Arcane Lord Chapter 949

“pu! ”

With the weird sound, the hateful he shot the opponent alive and split the opponent in half!

The enemy’s hands are even corroded by strong acid, showing severe carbonization!

There is no doubt that the young man who was smashed has died so much that he can no longer die. The magical giant sword-Hegram triggered the supernatural power attached to it at the moment of hitting, and he even screamed Before it came out, the scene seemed to be extremely bloody, especially the brain splatter splashing out of the skull, enough to make the ordinary person vomit out the overnight meal.

However, none of the nobles and merchants present vomited, even the delicate aristocratic Young Lady and his wife were no exception. There were a few eyes that showed excitement and expectation.

After all, Olaer continent is a world full of barbarity and ignorance, so the ruling class here may be arrogant, cruel, cruel, lustful, greedy, shameless, stupid, but not weak.

Don’t look at everyone at the banquet showing a polite appearance, but behind the scenes, they have already killed more than one person.

Chloe once revealed that when she was twelve years old, she was persecuted by the family Knight and executed several Highway Robbery bandits.

Looking at the ground like the tragic scene of a car accident, Andre patted Mabel on the shoulder, motioned him to back up, followed himself two steps forward, and picked up a depiction from the bloody corpse. A sneer soon appeared on his face with a seal ring with a stag pattern.

“hmph! The Rackett family? Who can tell me how he is related to Duke Ian?”

“My dear, this guy is called Irving, he is Duke Ian Your younger brother.” Chloe reminded quietly from the side.

“Duke Ian?”

Andre seemed to have thought of something, glanced at Georgie and Alexander with a meaningful look, then bent down to observe the eyeballs of the corpse, and he found it Spell marks remaining in the pupils.

It is important to know that after a normal person dies, the pupils will expand, while those who are controlled by magic or phantoms will not expand after death, but will shrink. This phenomenon will last for a few minutes. It takes a few hours.

Obviously, this bad luck egg called Owen was used by others to provoke him to war with Duke Ian.

With Andre’s IQ, it took almost no effort to lock the two most suspected people.

Without any hesitation, he directly said to Georgie: “Your Excellency, I think you need to explain to me. Don’t say that you don’t know anything, it’s not just an insult to me. IQ is really insulting your own IQ, isn’t it?”

Now even the onlookers smelled the conspiracy in the air, and they raised their ears, wanting to know what happened. It will not be a civil war between the dukes.

George seems not to at all intend to conceal his intentions, slightly smiled, and replied in a low voice: “Of course! I will give you a satisfactory explanation, please follow me. In addition, let you The lovely fiancee stay outside and take the conversation between the two. It’s best not to be heard by too many people.”

“Wait a minute, I need to arrange it.”

Said Then, Andre turned around, kissed the girl’s forehead lightly, and warned repeatedly: “Take Mabel and Fiona straight home immediately. Don’t go out anyway before I go back. I I have a foreboding that a storm is coming soon…”

Chloe has always been obedient to his fiancé, without the slightest hesitation nodded: “Understand, take care of them.”


“So good!”

Kissing the girl on the cheek again, Andre went straight to Duke Georgie’s side: “Lead the way, sir, I can’t wait to know, you and Alexander What is the Duke planning, he wants to involve me too.”

“Hehe, relax, my friend, I promise that this matter will only do you good, not bad.” Georgi said. While speaking, he made a please gesture, and then walked quickly towards the reception room at the back of the hall.

Alexander also threw away the wine glass in his hand, followed closely from behind, and disappeared from everyone’s sight in the blink of an eye.

Seeing that the three most important protagonists in the banquet have already left, and the rest of the people have no intention to continue. After a while, they walked away clean, leaving only the bloody corpses on the ground. .

The servants dare not touch it at all, because this corpse is Duke Ian’s younger brother, no one wants to approach it easily, and they don’t want to get involved in a terrifying political storm.

Just when Andre was with the two dukes’ spies, a man covered in cloak and hood, led by Benson, came to Widowmaker’s office.

Bonnie, who has become the queen of Underground World in Linton City, squinted his eyes and looked up and down. After one minute, he asked: “I heard you are looking for me?”


“Yes, my master wants to entrust you to send a message to Your Excellency Andre, hoping that he can take a trip to the cemetery on the west side of the city before midnight today. This is a token.” , The man took out an exquisitely carved lion seal from his pocket, gently placed it on the table, then bowed respectfully, turned and left.

But before he walked out of the room, Bonnie stopped him: “Wait! How did you know that I could contact Mage Andre? You know he is the hero of this city now, and I It’s just a little gang leader.”

The man slightly smiled, teased in a playful tone: “Madam, now except for those who know nothing about civilians, who does not know you are his in Linton City? Lover, so please don’t deceive yourself.

Otherwise, you think that with these mobs, you can bring most of the slums under control? Even the city defense forces will ignore them?

No, they are all I am afraid of Mage Andre, the huge power standing behind him, and the terrifying potential he has shown himself.

Don’t worry, my master is not his enemy, just wants to meet. See if we can reach a deal, that’s all.”

After talking about this remark, the man pulled his hood hard, turned and disappeared in the dark corridor. The surrounding thugs didn’t get the boss’s help. Order, so it was not blocked.

Looking at the lion seal on the table, Bonnie directly asked the man standing aside: “Scar, do you know this stuff?”

The latter picked up the seal carefully After checking for a few seconds, I quickly nodded: “Of course, this is the mark of the Bruce family. Only direct family members are eligible to wear it.”

“The Bruce family? They weren’t just a few hours ago. Arranged with Andre to fight to the death outside the city in three days? Why do you suddenly play this hand now?” Bonnie frowned asked.

As a gang boss, her eyeliner can be found in every corner of the city. This kind of big event will be transmitted back through the intelligence network in 15 minutes at most, and placed at the desk.

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