Arcane Lord Chapter 945

“I don’t know, maybe I really received the favor of the lucky Goddess?” Andre’s shrugged arm was indifferent, his eyes filled with joking and ridicule.

Although he was not quite clear who he was and encouraged the young man to test himself behind his back, it did not prevent him from enjoying the pleasure of revenge on the enemy.

After all, when he encountered the Kyrgyz fleet, he almost took his life, especially the powerful and strange ability of the ghost king Naved Rustam, even if he thinks of it now, he is scared witless.

Dandy didn’t know that he had a catastrophe, he still said in an arrogant tone: “Three days later! Just outside Linton City! Bring your private army and allies! Let’s have a real A contest between nobles! In the name of War God! Only one of you and I are destined to survive!”

“Hehe, as you wish, we will be on the outskirts of Linton at noon three days later , Come to a war between nobles, the victor gets everything, the loser loses everything.” As he said, Andre took the white glove from the half-orc del hand and threw it directly at the young man’s face.

In order to thoroughly irritate and humiliate the opponent, he deliberately used supermodel skills-spell Instant!

Without a sound, using the zero-level Arcane magic trick, the material of the glove was changed from a soft cloth to something as hard as a stone.

Everyone only heard a bang, and Dandy, who was unable to dodge, let out a scream. Blood was splashed across his face instantly. Fortunately, Knight’s physical fitness was far beyond ordinary, otherwise he could have a concussion. Come.

Covering his nose that kept bleeding out, his eyes were quickly congested, and he was about to rush to retaliate without saying anything.

However, before Dandy was within ten meters of Andre, he was stopped by a man wearing a linen robe with his bare hands.

I saw this man waving his fist at a speed that naked eye could hardly catch, falling on the opponent like raindrops, making a crackling sound like fried beans, and a powerful person in the blink of an eye Knight, lying on the ground alive, vomiting blood.

He is no one else, but Celeste, the monk from the summon of the wizard card.

Of course, the monks on the Olaer continent are not at all directly related to the monks of Earth. Their exercise method is more similar to the cultivator of painstaking cultivation, that is, to give up material enjoyment and use their life energy to temper themselves. Physically, to pursue spiritual tranquility and satisfaction.

It is this double training from the body to the spirit that allows the monk to obtain an incomparable attack speed, and even the thieves, who are known for their agility, have to bow down.

They don’t wear any armor, armor, or use weapons other than clubs. Most of the time, they can defeat monsters like ogre and trolls with just a pair of fists.

If you are playing against a fully armed Knight, Celeste may not be able to take advantage of it, but if Knight neither wears armor nor draws a sword, then there are ten more , He can also throw it to the ground with no difficulty.

Looking at the battered and exhausted youth, Andre stretched out his right hand under the gaze of countless pairs of eyes, and patted the opponent’s face with a very insulting gesture.

“Remember, no matter who asked you to provoke me today, tell him for me, just say this method, don’t use it a second time, otherwise I don’t mind letting them disappear. , Whether it’s the soul or the body. As for you poor beast, just enjoy the next three days, because after three days, you and your family will be history forever.”

“Bah! hehehehe! Do you think you are determined to win? No! You don’t know who you are against!” Dandy vomited blood from his mouth, retorted with a grim expression.

“I don’t want to know, and I don’t need to know, because three days later, I will show my true identity to the entire Linton City. I hope you won’t be scared to pee your pants. Go away, I don’t like talking to idiots.”

After that, Andre waved his hand at his entourage and motioned to let him go. Otherwise, with the few entourage brought by him, he couldn’t leave alive. .

I don’t know if it was because of a big loss. Dandy didn’t continue to provoke him. He just gave a vicious look, wiped the blood on his mouth, and turned around to squeeze. After passing the crowd, ride the carriage and disappear at the end of the street.

Behind him, there are more than 20 nobles who are burning with anger. You don’t need to ask, they must be allies of the Blood Marquis Kyrgyz.

After watching this group of guys who had been sentenced to death leave, Andre turned his head, smiled and said to the old George and his allies behind him: “Everyone, have you heard? I just came back and there was an idiot. I gave a generous gift. Who knows what the Bruce family’s properties are? I have to make some preparations in advance, otherwise I will be in a hurry to take over so much property at once.”

This sentence has just been exported. , Immediately caused a burst of have a big laughter.

Countess Anastasia even shuddered with a smile, teased breathlessly: “Don’t worry, if there are not enough staff, I would be happy to lend you a few steward first. “

“hahahaha! That’s right! As a family with hundreds of years of inheritance, we all have enough steward to help you tide over difficulties at any time. In addition, as far as I know, the Bruce family’s main industry They are all focused on maritime trade. Since the loss of overwhelming majority ships, they have only left two large estates, a mansion in the noble district, a warehouse and four shops.”

As the leader of the conservative aristocracy, the old George knew well about the estates of most of the aristocrats in the city. He didn’t even need to investigate specifically, and he opened up and shakes out Dandy’s old bottom.

Undoubtedly, since knowing what happened in Bacaro City, Andre’s allies have almost blindly trusted him. In their opinion, even the famous Griffin Knight regiment Was beaten and disabled, even more how is a trifling Bruce family.

George clearly felt this unusual atmosphere, subconsciously frowned: “Are you sure you want to fight Dandy outside the city? There are many allies behind him, especially those radicals who have suffered heavy losses. The faction will definitely be sent out.”

“Your Excellency, don’t worry, do you think I will give a group of mobs for nothing? And this General Zach is still waiting for your reply, let the messenger Waiting is not our way of hospitality.”

Speaking, Andre stretched out his left index finger and waved it in the air very concealedly.

In an instant!

A deep blue flame symbolizing the prince of Fire Element-Isol Desser appeared in front of the three dukes. Although the duration was very short, they all discovered the terrifying energy contained in it.

Especially Laureta, who is an archmage, immediately released a dangerous aura, unabashedly staring at the hot rays of light in his eyes.

Obviously, he is almost unable to bear his mental excitement, and maybe he will suddenly do it in the next second…

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