Arcane Lord Chapter 1047

“hahahahaha! Awesome! Killing! Death! Fear! How many years have I not enjoyed this happiness so happily? Dear master, in order to express my respect and Praise, please accept this little gift.”

The demon shadow floating in midair stretched out its paws and waved it a few times in the air, and immediately gathered a thick black mist.

In the center of the thick black fog, there is a gem emitting a gloomy light. It is different from any known gem on the ground, revealing a strong shadow energy from the inside out.

Andre took it and took a closer look, and immediately asked: “What is this?”

Moying smiled and replied: “It’s a ghost gem, filled with The soul that has been transformed into a shadow by me, as long as you break it, you can release the painful soul inside and kill all the lives around you that can be killed. Of course, if you don’t like them, you can also use them to make a powerful Magic item, in short, even in the shadow world, it is a rare treasure.”

“You transformed all your souls into shadow creatures?” Andre’s face changed suddenly.

The reason is very simple, don’t look at these monster primordial barbarians, but they also have faith and gods, especially the god of goblin-Magrubie, is a powerful divine force. , If he finds that his believers’ souls have been intercepted in large numbers, then he will be furious.

Andre has not yet planned to confront a powerful god, even though the other’s believers have very few figures in the material world, most of them are ignorant, barbaric, primordial, and dirty. , Ugly and timid ordinary goblin.

Mo Ying smiled nonchalantly and spread out his hands: “Hehe, please don’t worry, I have erased all traces with shadow energy, unless the gods are watching our every move, otherwise it is impossible to know Who did it.”

“Remember! When you do this again next time, say hello to me in advance, otherwise I promise you will never have this kind of pleasure again, understand?” Andre Staring at both sharp eyes, he whispered a warning.

As a prudent person, what he hates most is that someone is smart and can’t tolerate some dangerous and crazy actions by his men.

“Of course, my respected master, your will is my command.” Moying is very clever, not at all trying to defend himself, obediently and honestly agreed.

Shadow creatures are not the intelligent life of the material world. They don’t care about the so-called courtesy, justice, and shame. They also don’t care about face. As long as they can gain benefits, even if they kneel down and pretend to be grandchildren, they will do it without the slightest hesitation.

Andre will naturally not believe the promise of a magic shadow, lightly snorted, and directly put it in the ring, quickly cast the teleportation magic, and returned to Linton City.

As soon as he walked away, the group of pitiful persons enslaved by the monster came out of the woods cautiously. One of the unkempt men raised their heads, staring at the place where the Transmission Gate just appeared, and muttered to himself “My God! This is too terrifying! I thought he would kill us together.”

The older middle age person next to him rolls the eyes in an angry manner. , Reprimanded: “Idiot! Didn’t you find that it was a powerful mage? He saved us!”

“But…but his spell almost killed us!” Another girl, Cowering, reminded.

“Shut up! Idiot woman! I’ve had enough of the slavery of those monsters! Even if I die, it’s better than continuing to work for them!” The middle age person fiercely glared at each other, angrily Rushing loudly.

The girl seemed to be irritated, with a hint of madness in her eyes, and suddenly rushed forward without warning, pinched the other person’s neck, and cursed hysterically: “Asshole! Asshole! Asshole! Why do you teach? Me? Go to hell! Miscellaneous!”

The middle age person also not to be outdone, punched the girl in the face, roar with a grim expression: “slut! How dare you? Did you forget who it was? Have you protected you from those monsters?”

Due to the long-term threats of starvation, fatigue, and death, all survivors are a little nervous. Usually, monsters suppress it. It’s good to say, but now After being free, it immediately began to show.

Some people knelt on the ground and weeping bitter tears, others went crazy and picked up weapons and chopped the corpses of monsters into mashed flesh, while others stood stupidly and didn’t know what to do next do what.

The sudden conflict between a man and a woman quickly triggered a chain reaction. Some people wanted to go up and pull them away, but they were accidentally beaten several times, instantly unable to control their inner anger. , Also joined in. After a while, it turned into a melee of thousands of people…

For a while, these suffering pitiful persons completely released the suppressed emotions in their hearts It took more than half an hour to quarrel, fight, and lay on the grass to rest exhausted.

The middle-aged man gasping for breath touched his face with several bloodstains, and smiled and exclaimed: “Haha! We finally survived, didn’t we?”

“Yeah, I thought I was dead.” The girl was no longer in the craziness just now, and she relaxed and enjoyed this moment of peace.

“What’s the next plan? We must know that although we are temporarily free from the slavery of the monsters, we are not at all out of danger. Their goal is to conquer the entire surrounding area and establish a semi-orc It is a dominant country, so it won’t take long for someone to come.”

Middle-aged man is obviously not an ordinary person. His words reveal meticulous thinking and good insights.

The girl sighed with a wry smile: “Oh, who knows, maybe it’s a good choice to escape to Linton City. I heard that there are countless soldiers, Knights, mages and priests who have defended it many times. Lived in the monster’s large-scale invasion.”

Nodded agreed by the middle-aged man: “You’re right! I just noticed that the mage seems to be wearing the emblem of the Linton City Mage Association on his chest. If he is also a member of that powerful spellcaster organization, it should be easy to resist the monsters. But the question is, will Linton City accept us homeless refugees?”

” What do you say?” the girl asked helplessly.

“We need a meeting ceremony! A condition that can make them thrilled! And this condition is now in your hands!” As he said, the middle-aged man did it, his eyes revealed Deep eyes.

“Me?” The girl didn’t understand what the other party meant.

middle-aged man slightly smiled, pointing to the pendant on the girl’s neck: “As far as I know, it is a magic item that can record everything that has been experienced. If activated by a special method, you can see the images stored inside. I believe the ruler of Linton City will be very happy to get this little thing that records the conspiracy and plans of the monsters…”

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