Arcane Lord Chapter 1049

Adventurer’s principle has always been to do what you say.

Alger quickly exited the dangerous neighborhood with the squad, first went to the place designated by the Mage Association to sell the devil’s blood, bought a few magic scrolls and a small amount of potions, and then returned to the adventurer tavern to receive the reward Jin, eat something, trim it a bit, set off again at about 2:30 in the afternoon, and go straight to the location given by Mr. Know-it-all—Barnard.

Half an hour later, the entire group came to the abandoned dock area and began cautiously exploring.

Due to being attacked and looted by the pirate queen Grace O’Mare not long ago, a large number of shipbuilding craftsmen were looted, and the ships under construction were also mercilessly burned. Now they are completely unattended. The state, especially the scorched corpses that can be seen everywhere, is really shuddering.

Except for the homeless tramp and beggar, no one wants to approach at all. It is said that nearby residents can hear the crying and wailing of ghosts at night.


A slightly chilly sea breeze blows!

Alixia shivered in an instant, and cursed in a low voice: “Damn! I hate this place! It is terrifying than the graveyard!”

Girl, she is inherently more sensitive than men in some aspects. She can perceive the soul wandering in the air, although she can’t observe it with eyes like the caster, but it is not difficult to feel the negative energy gathered in the air.

The nerve-wracking Steve didn’t care about laughed, teased: “Aha! Didn’t expect our Little Demoness to be so courageous? I remember you were brave when exploring the ruins? Why? Suddenly, it’s like a new person.”

“Shut up! How could you, a wooden head, understand the difference between the ruins and this place! I bet! There must be a lot of waste in these abandoned docks. Wrong soul! They are watching us all around! That’s why I was so nervous!” Alexia gnashing teeth defended herself.

After all, as an adventurer, there will be anyone who is willing to be called a coward…

Seeing that two people are arguing, Alger hurriedly raised his hand to persuade: “Okay, okay, don’t make a noise.

According to the information given by the old Barnard, many people have indeed died in these abandoned docks, otherwise they will not become a place for demons.


Moreover, there seems to be something weird hidden in the depths, maybe it is the summon array of demons, maybe it is the place where evil creatures are entrenched in the sewers. Anyway, be careful and it’s not a big mistake.

I remember that our main task is investigation. Don’t expose it easily. As long as you investigate the situation clearly, the city hall will pay a five thousand Gold Coin bounty. Do you understand?”

“Five Thousand Gold Coin?” The big Charlie whistled immediately. “Unbelievable! This is the first time I know that the City Hall can be so generous. They didn’t even spare a few copper taxes before.”

“hehe! This is not generous, mine Friends, they really can’t find manpower, otherwise the city defense forces will be dispatched collectively, and it won’t take long to search the entire city, so it won’t be useful for us advertisers.” Bill sneered and broke through the city council strong in appearance but weak in The disguise of reality.

After becoming an apprentice to a mage, his intelligence has grown rapidly, and he has been able to analyze the hidden truth from all kinds of news.

even more how Linton City’s current situation, but everyone who is not blind knows what is going on, if it weren’t for the Mage Association is still strong, ambitious would have already begun to stir.

“Okay! Don’t talk nonsense! What will happen in the city? That is a question that the noble lords should consider. We only need to make money. Now I will silence all the sounds, otherwise they will be disturbed. The monster is in trouble.”

Alger gave all the team members a warning, tiptoeing into a dark tunnel.

The remaining people did not dare to neglect, they closed their mouths and followed closely from behind, and got into the dark and humid narrow passage.

Tracking the experienced Alexia, carefully observing the uneven stone wall on both sides, quickly lowered his voice and said: “These caves are only recently opened! Look at the walls. The edges and corners are still very sharp, and there is no sign of being eroded. According to my judgment, it is either a masterpiece of the sewer monster, or someone regards this as a secret hiding place.”

“What do you mean? Is it here that leads to the sewer?” Steve’s face changed drastically.

As a native of Linton, he grew up listening to horror stories in the sewers, and he knew exactly how many monsters had one’s hair stand on end hidden inside.

If he had a choice, he would rather go into the forest to face goblins, kobolds and ogre than enter the sewers to explore…

But it’s a pity that Captain Alger is a little bit I don’t want to give up this opportunity to make a fortune.

I saw that he lowered his head for a few seconds, and immediately proposed: “Raise your hands to vote! You should be very clear about how dangerous the sewer is! Don’t have any psychological burden, at worst we give up the task , After all, although Gold Coin is good, it must have a life flower.”

“I think it’s best to go in and take a look!”


“Everyone is a resident of Linton City. If something goes wrong in this city, no one will be spared, so I must go in and investigate.”

Seeing that his teammates expressed their opinions, Si Tief smiled bitterly and spread his hands: “Is there still room to refuse? Go ahead, let us quickly complete the investigation, and quickly leave this damn place.”

Alger shook the head with a smile He walked along the tunnel cultivation without saying a word. In order to prevent being discovered, he even actively extinguished the torch, identified the direction by the faint light, and arrived in an empty cave after just ten minutes.

Because there is no light in Underground World, everyone can only hold hands and judge the direction by the sound of water droplets around. Flying over a bat from time to time can scare them nervously.

Fortunately, this state did not last long. After a while, there was a hint of orange-yellow fire.

Alexia, who has the best stealth ability, immediately made a gesture, and Alone slipped past the wall and looked inside through the corner.


She seemed to see something incredible, she shuddered, turned around and shook the head forcefully, beckoning everyone to stay away.

But there is a good saying that curiosity is one of human nature. The more she makes this nervous expression, the more people left want to see what happened.

After hesitating again and again, Alger finally failed to overcome his curiosity, stepped lightly to the front, and glanced out.

On the corner ahead, dozens of men in black robes held up a newly born baby, then fiercely threw it into the iron cage full of scorpions, and was caught in the blink of an eye. Sting to death…

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