Arcane Lord Chapter 1044

As soon as it was getting light, the gate of Linton City Council was full of carriages with noble badges. A large number of Knights were fully armed and guarded at the gate, watching everyone approaching vigilantly.

The city defense army was assembled in the middle of the night and stationed in several military camps. As long as the order is reached, they can immediately go to the battlefield.

Such unusual behavior, even idiots can smell dangerous, even more how This is the second parliament held after the New Year, and it’s less than half a month since the last time. Whether it is frequency or quantity, it reveals the imposing manner of wind and rain, which makes people feel nervous and scared involuntarily.

Chief Knight Ansair, today, not at all chose to enter the council hall to state his opinion, but fully armed stood at the door. Under the silver light armor, he was like a sculpture. I haven’t moved for an hour.

Not far away, his beloved heavy horse was also put on a harness, silently waiting for the master’s order.


The closed door was pushed open!

From the inside came out a woman wearing a straight breastplate. She was no one else but Anastasia, who was conferred as Duke recently.

I saw the duke raising the parchment in her hand and announcing loudly: “Knights! Soldiers! And the residents of Linton City!

I have one now I’m telling you important news!

Just last night!

A group of terrifying monsters from the border forest attacked the territory of our neighbor, Earl Karl. Thousands of things, including goddamn goblins, kobolds, half-orc, ogre, and more terrifying trolls and giants!


Those savage, greedy, and cruel ’S monster once again launched an attack on the civilized world!

We can’t wait and die!

According to the fierce discussion of the council, we decided to take the lead this time to attack and block the enemy from our homeland. Besides, they will never destroy any farmland and manor!

They are also not allowed to appear under the city wall!


This is a Life-and-death war!

We must protect our homeland! We must protect the body protection, the city that survives! Protect the beautiful fields outside the city!

The evil will be destroyed Destroy!

Justice will prevail!”

As Anastasia’s impassioned voice echoed in the square, all the people present were infected, especially those who had heard it earlier When the wind heard the knights, they immediately drew out their weapons and responded loudly, with excitement and expectations on their faces.

After all, for them, only war can reflect their value, can they gain enough merits, can they attract the eyes of young ladies…

Seeing morale Having been mobilized, Chief Knight Ansair immediately took off his helmet and quickly stepped forward, one-knee kneels.

Anastasia took a pure gold ceremony from the servants around him and put it lightly on the other’s shoulder with a saber, and asked very seriously: “Ansair! You! Is your sword still sharp?”

“Yes, Lord Duke, my sword is still sharp! It can drink the enemy’s blood!” Ansair drew out the long sword and cut his palm directly .

“Ansair! Can you lead us to defeat the enemy?” Anastasia asked again.

Ansair raised his bleeding hand and shouted: “Yes! I can! I will make those savage monsters pay! The price of blood!”

“Very good I now represent the parliament and grant you the title of general. From now on, you have the right to mobilize all military forces, including the city defense army, the Knight regiment, and the noble private army, against the enemy that is about to attack us.” , Anastasia took back the yellow golden sword, and put the densely packed parchment covered with dozens of seals into the hands of Chief Knight.

Ansair opened a glance, with a hint of surprise on his face, turning to stare at Andre who was hiding behind the crowd.

He could hardly believe that the other party did not leave this huge right, but gave it to himself.

Andre smiled nodded, on the surface, he looked like an unselfish saint.

But in fact, he pitted the chief Knight fiercely…

Don’t look at Ansair’s great power now, but in fact he not only has to bear huge Pressure, and even if he wins in the end, what awaits him is not flowers, applause and praise, but all kinds of gossip.

Nobles will never allow a Knight to control all the army in this city, let alone a living hero.

So the moment when Chief Knight returns, it is the moment when his political life comes to an end. Andre doesn’t even need to do it himself. The nobles who are eager to regain power will swarm up and take this poor guy. Torn to pieces.

Of course!

All this will not happen until after the monster army is defeated…

Without a word, Ansair, who has obtained authorization, directly leads the Knight regiment and 7% The tenth city defense army grandiose walked out of the city gate and headed towards the realm of Count Karl.

His goal is not to rush to help the neighbors, but to settle in the Tulsi Valley and use the steep terrain there to start a desperate fight with the enemy.

Watching the large group slowly disappear from the city gate, Andre’s mouth was slightly tilted, and he said to Bonnie, who was hiding in the shadow behind him: “My dear, you can make your people move. I’ll give you three days. In any case, I have to find out the summon array hidden in the city. I have a hunch that Lauletta will be real soon.”

“No problem, within three days I will give you a satisfactory answer.”

After all, Bonnie instantly jumped into the shadows and disappeared without a trace.

As a wise man, Andre knows his opponent’s plan very well, and understands that the more at this time, the less he can leave easily, even if the Tulse Valley is captured by the monsters, he must Continue to stay in the city to monitor Lauretta’s every move.

Not long after the army of Linton City set off, the castle, hundreds of kilometers away, was finally lost.

As a large number of kobolds and half-orc warriors emerged under the castle, Mante realized that the castle could no longer stand.

Without any hesitation, he directly took Gloria and Elena, and Yvette was responsible for opening the way, breaking through the enemy’s blockade, and fleeing to the glorious place.

Before leaving, this insidious Necromancer also detonated several barrels of gunpowder, and directly blasted the load-bearing walls on both sides of the castle, killing hundreds of elite semi-orc fighters, including Ge Ruth.

It was also the death of this general that caused the monsters to chase unintentionally, so they rushed to the battlefield, and then stationed in place, waiting for a new appointment from the rear…

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