Arcane Lord Chapter 954

“Wow! The imposing manner is amazing! I want to say, now you are really more and more like a high-ranking nobleman, you actually let Bruce special family with almost words The second son knelt down and begged.”

As soon as the carriage drove out of the cemetery, Bonnie Widowmaker could not wait to jump up from her chair and exclaimed.

As a woman who climbed up from the bottom of a slum, she had never seen a negotiation scene where she played with her opponent in just a few words, and almost did not have a nervous breakdown.

Andre kissed the other person on the cheek and gently shook the head: “No, my dear, you only saw the surface phenomenon, not at all understand what caused the scene just now.”

“Why don’t you explain it to me? You know, I really like learning…” Bonnie pulled her collar down.

Feeling the softness and warmth from the palm of his hand, Andre smiled and shrugged his bladder: “Well, for your taste so delicious, I will explain it for you a little bit, prick up your ears and listen. .

First of all, negotiation depends on the comparison of power between the two parties. This power includes power, money and prestige, as well as own class level, Innate Ability, etc., and in this respect, I am stronger than my opponent Countless times.

Secondly, I caught Zebulun’s weakness at first, that is, his only younger sister. As long as this is used to threaten, then he has no room for resistance.

Finally, and the most important point, I am smarter, wiser, and more clearly understood human nature than him, so the result of this negotiation is already doomed, and there will be no change at all.

In addition, I promise you that if he dared to show even the slightest tendency to attack, he would be burned to ashes by endless flames.”

“Really?” Bonnillo He blinked his eyes playfully and asked.

Just when Andre was about to say something and so on, the carriage stopped suddenly. The driver who had remained silent from the beginning to the present jumped off, opened the door, and reminded with a hoarse voice: “Boss , The residence of Lady Anastasia is here.”

Glancing at the brightly lit house outside the car window, Bonnie sighed helplessly: “Oh…it seems that the conversation tonight can only come first. So far, what are your plans for the past few days?”

“Ming Acquired will return to the Tulse Valley, check the situation in the territory, and organize the army by the way. You must understand that private wars between the nobles It’s not a trivial matter, especially in terms of etiquette. I have to make everyone blameless.” After that, Andre tidied up his clothes and jumped directly from the carriage to the Widowmaker in the carriage. He waved his hand and walked straight to the gate.

After watching him enter the garden through the guards, Bonnie reluctantly said to the coachman: “Let’s go, let’s go home. It is estimated that the city will not be too calm in the past few days. Try to let everyone act low-key. I don’t want to get into trouble during this critical period.”

“Please rest assured, Scar has already ordered most people to shrink back. Now no one in the slums can threaten us. As long as you are nodded, we You can even instigate the city defense forces stationed in the vicinity.”

While driving the carriage, the coachman comforted his boss’s slightly sensitive nerves. After a while, he disappeared into the night…

Passing through the secluded garden, Andre quickly walked into the vestibule under the leadership of the servant. Before he had time to take off his cloak, he found that the whole room was full of people watching Yourself.

Especially Mabel, who had an anxious face, stood up and stammered: “I… I didn’t cause you any trouble, right?”

“Trouble? hahahaha! No, my friend, on the contrary, this is a good thing.” Andre handed the cloak to Steward, came to the young man, and patted his shoulder.

When the latter heard this sentence, he instantly sighed in relief, muttering to himself: “Hoo…Bless the gods! I thought I was in trouble again…”

“hehe! I said long ago, Andre will take care of everything, now let us continue to drink and make up for the lost part of the banquet!”

Chloe, who has always been optimistic He raised the glass and poured a sip of the finest wine, and his fair face immediately flushed, looking so cute and alluring.

Obviously, she was already drunk, even the expressions all were a bit blurred, and she forced Fiona, who was sitting next to her, to drink with her, and her mouth burst into laughter from time to time. , Or humming an unknown country tune.

Looking at the drunk appearance of her niece, Lady Anastasia held her forehead helplessly and winked at Old Steward.

Borg understood, and immediately waved his hand, and in the blink of an eye, the two maids stepped forward and sent Eldest Miss, who remembered not quite clear his name, back to the room.

Seeing the hall finally calmed down, the lady could not wait to ask: “What did Duke Georgie and Duke Alexandria talk to you? Wouldn’t they want to go to war?”

Andre sat down, took a cup and drank, replied meaningfully: “No, ma’am, on the contrary, they want to form an alliance with me and join hands to annex the Rakit family. Also, please allow I congratulate you. If nothing happens, you will be conferred by the parliament as the first place duchess in the history of Linton in two weeks or so.”


Perhaps because the news was too shocking, Countess Anastasia suddenly stood up from her chair, her eyes widening.

She can’t believe it at all, things will actually develop to this step!

“Calm down, madam, you have to understand that the annihilation of the Linton City fleet has dealt a great blow to Duke Ian, even more how he lost his pride under the attack of the pirates. It’s not surprising that Duke Georgie and Duke Alexander also lost a lot in this turmoil. They need to find a prey to make up for themselves. Ian’s loss, and Duke Ian unfortunately became a prey.

Please be prepared. If nothing else, the Lakit family will be removed.

In the cruel In the political struggle, if you don’t know when you can move forward and when you should retreat, it won’t take long to die without a burial site.”

After that, Andre forks up a delicious juicy fried beef to give away. In the mouth, he didn’t eat anything at the banquet, and his stomach was already hungry. Now when he comes home, he naturally has to make up for it.

“You’re right, families who don’t know how to advance and retreat often don’t end well. I just didn’t expect. In just a few months, there are two with a long history. The aristocracy is about to die…”

The lady who came back to his senses from the shock couldn’t help but sigh. As a member of the aristocratic class, she will inevitably feel a little sad to hear such news.

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