Arcane Lord Chapter 1048

As a group of refugees faltered and moved towards the Tulse Valley, Linton also became very lively.

Of course, this excitement does not refer to business prosperity, but refers to the level of chaos.

Because of the shortage of manpower, Anastasia, in the name of the city hall, took out a full 100,000 Gold Coins to offer rewards to those cowardly who are hiding in the streets and doing evil. Individuals or squads who die of them can get 100 Gold Coins, and it is found that the summon array of the devil can get a full two thousand Gold Coins.

At the same time, the Mage Association also offered high prices to purchase their filthy blood to make certain magic items with evil tendencies.

Although this move has caused dissatisfaction with many kind-hearted churches, in the current background of the enemy, they are not too good, they can only open one eye and close one eye.

Under the temptation of huge interests, wherever coward appears, there will soon be a flood of adventurers.

Although they can’t compete with the professional army, they are better at squad match and skill. They are particularly good at giving full play to the narrow terrain. In addition, they have long-term battles with various wild beasts and monsters. In just half a day, he killed about sixty cowardies, and two adventure squads successfully discovered and destroyed the summon array.

As the rewards and honors were distributed in full, the enthusiasm of the adventurers was immediately ignited, like a locust crossing the border, frantically searching around the corners of the city, for fear that they would not get the bounty if they started slowly.

After all, this Bounty Mission is not in a dangerous field, and there is no need to travel long distances. You only need to make two rounds in the city, and you can make a fiercely right away, and you can even retreat at any time in danger. , Call for support. Many people can’t believe that they will encounter such a good thing in their lifetime.

As a Captain of an adventurous squad, Alger is naturally impossible to give up this opportunity to make a fortune, and take his trustworthy team members into the bloody alley, carefully searching for suspicious traces.


Two timids covered in blood and meat sprang out from the darkness, and they rushed directly, trying to kill the human in front of them with sharp claw and teeth, and enjoy the flesh and soul of each other.

With that stupid head, it is impossible to distinguish the difference between an ordinary person and a professional.

“Xia!” Alger called out the names of the players.


The girl at the back of the team immediately drew her bow and shot two arrows at the fastest speed.

“sou! sou!”

The sharp arrow flew over ten meters in the blink of an eye, piercing the ugly body of the timid, and nailing it to the wall behind. .

The experienced Alger understands that he don’t let slip an opportunity. He immediately lifted the hammer in his hand and knocked down the timid who was less than 1.3 meters tall to the ground. The intense dizziness made this bad luck. The egg couldn’t get up for a long time.

The big Charlie rushed up with a grinning face, raised his shield fiercely and knocked the other one unconscious, bound the two demons with extremely skillful techniques, and rushed to the teammate behind him and beckoned: “Man! Come and let the blood! Remember to let it go slowly! Don’t let it go just like the two in the morning!”

“Damn! Don’t rush! That is inexperienced in the morning, this time I promise to release three liters!”

Bill ran over quickly, inserted a metal needle made of steel into the arm of the coward, and continuously put the black smelly blood into the wooden barrel that he carried with him. It took just a few minutes to make this bad Luck The egg fell into a dying state due to excessive blood loss.

Seeing that the situation is not good, Charlie immediately drew out a dagger and cut off a paw. Just as he completed this action, the coward instantly set himself on fire, and the raging flame burned his body completely to ashes.

According to the law, another coward was also shed his blood, expelled from the material world, and returned to the abyss hometown to be reborn.

Obviously, this adventurous squad is not someone else, it is just a few people Andre met in the border forest.

But they are all very principled guys, not at all use this relationship to seek benefits for themselves, silently doing what the advertisers should do.

Especially Bill, who just became a wizard apprentice not long ago, needs a lot of money to buy books, instruments and magic scrolls. So far, he has only mastered a zero-level Arcane-Frozen Ray.

Looking at the vat full of devil’s blood, Alger immediately laughed happily: “hahahaha! I’m rich! Tell me! How much can this blood sell for?”

Bill roughly estimated, and soon replied ecstatically: “The price offered by the Wizards Association is 80 Gold Coins per 100 ml! These are almost six liters! That is 4,800 Gold Coins! With this money, I can go to the Master’s Association for further training! Learn the magical Arcane!”

“hehe! Maybe when you come out, we will call you Master Master!” Yali Xia winked playfully and teased.

Steve touched the chin’s beard that just grew, and he smiled and echoed: “Yes! Maybe I can still see that adult. You know I can’t even imagine it in my life. It’s actually a privilege to know him.”

“Hehe, Your Excellency Andre is now the president of the Mage Association. The most powerful person in Linton City is completely a living Legendary. Since many people know that he is in us After squad stayed, all the troubles disappeared. Even the Lord Knights were polite when they saw me. The taxes to be paid were at least half less. We are able to have a good life now, all thanks to him. , If you see him, Bill, you must say thanks.”

When I mentioned Andre, Alger showed infinite emotion and even a little pride.

Although he is a person with very strong self-esteem, he is never willing to take the initiative to use this relationship to profit, but this does not prevent him from talking about his precious experience in life, keeping it in his heart, and waiting for him to get old Then tell it to my son and grandson.

Bill shrugged with a smile: “No problem, I must bring my thanks, and I also want to thank him face to face, because he killed the executioner-Gavin Lawrion.”

Alexia pointed to the foul-smelling paw and asked: “Captain, where are we going next? Should I exchange these things for bounties? Or explore Barnard. Where?”

“I think it’s better to go back first, and buy a few bottles of potions and spell scrolls by the way. After all, I’m already an apprentice mage. I can activate the spell stored on the scrolls, even if I can’t beat them. The enemy can also cut a bloody path and take it out.” Bill gave a serious suggestion.

Alger thought about it for a few seconds, and immediately nodded agreed: “Okay! It’s up to you! I don’t think we can spend a day with magic potions and scrolls.”

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