Arcane Lord Chapter 1046

The appearance of the coward caused panic and paralysis in half of the city within twenty minutes. The number of people who were trampled and injured to death was far more than the number killed and eaten. Much more.

What’s more terrifying is that they make the residents of Linton no longer believe that the city defense army can protect their safety, and they have turned to adventurers, churches, private armies of nobles, and gangs for help.

Suddenly, the prestige of the municipal council plummeted, and the original order was on the verge of collapse. If someone pushes it, the whole city will fall into the abyss and become a land full of violence and crime. Where the evil breeds.

As there is a saying, building trust is a long and slow process, but if you want to destroy it, it is very easy…

Andre is now standing in the town hall two In the reception room of the building, complexion is gloomy stared at the chaotic scene outside the window, and asked without looking back: “How is the situation outside?”

“Very bad! At least there are hundreds of cowardices Pouring into the residential area, probably one of the third streets has been out of control, and we have to temporarily block it to prevent the panic from spreading. In addition, due to serious shortage of manpower, we cannot send people to clean up for the time being, but I have already used the name of the city hall Ask the adventurer and the church for help. I believe they should be able to help.”

Anastasia, who was brow beaded with sweat, sat down on the sofa, completely disregarding the normally maintained image of a lady , Grabbed the bottle of fiercely and poured two sips of wine.

The sudden disaster made her feel exhausted physically and mentally, and she could not see the shrewdness and competence of the past.

After all, she is good at aristocratic politics, rather than dealing with demons running around the city, especially these demons continue to kill ordinary residents, using their souls as bait, summon more of the same kind.

“hmph! What a scheming! Good method! It seems that you are a little impatient to wait, my dear opponent.” Andre squinted with a sneer.

As the person who knows Lauerta’s character best in this city, he hardly needs to think about it, and can immediately confirm that it must be the other person.

The summon demon, even the lowest coward, requires a lot of professional knowledge and the guidance of a wizard above Fifth Level. Andre can’t think of it. Apart from Laurel Tower, there are also Who can do such a frenzied thing.

Of course, many members of the Mage Association can do it, but the problem is that they have all registered in the Mage Tower. Even if they perform a zero-level trick, they will be fully recorded.

“You mean…Laureta did all this? Why did he do this?” Anastasia frowned asked rhetorically.

She couldn’t believe it now that the gentle young duke was actually planning such an evil and huge conspiracy.

Andre took a deep breath and explained: “Sorry, madam, I don’t know. His way of thinking is different from that of ordinary people. You can’t understand his behavior in a normal way, let alone predict what will happen next. What an amazing move. What we can do now is to remain unchanged and wait patiently until he reveals his true intentions.”

In response to this yes and no answer, Anastasia No doubt very dissatisfied, clenched his fists and shouted angrily: “Is he just letting him go? Look outside! He is about to ruin the city!”

“Please trust me, the chaos right now That’s just the smoke he releases by disrupting our attention. If you focus on cleaning up the coward, then you will be caught in his trap. Don’t worry, as long as I still control the mage tower for one day, he should not easily subvert This city.”

After that, Andre turned around, his eyes showing deep gaze, like a bottomless lake, and like a sharp blade about to be sheathed, spreading all over his body. A strong aura.

Anastasia was so scared that she stood up and backed up a few steps before reluctantly stabilizing her mind: “My god! The way you are now is really scary.”

Andre shook the head with a smile: “Haha, don’t worry, madam, this is not aimed at you, I just feel a little irritated and can’t control my emotions. After all, I have been fiercely put on the head, even if I am angry again Good people can’t help but get angry. I really need to find a target to vent.”

“Vent?” Anastasia blinked in surprise.

“Yes, it’s just venting, and I happen to have a good vent target.” Andre said, a shuddering grin appeared on Andre’s face.

Psychologists have said that unlimited repression of feelings is a very bad habit. It will cause negative emotions to accumulate in the heart. After reaching a certain critical point, the whole person will be completely Sliding from one extreme to the other extreme, so vent it in time, not only for your physical and mental health, but also for your family and friends around you.

Andre, who was completely enraged by his opponent, directly cast a teleportation spell, appeared above the castle that had just fallen, and chanted loudly incantion under the gaze of countless pairs of eyes, followed by raising his index finger towards ogre and Tap the jackal’s camp.

In an instant!

A mysterious rune appears out of thin air and then disappears completely.

Before the monsters hadn’t figured out what was going on, dozens of ogre wielding sticks and Warhammer suddenly revealed crazy rays of light in their eyes. Rushing to the position of the semi-orc supervising team, opened the killing mode.

They are like lunatics, they don’t feel afraid of death, let alone pain, and they kill dozens of people in the blink of an eye.

The jackals who followed closely from behind also not to be outdone, rushed into the goblin camp on the other side, harvesting lives frantically.

Obviously, the rune just now is not an ordinary magic, but an out-and-out eighth-level Arcane-an emblem of madness, which can make all nearby creatures fall into a frenzy unless they are killed. Or there may be a great mage to help solve the curse, otherwise it will never be possible to wake up.

But such a killing obviously couldn’t satisfy Andre’s tyrannical heart. In the next ten minutes, he used the sixth level Arcane-Serial Lightning, Fifth Level Arcane-Dead Cloud Art, Level 3 Arcane ——Fireball Art…

A variety of gorgeous and lethal magic one after another dropping from the sky, killing monsters scared witless, there is no resistance at all.

Finally, it releases the magic shadow in the ring, drags the soul of those bad luck eggs, and pollutes it with shadow energy, making it a member of the shadow army.

In less than twenty minutes, Andre took a total of 15,000 goblins, five thousand kobolds, six hundred and a half orc warriors, eight hundred jackals, and a small amount of ogre, trolls, and Giant, kill all of them!

His practical action to show the Senior Master of efficiency in terms of killing, not to live, but no lucky escape guys, slave who only kneel on the ground shiver coldly witnessed with their own eyes all this ……

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