Arcane Lord Chapter 952

Western District Cemetery Park is a special place located within the protection of the city wall. It is a bit similar to a cemetery, but only for people with a certain level of identity, status, and property. Qualifications are buried here.

In fact, most of the entire cemetery area has long been divided by the nobles and transformed into a family cemetery where they sleep for generations. Therefore, you can see tall and gorgeous tomb buildings, obelisks, and exquisite Many of the carvings were made by the master. If anyone could steal all the funerary objects here, he could instantly obtain wealth that would last a lifetime.

Of course, the nobles are not idiots. They know how many tomb robbers are waiting for the opportunity to spy on the funerary objects in the tomb. Therefore, an army of about two hundred people is always stationed around. Take action.

But I don’t know why. When Andre entered the cemetery, not at all saw signs of patrolling. The carriage was so unimpeded that he came to the God of Death statue in the center of the cemetery. next to.

Bonnie looked a little nervous. One of her hands was tightly holding the dagger around her waist. After more than three months of training, she was already a good thief, even though she was unlocking, pickpocketing and The detection of traps is still a bit immature, but it has been qualified in combat and stealth, especially the sneak attack and assassination level, which is much higher than the same level.

“Don’t be nervous, relax, we are here to negotiate, not to cause trouble, even more how even if there is a fight, you don’t need to take action.”

Andre tick Widowmaker lifted her sexy chin, sucked the other’s tongue, smiled and pushed the car door, and jumped off the carriage.

With the dual abilities of dark vision and secret technique vision, he soon discovered that behind the obelisk less than ten meters away from him, there was a big living person standing.

Without any hesitation, he directly threw the lion seal in his hand toward the tombstone, and said sarcastically: “Come out, Master Zebulun, I saw you. Are you so afraid of me, Why are you so sneaky even when you meet?”

“I’m sorry, I believe you should be clear, how many eyes are staring at us in the city now, so I have to be careful. even more how I have seen with my own eyes that you killed the King of Ghosts with incomparable power, and you also forcibly evaporated the entire fleet, as well as a large area of ​​seawater, and maintained fear and humility when facing the Duke of Flame, not as it should be by rights What happened?”

As he said, the silhouette hiding behind the obelisk caught the lion seal and walked out of the darkness slowly. It was Zeb, the second son of the Marquis of Blood. Lun.

His face is very pale, and the bags under his eyes and dark circles can tell from a glance that he hasn’t slept for at least a week. For a mage, this is extremely deadly.

Apart from this, his lips without a hint of blood also show that this young man’s body is in an extremely unhealthy state. If we continue, I’m afraid he will suddenly die without using others’ hands. .

“Are you on the boat?” Andre asked, narrowing his eyes.

Zebrun took a deep breath, gently nodded: “Yes, I was locked in the cabin of the flagship, and almost burned out in the terrifying flames.”

This answer obviously did not satisfy Andre. He continued to ask: “Then how did you escape? If I remember correctly, the sea within several hundred meters was within the envelope of flames.”

“It is a magic item. Before sailing, I exchanged a Teleportation Talisman article with the Barcelona master of the association at a great price. When I encountered a mortal danger, it would send me back to Lin. Duncheng, so I was lucky enough to escape.”

Zebrun didn’t mean to conceal at all, and generously told the secret of his survival in an attempt to gain the other’s trust. .

He knows how terrifying the youngster standing in front of him is, so from the very beginning he didn’t plan to play tricks, because when the power gap between the two sides reaches a certain level, even smart people can’t Reverse the overall situation.

Andre seemed to be aware of this, slightly smiled, and said in an approving tone: “Very good, you are one of the very few people who have self-knowledge, at least much better than your arrogant teacher, he just I still don’t know where I am, and I always like to play tricks with me, although this trick almost killed me.”

Zebrun bowed with one hand on his chest and smiled bitterly. sighed: “Sigh… I’ll tell you, Gavin Laurian is no longer my mentor, we fell out.”

“Oh? Why?” Andre raised his eyebrows in surprise.

Zebrun stretched out his hands helplessly, replied: “Because Gavin Laurian has been bewildered by the position of the president of the Mage Guild, and even plans to pull the Bruce family into the abyss. I believe you have met my brother, what do you think of him?”

“Is an impulsive, irritable, and mentally retarded idiot!” Andre gave an evaluation without even thinking about it.

“Yes, your description is very precise. As the first heir, Dandy doesn’t have enough brains to deal with complex political struggles. The long-term Knight training has made him like to use muscles. Instead of thinking with swords, I always want to solve the problem in the simplest and most violent way. I can’t just watch him ruin the whole family, so I will invite you to come out and talk today.”

After testing each other for a long time, Zebulun finally said his intentions at this moment.

Noble families have always been if one prospers, all prospers, if one suffers, all suffers. He could not watch the glorious Bruce family go to extinction.

Looking at the other’s nervous eyes, Andre smiled, and the smile was so happy, so impudent.

“hahahaha! It’s a pity, dear Zebrun, I have already agreed with that brother, three days later on the outskirts of Linton, a private battle will be used to decide who can survive , It is said that War God Cult will also send pastors for notarization. Those who win get everything, and those who lose make everything, including property, servants, slaves, and noble names.

You think I will give up personally. Do you think Dandy is capable of resisting my attacks, so you want to use it as a bargaining chip?

I can be very clear.

Let me tell you, the Bruce family was doomed to perish since your father got in touch with me. No one can save it.

I heard that you have a beautiful younger sister?


I look forward to tasting her taste after winning, and then hiring the best slave trainer to thoroughly train her into a cute pet…”

“Enough! I am! Warning! Don’t touch my younger sister! She is innocent!” Zebulun glared at his two bloodshot eyes and snarled frantically.

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