Arcane Lord Chapter 951

After discussing how to divide up the Lakit family’s property, Andre left the city hall soon, planning to go back and get ready.

But shortly after he walked out of the gate, he was stopped by a black carriage without any decoration.

I saw the person sitting in the driver’s position jumped down, bowed respectfully, and then gently opened the door of the car. During the whole process, he didn’t say a word, and he simply interpreted the silence is gold. Extreme.

As a Level 12 mage, Andre can completely ignore most of the assassinations, so without thinking about it, he went straight up.

What he absolutely didn’t expect was that

The kiss lasted until the two of them were about to suffocate, before they reluctantly separated…

Widowmaker’s beautiful face, Andre chuckled and asked: “Are you here to give me a surprise?”

“Why, not welcome?” Bonnie licked her lips, breathing heavily. Asked rhetorically.

“Hehe, how come, I’m like swallowing your cute little white sheep right now.” Then Andre immediately pressed Widowmaker on the chair and began to kiss her earlobe At the same time, he inserted his hand into the gap of the leather jacket. With five clever fingers, he unbuttoned with no difficulty, and took off his jacket in the blink of an eye.

The jerky Bonnie only felt that her brain was blank and could not resist the other party’s invasion. Before the last trace of sanity disappeared completely, she shouted at the driver: “Terry! Don’t let the carriage stop in place. The ground is too conspicuous!”

The coachman who received the order shut the door directly, returned to his position, quickly drove the carriage, and began to move around the streets of the city.

Gently stroking the lover’s smooth back, Andre teased in a half-cracking a joke tone: “My dear, what makes you so hungry and eager to come to you?”

Bonnie gave him a fiercely fiercely. She opened her mouth and bit on her shoulder, cursing loudly: “Damn! You bastard! Scum! I know some time ago there was news that you were being attacked. How sad am I to be killed in an ambush?”

“I’m so sorry that I worried you.”

Feeling the pain from the shoulder, Andre kissed his lover’s cheek. Hold it tightly in your arms.

He understands that this is a way for Widowmaker to express his love. Although it is a bit savage, it can give people a warm feeling in their hearts.

Because only the closest people can express their feelings and care for each other in this unscrupulous way.

“Promise me! Never do it again! Otherwise, I will bite off your flesh next time!” Bonnie threatened a deep breath.

Andre shrugged with a laugh: “No problem! I promise there will never be another time!”

Obviously, this is definitely lying, because as a The mage, especially the Owner of Arcane’s Eye, could not be dangerous. Once the gods who destroyed the ancient magical civilization knew his true identity, they might immediately take the most drastic measures to kill the danger in the cradle.

To some extent, since the moment he came to this World, he was destined to walk with danger and death.

But women…

Always sensibility is greater than rationality. Many times what they want is just a sentence of comfort. At this time, if a man is so upright, he will definitely suffer a big loss. of.

Simply use magic tricks to clean up the mucus and sweat on their bodies. The two quickly put on their clothes, pants and shoes again, and sat on the chairs to enjoy the night view of Linton City.

It took three to five minutes before Andre asked, “Is there nothing to tell me? As far as I know, you are not the kind of woman who makes a special trip for Yu Huan. “

Bonnie took out a booklet bound with parchment from under the seat, and a lion seal and stuffed it directly into Andre’s hand.

“Yes, the note contains everything that happened in Linton City since you left. The seal was sent by a sneaky man a few hours ago, and he asked me to tell you , His master hopes that you can take a trip to the graveyard in the Western District before midnight. I asked Scar, and he said that this seal is a token that can only be worn by direct members of the Bruce family.”

“Oh? A direct member of Bruce’s family?” Andre raised his eyebrows in surprise, checked the seal repeatedly, and quickly muttered to himself: “Interestingly, this thing is not fake, but real. According to me As you know, apart from the Blood Marquis Kyrgyz, there are only three direct members, right?”

After a few seconds of recollection, Bonnie immediately nodded: “Yes, they are eldest son Dandy, The second son Zebulun, the youngest daughter Susan. Because women have always been in a low status in this family, so the last one can basically be ruled out, either eldest son Dandy’s crafty plots and machinations, or the second son Zebulun I want to kill my brother.”

“Tell me about Zebulun.” Andre said over and over again, and started to read the contents of the notes over and over.

With his current intelligence, doing two things at the same time is simply an easy task. When necessary, it can even be used three times or four times.

“As everyone knows, Zebulun was checked out of the innate talent when he was five years old, and then he went to learn magic under the door of Mage Gavin Laurian. It was only recently that he began to appear in the public eye. Within.

According to my investigation, he went out to sea with his father some time ago, but then he didn’t know why, and suddenly Alone fled back.

After returning, Ze Bren had been to the Wizards’ Association once. It should be to see his mentor—Gavin Laurian. There seemed to be a fierce quarrel between the two. My spies reported that he was very irritable when he came out. The magic missile killed a poor beggar.”

Bonnie’s memory has always been very good. With no difficulty, she said the details about the second son of the Bruce family in her mind.

Andre hesitated after hearing this, and immediately asked: “Are you sure he went to sea with the Marquis of Blood?”

“Of course! Very sure! My people saw him and Several people dressed as mages got on the boat.” Bonnie gave the answer without even thinking about it.

“Interesting, Zebulun turned out to be a survivor of that disaster! It seems that I have to meet him anyway, at least to find out his attitude first.”

With a whispered whisper, Andre immediately instructed at the coachman: “Turn! Take me to the cemetery in the Western District immediately…”

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