasionally, they will soon be stuck by the tight muscles, just like human beings have been bitten by a large mosquito, even if they don’t need to worry about it for a few days, they will heal themselves.

Just as the hill giant just finished the run-up, he was ready to throw the stones out with his strong and powerful arms!

Mante immediately yelled, “Ignite!”

Without a word, the gunner ignited the fuse at the fastest speed. After just two seconds, The muzzle of the black hole exploded fiercely with golden fire!

“bang! !”

With a deafening noise, the shells flew out almost at the same time as the rocks, except that one was falling freely in a parabolic trajectory, and the other Propelled by gunpowder, flying at subsonic speeds, both kinetic energy and destructive power are far from the same level.

Muru, who finished the throw, could almost see that the metal cannonball shot from the height of the castle grew from small to large, and came to the front in the blink of an eye.

Because the body is too large and the reaction is slow, he has no time to make any dodge movements. The whole body is hit by fiercely and flew into the air, his feet are more than two meters above the ground, and then he threw Coming down, convulsed and swallowed his last breath.

After all, even if it is a tenacious life force creature like the hill giant, there is no way to survive after the chest and heart are completely crushed.

Grus, standing more than a dozen meters away, happened to see this scene completely in his eyes. He didn’t close his shocked mouth for a long time. He couldn’t believe it. One was on the battlefield. The giant that was able to overturn hundreds of ordinary soldiers just died, and was one strike certain kill by the enemy.

“Wow! Great! Guys, it seems we are lucky, now we can move quickly! I don’t want the enemy to know where the secret weapon is hidden.” With that, Mante pointed at the gunner We held out a thumb.

As a sane mage, he knows very well that as long as the arrow tower is still there, then this tug-of-war will continue forever, and finally turn into a nightmare-like flesh and blood mill.

The enemy will have slack, frustration, and a strong sense of frustration because of the attack for a long time without any success. The next thing to do is to compete with perseverance to see who can persist longer, and then find the right one. Opportunity to launch a counterattack.

The death of the giant hills does not only mean that the enemy has lost a powerful means of siege, but also means a morale blow. It also means that the morale of one’s own side has risen. Many soldiers who were already desperate , Can’t help but cheer by raising the weapon. In their opinion, since even giants can be killed, then what can trifling goblins count…

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