Arcane Lord Chapter 946

Seeing that the expression on the other person’s face became more and more crazy, Andre squinted his eyes and reminded meaningfully: “Dear Lord Lauret, you will not forget us. Isn’t it agreed?”

“No, no, no, of course I won’t forget, but I’m just a little excited, I think you should understand it, don’t you?” Laureta quickly converged in danger His eyes were replaced with a smile of harmless to humans and animals.

Because of the very short time, the other two dukes were attracted by the deep blue flames, so they didn’t notice the abnormality he showed just now.

However, President Boris, who was standing a little farther away, was keenly aware of the flash of magical power fluctuations, and a strange flash in his eyes, silently remembering it, planning to investigate after returning. The details of the other party.

After all, that many spellcasters in Linton City, almost every one has a file in the Wizards Guild, but none of these files belong to Lauret at all.

Why does a duke at the apex of the pyramid of power hide his cast level?

Just thinking about it makes people feel incredible!

With President Boris’s terrifying intelligence, if you think about it a little bit, you can think of many strange things that happened recently…

Confirm that Laureta did not intend to do it immediately , Andre’s tense nerves relaxed a little, and replied calmly: “Of course, I can understand that anyone who sees the deep blue flame will inevitably get a little excited. But please be careful, try not to make me misunderstand. Action, otherwise it’s difficult for me to guarantee that I will take some extreme defensive measures.”

“No problem, I apologize for the behavior just now. To show my sincerity, I decided to hold a special event for you. How about the celebration banquet in three days? I believe that after slapping those annoying flies, you must relax and relieve the fatigue of the journey.”

After that, Lauretta’s body Leaning forward slightly, bowed gracefully.

Although he doesn’t quite understand what the hell is happening, Andre is still polite and nodded: “Yes, I am happy to accept your apology and invitation, I hope your banquet will not be as boring as a normal banquet .”

“Hehe, don’t worry, I will definitely arrange some special entertainment programs to ensure that you won’t get bored. You must know that you gave me two surprises in a row today, I naturally I’ll give you two surprises too.”

After saying this pun, Laureta turned around and jumped onto the carriage and drove away.

Obviously, he has already felt a strong threat from Andre, and he cannot slowly play the cat-and-mouse game like a few months ago.

Glancing at the gorgeous carriage running toward the city center, Duke Georgie lowered his voice and asked, “You have a feast with Laurel? It feels like the conversation between you is like a collision of a knife and a sword. It’s about to sparkle.”

Andre shook the head lightly and replied with a smile: “No, you are misunderstood. Your Excellency Laureta and I are just playing a fun game. He used to have the upper hand, and I just grabbed the advantage, so he was a little too excited. Rather than caring about this, you might as well make a judgment on the surrender letter, knowing that there are many people waiting for you to announce the result.”

“Just a game?” Duke Alexander raised his eyebrows, his face full of unbelief.

“It’s just a game!”

Andre didn’t want to be entangled in this issue, so he emphasized it again with a very positive tone.

To some extent, he not at all lied, because in the eyes of the undead king, letting two exchanges of overflowing backs compete against each other was originally a game, but also a mage. Our tradition, and only in this fierce competition, the mind and brain of the young mage can grow rapidly, and eventually become a powerful spellcaster who can be alone.

As for Linton City and its surrounding areas, whether it will become a dead city due to this cruel trial is not within his consideration.

Seeing that he couldn’t ask anything at all, Duke Georgie also entangled more, holding up the surrender book in his hand, and shouting to everyone:

“Ladies! Gentlemen!

This letter of surrender was issued by the Barcaro City Council!

With the seal of the Great Commander of Nehmeyadena!

Now I officially announce to you!

The trade war is over!

Andre Baron defeated our old rivals! We won the victory for us!

Cheers loudly!

Cheers for our heroes!

Cheers for victory!

Starting at night today, the whole Linton City has a carnival for a day. Later there will be free drinks and food!”

tone barely fell!

The dock plunged into a boiling ocean instantly!

Countless unreasonable people broke up the army and ran wildly on the wide streets of the city. The news that Bacaro City submitted the surrender letter spread throughout the city in less than half an hour.

As more and more people take to the streets, the carnival finally begins…

But these have nothing to do with Andre, because he is busy looking at the emergence in the retina Information.

“The big task-the trade war is completed!”

“Congratulations! Your camp has won a perfect victory!”

“You won five Ten thousand points EXP!”

“You have obtained the super magic speciality——spell extremely effective (when you release all the magic, automatically select the large value, for example, the damage spell will inevitably achieve the strongest killing effect. The duration of the continuous spell is extended to the theoretical maximum, but the disadvantage is that it needs to consume advanced spell bits to memorize the same as spell instantaneous)

“You have obtained the Fifth Level spell scroll-magic constant spell ( A certain magic is permanently blessed on the target)! “

“You have obtained the Fifth Level spell scroll-mind connection (create a mind position that connects yourself and your allies, so that everyone can communicate with each other without speaking or taking any action. communicate with)! “

After reading all the information, Andre hidden in the palm of his sleeve, suddenly there were two exquisite magic scrolls. He didn’t even look at it, so he stuffed it directly into the scroll box around his waist. Immediately after asking Amos in his mind: “You created these things? What is the significance of this? “

“Yes, all mission EXP and mission rewards are created by me after pumping energy. The purpose of this is to cultivate your various abilities, including combat skills, casting speed, way of thinking about problems, etc. You will accumulate enough experience and experience for each mission. “

Without any concealment, Amos directly used its metallic feel voice to answer this question directly.

It is like a conscientious teacher, guiding Staggering forward on the road of magic with his master until reaching the end.

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