Arcane Lord Chapter 953

Seeing the youth standing opposite him, beginning to show signs of emotional loss, Andre’s mouth was drawn in a beautiful arc, extend the hand and shook gently: “No, no No, you are wrong. No one is innocent in this world. Now that your younger sister enjoys the benefits of the family, she must be prepared to be perish together with the family. Many noble families don’t educate their children in this way. Is it?”

Obviously, in the previous round of confrontation, he successfully captured the opponent’s weakness, that is, the young girl of the Bruce family, Agnes, who is only fifteen years old.

I am afraid that outsiders will never think that Zebulun, who has always been a playboy, is in the bones as an out-and-out “sister control”.




The helplessness of being seen deep in one’s heart by the other party!

In just a few seconds, Zebulun was like being smashed to the head with a stick fiercely by Ogre, completely lost the ability to think, and the whole person stood still shivering.

However, the mage is a mage after all, and has received strict training from the apprenticeship period. In order to exercise the apprentice’s self-control ability, some instructors even force them not to speak for a whole year, only relying on their eyes, expressions and gestures , To express their meaning, the loser will be expelled directly.

It didn’t take long for Zebulun to regain his composure, enduring the urge to hit the opponent fiercely with his fist, and gnashing teeth asked: “What do you want?”

Andre smiled pretentiously and spread his hands out: “Hehe, if I remember correctly, you seem to have proposed this meeting, so it’s not what I want, but what you want. You know, actually You don’t have many chips in your hand, so it’s best to think clearly about opening conditions, because I hate endless bargaining.”

Obviously, although none of his entire sentence contains threats Words, but there is a threat everywhere.

Negotiating and negotiating are essentially a game of finding each other’s weaknesses. Once the weaknesses of the other party are grasped, ruthless pursuits are required to force the other party to yield and compromise, and then act according to their own wishes. Anyone who is soft-hearted will not get the so-called friendship, but will be ridiculed secretly. When the opponent recovers, revenge will be set off immediately.

As a mage who firmly believes that human nature is evil, Andre never overestimates his charm. What he has to do is to divide all those who are enemies of him into two categories.

One type can reach a reconciliation without involving core interests, and the other cannot reach a reconciliation. The former can be weakened first, and then brought into one’s subordinates through negotiation. As for the latter, it must be completely eliminated. Leave no trace of trouble.

Unfortunately, the Bruce family undoubtedly belonged to the latter…

Zebrun felt the undisguised maliciousness of the other party, took a deep breath, clenched his fist firmly Said: “I don’t want much, only the safety of Agnes and the preservation of the Bruce family’s noble name. You can take the remaining property, status, and honor. For this I am willing to give my freedom. And vowed to be loyal to you forever, as a mage.”

“hahahaha! Sorry, why do you think I will agree to this condition?

I want to know to drag you For the blessing of that idiot brother, I can get everything after three days of killing him.

As for you, you are just a Level 3 mage. Wait for me to inherit the chairman of the Boris Master Mage Association. Position, there will be more and more powerful mages willing to serve me, so your value is not at all as high as you think.

Finally, and the most important point, what do you do to ensure your loyalty? What?

After all, I killed your father indirectly. Then I will kill your big brother and completely destroy your family. Hatred is a very terrifying force. I don’t want to be hurt by it.”

At this moment, Andre is like a devil who tempts mortals to fall, step by step drags the prey into the pre-arranged trap, and then stands by and admires its painful struggle.

Perhaps as there is a saying, right will never change anything, it just exposes a person’s nature completely.

Under the erosion of greater and greater power, Andre has gradually become accustomed to giving orders and forcing those who are weaker to obey their will.

Although he himself hasn’t noticed this for the time being, he has already begun to affect many people, especially the young people who are in collapse.

“Damn! Damn! Damn! You devil in human skin! Tell me what you want!”

Zebrunn finally cried out intolerably. Perhaps because of the excitement, his entire face was flushed, obviously a sign of increased blood pressure.

Andre’s mouth curled up slightly and said in a playful tone: “What I want is very simple. Before I completely defeat your stupid brother, you will end his life personally.


I don’t care whether you are poison or insert a dagger into his heart. It doesn’t matter, but there is one thing, that is, there must be enough witnesses at the scene.

Remember This promise is only valid until I defeat him. If I wait until I kill his army and his men, then the promise will be invalidated.

In addition, your younger sister will become my hostage afterwards. It depends on your performance in the future, understand?”

“You…you actually want me to be a kinslayer?!” Zebulun thumped and knelt on the ground. , Yelled out of silence.

Up to now, he finally understands Andre’s purpose, that is, with his own hands, to completely dissolve the Bruce family’s last resistance without even getting his hands dirty.

After all, in front of that many people, to directly eradicate a noble family with a long history is to bear a certain political risk, which may cause a certain degree of hostility and panic.

But if the family kills each other, then others will only despise the short-sightedness of this family and spurn their behavior.

“Don’t worry, you still have three days to think about it. Think about it and give me a reply. Oh, yes, by the way, check for me who instigated your brother in the background, news If it is accurate, I will consider arranging a more comfortable environment for your younger sister in the future.”

After all, Andre patted Zebron on the shoulder, turned and jumped onto the carriage, and then ordered the driver to turn around. In just a few minutes, he left the gloomy cemetery.

Watching the back of the carriage away, Zebrun went crazy, waving his fist and beating a tombstone until his hands were bloody.

I saw him slowly stand up, staring at the seal in the shape of a heart lion, and in a firm tone, he said word by word: “Agnes, I swear to protect you, even if the soul I don’t hesitate to sell it to the devil! Sorry, my brother…”

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