Arcane Lord Chapter 947

Obviously, Andre doesn’t like the feeling of being manipulated, so he immediately retorted in a questioning tone: “Are you sure this can exercise me? How do I feel it’s more like a restriction I quickly raise the bottleneck of the cast level! If I can allocate more energy to me, I can increase the mage level to thirteen and master the seventh level Arcane of countless mage yearn for something even in dreams!”

“Sorry, I am not like Mogadishu, I have the right to independent judgment and choice.

All my behavioral norms have been determined at the moment of creation, and they cannot be changed. There is no compromise.

Because according to the creator’s theory, human beings are complex and sensitive intelligent creatures, especially endless desires and fragile feelings, which will always affect their sanity. Only through material and spiritual incentives can human beings continue to move in the right direction.

Although according to your behavior, I can feel that calmness and reason occupy 7% More than ten, but occasionally it is inevitable to be impulsive.

My duty is to reduce the occurrence of similar situations as much as possible by posting various tasks.”

Amos’s explanation is straightforward, ruthless, and even ruthless to expose the most essential things in human nature.

Perhaps in its view, overwhelming majority humans are just a group of poor bugs dominated by desires, living mediocre all their lives, until the day they die, they don’t understand what they really need.

Of course, this situation is not all the fault of human nature itself, but a unique feeling slowly derived in the process of biological evolution.

For example, when reproducing offspring, humans can get the pleasure of Supreme from mating, because reproduction can ensure the continuation and expansion of the entire race.

For another example, eating sweets rich in high-calorie, people will feel happy and enjoy, because the sugar in sweets can bring more energy.

Similarly, salty things can also make people feel that food is more delicious, because it can bring necessary salt to the body.

The opposite of the above is pain, nausea, dizziness and other discomfort symptoms.

For example, when the body is hurt, any normal person will immediately feel pain, and this pain will remind them of the specific part of the problem.

Generally speaking, if a person’s pain nerve fails, it will be difficult for that person to live for too long, because there is no pain, and he does not know that he is injured. Maybe when he notices it, He had lost too much blood and died.

Apart from this, when people see cockroaches, flies and mice, they will instinctively feel sick and want to stay away because they carry bacteria and viruses that are harmful to the human body. If they are infected, they will Lead to very terrifying consequences.

In short, the magical nature, by adjusting certain mechanisms of human beings within the body, allows them to move towards their own benefit as much as possible.

However, these sensory enjoyments also make human beings unconsciously indulged in them. Only those few individuals who can control their desires will use their energy to use other aspects to stand out among their own kind and become A genius praised by countless people.

As a soul from the information explosion era, Andre knows how difficult it is to suppress desire.

Imagine that when a person is always surrounded by countless beauties, food, wine, money, rights, then he will continue to hide in the empty mage tower, alone endures loneliness and Boring, studying profound magic around the clock?

Obviously, 99% of people are unlikely to choose the latter, especially when hormones begin to be secreted in large quantities, a strong impulse will dominate the brain, making them or they involuntarily have sex .

Perhaps as there is a saying, both men and women are actually animals that think in the lower body. Therefore, during the ancient magical civilization period, there were that many mages who chose to transform themselves into Lich form. They can get rid of their desires completely and devote themselves to the study of magic.

Thinking about all of this, Andre understands that the creator of Amos is right. He really needs an overseer to make sure he stays away from temptation and unswervingly follows the path of magic.

So he took a deep breath and said in his mind: “I think I understand, continue to perform your duties.”

“Thank you very much for your understanding, to know For a mage, although career level is a very important ruler, knowledge and experience are also very important.

You are now a Level 12 mage, mastering the power of Arcane at level 6, but in The basic aspect is still quite weak, and even large-scale magic experiments and advanced magic items have not been personally participated in.

I personally think you better stop upgrading the mage level and focus on this aspect, it is best Try to create a golem, or a living body transformation, which can greatly improve your understanding of the transformation of matter and energy.”

Amos uses that metallic feel sound to give in his mind A pertinent suggestion came out.

Although it is only an independent thinking consciousness, but in terms of magic, it is definitely not much worse than any Legendary mage.

“Understood, when the annoying flies are solved, I will calm down and make a golem by myself, a unique and different form of golem…”

After saying these words, Andre let his consciousness withdraw from his brain and return to the banquet being held in the city hall.

Since the news of Bacaro’s surrender spread to thousands of households, everyone has fallen into a blind optimism. Under the proposal of Duke Georgie, this party was temporarily held to participate in Most of them were nobles and merchants in the city.

Their purpose is very simple, that is to get to know Andre who is in the limelight. After all, the only thing that can protect Linton City from pirates is the Arcane Eye, which is docked at the dock.

So whether it is for the safety of your own property or to inquire about the huge artillery of formidable power, anyway, these people have various purposes. Even not long ago, there was a Business The Chief-In-Charge of the Group hopes to hire Arcane Eye to escort their merchant ship.

But unfortunately, Andre refused the other party’s proposal without even thinking about it.

Now that most of the pirates are under the control of the Alliance, how could he destroy the entire plan for a little profit?

Apart from this, countless aristocratic Young Lady and socialites also make Andre feel very uncomfortable. His eyes are like hungry wolves, wanting to swallow him alive.

Fortunately, he was prepared to bring Fiancee Chloe with him, otherwise he might have been blocked in a corner of no one and become the dinner of the wolves.

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