Arcane Lord Chapter 1053

Andre’s friendly attitude reminded Bill of his teammates who had sacrificed not long ago. His eyes were a little red, and he choked: “Your Excellency, Charlie is dead, and Steve is dead. ……”

“Dead? How did you die? Who killed them!” Andre’s face changed suddenly, and a dangerous aura exuded all over his body.

As the first group of people he saw after escaping from Francis’s underground base, he always regarded each other as his friend, and he took good care of this friendship, intending to wait for the situation to stabilize, and then get together again. Have a chat together.

But who would have thought that this waiting is a farewell, two of the five people actually died!

“It’s a cultist! We found a group of cultists in the abandoned dock. They are covered with a hard carapace, and they also have scorpion-like venomous tail spines…”

Alexia cried and recounted the nightmare experience. Because she was in a state of mental breakdown, there were many incoherent points in her description. Fortunately, Andre’s intelligence was high enough to quickly figure out the whole The process, especially the name of the demon Taman, has been heard personally shortly after arriving in Linton City, and even known that an evil organization called “Vicious Tail Hook” is trying to summon it to the material world. And the master behind the scenes is no one else, it is Lauretta.

“Your Excellency! Those cultists are very crazy! It can even be said to be sick! They actually throw the baby into the cage, let the scorpion sting alive, and then eat it as food.” Alger gnashing teeth Added.

Andre took a deep breath, turned to the old man sitting in the chair and said: “Master Barcelona, ​​I’m very sorry, I’m afraid I have to stop the conversation between us temporarily, because the next thing is revenge. Time.”

“It’s okay, President, I can understand your feelings, but please remember that the Mage Association will always be your most loyal supporter. If there is any need, please be sure to notify , I promise that no matter who dares to be your enemy, he will taste how terrifying the mage’s anger is.”

After that, the old man stood up and performed a mage ceremony, turned and opened the door, and disappeared At the end of the corridor.

Watching the oldest member of the association leave, Andre immediately squinted his eyes and asked in a soft voice: “Tell me, which abandoned dock are those cultists?”

Although he didn’t have a trace of anger when he spoke, Bill couldn’t help but shiver. As a mage apprentice, he really knew what this tone meant, which meant that a comparison would happen soon. Killing and death are more terrifying things…

Alger endured the fear in his heart, lifts the head replied: “At Dock Three! That is the one that originally belonged to Duke Ian before. Your Excellency, Could you please greet those cultists for me before killing them?”

“no! No need! I will bring their souls back! You can greet them in person later. “After saying this, Andre raised his hand and snapped his fingers, mobilizing the power of the mage tower, and instantly disappeared in place.

After only a second…

He walked through most of the city and appeared in the scorched dock.

Following the pungent smell, he quickly found the entrance of the tunnel, and with dark vision, he clearly saw a large number of scorpions burned to death by flames, and two of them could not distinguish the original face. The purpose is to burn the corpse, you don’t need to ask, this must be Charlie and Steve.

Andre stepped closer, extended the hand touched the corpse, and found that the soul had left, not at all stuck in the material world.

This shows that the two people accepted their death frankly, without any regret or reluctance, let alone a little bit of confusion.

“You guys are really free and easy…” Andre murmured and sighed.

Be aware that he originally wanted to intercept the souls of the two and wait for the opportunity to resurrect. After all, Olaer continent is a world full of supernatural powers. As long as they are willing to pay the corresponding price, it is not too difficult to come back from the dead.

But if the deceased give up the resurrection and go to the kingdom of the gods, then if you want to resurrect them, you need to get your consent and discuss with the gods, otherwise the resurrection will be impossible.

Confirming that there is no valuable information around, Andre continues to go deep along the tunnel, and it doesn’t take long to enter the cave. Before he starts to observe the internal structure, he hears not far away. There was a fierce argument.

“Damn! Those adventurers escaped! What should we do now? They will definitely bring people back!”

“Kill! Sacrifice all the intruders to Great Taman!”

“Shut up! If you have a bit of brain, you should understand! Our current strength is not enough to fight against large-scale enemies! Especially mages and priests!”

“The running dogs of the gods are not worth mentioning! There is the power bestowed by the great Taman! We can kill them all!”


“hmph! My brain is really a bit It’s not normal. After exposure, I didn’t choose to escape, and I stayed here to make noise.”

Andre sneered and quickly blessed himself with a few protective spells, did not hide his whereabouts, and left the darkness generously. Under the cover, he greeted with a cold voice: “Good afternoon! Trash! I have a few small questions. Who of you can give the answer first, then I will let him receive less torture and die faster. No. One, who killed the two advertisers just now? Second, what is the relationship between you and Laurelta? Third, where is the array of summon demons hidden in this city?”

“Who are you?”

The leading cultist stood up fiercely and threatened with a scorpion-like tail with a sting.

But before he could make any substantive attacking actions, Andre’s right hand storage ring flashed a red light, followed by the air, a skeleton-shaped finger appeared gently One tick.

The cultist immediately began to tremble violently. After just a second or two, he spewed a black blood, twitched and fell to the ground and swallowed his last breath…

Such a strange death scared many cultists present. Although they were very crazy, even their spirits were a little abnormal, but this did not mean that they were not afraid of death.

I saw Andre raise his arm, grabbed the soul that had just floated from the corpse, and said blankly: “Sorry! The answer is wrong! Now your soul belongs to me! I just said, Who can be the first to give the answer I want, he can die faster, but you obviously did not do this, so I decided to imprison your soul and let you taste a soul ten thousand times more terrifying than death Torture.”

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