Arcane Lord Chapter 948

“Hey, dear, you don’t seem to like occasions like this, do you?” Chloe blinked and asked.

She is now wearing a white corset and long skirt, with white lace gloves on her hands, and white stockings on her feet. She looks beautiful and sexy, except for a little thin, basically Can’t find any shortcomings.

Of course, in the eyes of the overwhelming majority, this kind of body and face with little flesh is a huge defect in itself. Although it is not ugly, it certainly does not have the plump body that is convex and curled. More attractive.

But in Andre’s opinion, Chloe is the woman who really fits her aesthetics, so she kissed her soft lips and smiled and replied: “Yes, I hate this endless Tentative and entertaining, and I also noticed that you are the same as me, aren’t you?”

“hehe! Yes, I hate attending such boring parties, no bard performances, no clowns Amused and no joy of singing and dancing, some are just boring temptations and exchanges of interest.” Chloe complained, holding his fiancé’s arm.

Although she is often confused, she is a typical natural dull or white silly sweet, but she will never make a mistake in looking at this critical issue.

Andre has always been very curious about what kind of tutor is that can teach such wonderful students.

Just when he was about to ask, he suddenly saw a complexion pale youth not far away. There seemed to be a conflict with Mabel. Both sides flushed, and both put their hands on the hilt. As if blood would splash on the spot in the next second, Fiona lay on the chair with her eyes closed, seeming to be asleep.

“Damn! Why can trouble always find me…”

With a low cursed cursed, Andre hurriedly pulled the cheerful Chloe to the scene of the incident, frowns He scolded: “Stop it to me! Who can explain, what is going on?”

“This crap! I actually tried to add drugs to Fiona’s wine and wanted Drag her into the opposite room!” Mabel roared loudly, angry.

But it’s no wonder. After all, any brother who finds out that someone is trying to attack his younger sister will react fiercely. He didn’t pull out the sword on the spot and smashed the opponent. It is already very sensible. Up.

Hearing these words, Andre’s eyes sharpened instantly, and his whole person released a terrifying imposing manner. In just a few seconds, the surrounding air dropped several degrees.

As a superior who is about to ascend to the apex of power in Linton City, how could he tolerate the life saving benefactor of someone bullying him? Even more how is such a trick.

The more sensitive nobles felt that the surrounding air was freezing and freezing. They couldn’t help but shudder and cast their eyes here.

Especially the host of the banquet, Duke Georgie, immediately left a noblewoman in her thirties and hurried over to persuade her and said: “Calm down! My friend! Please be calm! No matter what! What happened just now, I promise to give you a satisfactory explanation!”

“Explain?” Andre’s mouth curled up slightly, said with a cold laugh: “Your Excellency, you know what this pair of siblings is Who?

They are my life saving benefactor!

They fished me out of the sea!

I got rid of the drowning Destiny!

I promised to give them a respectable identity, and from then on, they can live a prosperous life even without doing anything.

But now!

Someone dared to use this despicable method at the banquet!

I don’t even want to know who he is and which family member he is. I just want to wash this with his blood Humiliation to the siblings!

Don’t talk nonsense!


Isn’t that idiot planning to draw his sword anyway?”

Mable turned around, with gratitude in his eyes. He is not an idiot. He clearly knows what this remark means on this occasion.

“Oh… well, just do what you said, and use a one-on-one duel to resolve the conflict. Now everyone backs up a little bit and makes room, and the two gentlemen will Have a life and death duel!”

I don’t know if it was to please Andre or for other reasons. In short, Duke Georgie never tried to dissuade him, but instead helped to free up a large area for the guests.

Obviously, this kind of behavior is very abnormal, and anyone with a little brain can perceive that it is likely to conceive a conspiracy.

Andre is not an idiot. Of course, he also knows that he may have been designed, but now that he cannot go back, he can only squint his eyes to watch the development of the situation and see who is so big. He has the courage to play such small moves with himself.

After clearing the open space, Duke Georgie stood in the middle and said to the two youngsters who were about to undergo a life and death battle: “Remember! Throwing weapons are not allowed! No insults are allowed! Not to mention. Use irrelevant personnel as shields! Understand?”

“Understand!” Mabel forcefully nodded.

He can feel that the power called anger is flowing in his blood vessels, and he can tear the enemy into pieces with just his hands.

The youth’s eyes are a bit erratic, and also nodded: “Understand!”

“Very well! I will give you one minute preparation time, after one minute, the duel will begin!” , Georgi took out an hourglass from his waist pocket and placed it on the table in front of everyone.

It is a typical one minute hourglass. When the last grain of sand falls from the narrow bottleneck to the other side, two people can start to do it.

Looking down and meditating for a few seconds, Andre took two steps forward, pasted Mabel’s ear, and whispered: “Don’t hesitate! Kill your opponent directly! If it is convenient, try to show the scene Look bloody and cruel.”

“I see…” Mabel responded with clenched fists.

In fact, he originally planned to do the same. You must know that he even committed a murder and sunken body not long ago in order to protect the younger sister.

One minute time is fleeting!

As the last grain of sand fell, the unknown youth quickly drew out the long sword and stab at the opponent at a very fast speed.

He obviously has undergone rigorous sword technique training, his steps are light and steady, and his sword swings are extremely accurate. As a non-professional person, he is already quite good.

But it’s a pity that this time he faced Mabel, who had just become a Level 1 fighter, and saw that the latter didn’t take much effort at all. With no difficulty, he blocked the cold light flashing point of the sword. .

Taking advantage of the pause at the moment of the youth’s impact, Mabel grinned and pulled out another giant sword, fiercely hacked it down……

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