Arcane Lord Chapter 950

“The conditions are insufficient, I cannot be sure, but like this kind of Great Family with a long history, internal struggles have always been fierce. Maybe someone is dissatisfied with Dandy sitting in the Position of Patriarch. It was a pre-war deception. Anyway, I think it’s best to send the message to Your Excellency Andre as soon as possible. With his wisdom, he will definitely be able to make a more wise judgment than us.”

Scar guy shrugged , Tell your guesses, and give corresponding suggestions.

After so long of understanding, he has almost figured out who the woman in front of him is backstage, so he is not surprised at all.

Although in the eyes of many upper-class people, gangs belong to the kind of garbage organization that integrates dirty, dirty, mean, shameless, and betrayal. You only need to move their little fingers to crush them all. dead.

In the eyes of Scars, Widowmaker Bonnie’s forces are clearly beyond the scope of ordinary gangs, and they are being moved towards the development of underground unions that integrate intelligence gathering, assassination, and infiltration.

More importantly, this organization not only has a strong background, but also has many industries with first-class profitability. There is no shortage of human, material and financial resources. The only thing lacking is the precipitation of time.

Maybe it still looks very fragile at the moment, but as long as you rest assured to develop for ten years, you will surely become a daunting huge monster.

Of course, the premise of all this is that Andre, as the backstage, must not have any accidents, otherwise the nobles and businessmen who have begun to feel threatened will immediately rush up, ruthless will take shape of the slums Torn to pieces.

Widowmaker Bonnie obviously understands this truth, without the nodded of the slightest hesitation: “You are right. We are good at collecting, not making decisions. Arrange a carriage immediately, I want Take a trip in person.”

“As you wish, boss!” Scary bowed with one hand on his chest, dragged his injured leg, limped and disappeared into the corridor .

Ten minutes later, a black carriage with no decorations set off from the slum, moved towards the city hall, and quickly disappeared into the darkness…

At the same time, in the secret room behind the city hall, a conspiracy is underway.

“You two, you can explain now.” As soon as he sat down, Andre urged coldly.

What he hates most is being exploited, so there is no respect in his tone at all, as if the person sitting opposite him is the Duke who is not standing at the apex of Linton City’s power.

George shook the head with a smile indifferently: “Hehe, calm down, my friend, this is just a small misunderstanding. After all, what we are going to talk about next is too important. , I must make sure that you completely sever the relationship with the Lakit family, and blood feud is the safest.”

After listening to this remark, Andre would be a complete idiot if he doesn’t understand it anymore.

There is no doubt that the bloody conflict just now was completely controlled by the two old foxes in front of them. Their target is not someone else, but the most recently lost Duke Ian!

In other words, the original duke alliance, which was monolithic, is now disbanded. Some people can’t wait to devour their former allies in order to strengthen themselves.

After thinking of this, Andre’s lips curled up slightly and asked in a playful tone: “Interesting, if I understand correctly, are you planning to pull up Duke Ian and his family by the roots? By the way, is this a cannibalism?”

“No, of course not, as an outsider, you don’t seem to understand the duke’s selection mechanism.

The Duke of Linton City has never come from hereditary, but strength. Only the four nobles with the strongest overall strength will be crowned with the title of Duke, but our four families are firmly occupied A lot of resources, so he has always been a duke for hundreds of years, giving everyone the illusion that the duke will always belong to the Four Great Families.

But now, Ian and his family have He has lost too much power to be called a duke anymore. If he is smart enough, he should have surrendered the title, and then surrender all the benefits in the city, obediently and honestly stay in the manor and hibernate and slowly accumulate strength. , Waiting for the chance to rise again.

But obviously, he did not at all, and he still hopes to scare those who begin to stir with his empty name.

As a Duke, I will never allow this to happen, let alone those who are not strong enough to sit on an equal footing with us.

even more how, we have to squeeze out some place to make room for you, Isn’t it? Your Excellency Duke of Flames!”

As he said, a meaningful smile appeared on Ian’s face, like a stern, sophisticated, by fair means or foul politician.

But he is more dangerous than the politicians on Earth, because politicians can’t raise a large private army.

Andre knows that the other party is dragging himself into the water. As long as he participates in the operation against Ian, it is equivalent to joining the Duke League.

After carefully analyzing the pros and cons in his mind, he sneered and spread his hands: “Well, it seems that I have no reason to refuse. But one thing, I don’t need a duke title. Lady Nasta Xixia became the new duke, what do you think?”

The beard on Alexander touched the chin for a moment, refreshingly nodded: “Yes! Anyway, the title of the duke is yours, you think Who should be your own spokesperson? That’s your business. We won’t interfere easily. It seems that you have made up your mind to inherit the post of President of the Boris Master Mage Association.”

“No Wrong, I am a mage, from beginning to end, so I don’t like to waste too much time in government affairs all day.” Andre doesn’t care about shrugged and admits it generously.

“hahahaha! Putting it that way, the misunderstanding between us is cleared, right?” Duke Ian picked up a bottle of last year’s new wine from the shelf and poured it for everyone A cup.

Due to the limitation of brewing technology, many wines are not cellared as long as possible. Take wine as an example. If it is stored for more than three years, it is likely to change directly from wine to grape vinegar. When entertaining guests, the newer wines tend to be more popular.

If you entertain guests with several decades and hundreds of years of wine in this World, such as a mysterious liquid in 1982, you will not be praised, but will be secretly despised. The guests are very You may think you are going to fool people with old vinegar…

Sniffing the fragrance of the new wine lightly, Duke Ian raised the glass loudly and said: “For our friendship and cooperation! Cheers!”




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