Arcane Lord Chapter 955

Simply rested for one night at the Mansion of Lady Anastasia. Andre took his followers on the carriage in the early morning of the 2nd day. Grandiose left Linton City and arrived at noon. The castle in the Tours Valley.

Albner, who was notified in advance, personally led a large group of servants, slaves and soldiers waiting at the gate.

Seeing his allegiance come out of the car, he hurried forward and bowed deeply: “Welcome back, sir. I have asked the chef to prepare it according to your taste. A good lunch is guaranteed to be clean and delicious.”

“Thank you, my dear Mr. General Manager, you are always so capable and arrange everything properly.” Andre nodded with a smile praised.

As a former manager, he is very aware of how much energy it takes to take care of a territory with a population of tens of thousands, especially everyday all repeating the same boring work. There is no fun at all.

Abner’s humble shook the head: “No, you are overwhelmed. It all depends on the agricultural and animal husbandry knowledge you left behind. Otherwise, no matter how hard I work, I won’t be able to make the entire territory short. It has become so prosperous in just half a year. Perhaps you are not quite clear. Since the news of the first batch of rice harvests spread, we have arrested at least 12 spies sent by surrounding nobles.”

“Twelve? Wow, there are a lot of them.” Andre made an exaggerated expression on purpose.

Knowing that the only way to enter the valley is the heavily guarded castle, he really doesn’t know whether to praise the greedy nobles for their boldness, or to laugh at their low IQ.

After all, even professional thieves can hardly escape the hunting of a large number of hounds, and there are at least 30 ferocious dogs in the castle, and more than half of them have the bloodline of the Kraal Hound.

They are all out-and-out killers. Once an abnormality is discovered, they will swarm in immediately, tearing the invaders to pieces.

Andre hardly needs to think about it. He knows how miserable these spies will end up. He probably won’t even be able to keep a complete body.

“Hehe, thanks to them, I saved a lot of dog food.” Abner smiled slightly, telling the bloody truth.

Obviously, he took all the bad luck spies to feed the dogs, and now there is probably only a pool of bones left.

Don’t think this is weird. In order to keep the hounds offensive, the nobles often feed them living people. Sometimes they are servants who make mistakes, and sometimes they are poachers caught by bad luck… …

I imagined the bloody scene of a hound tearing a living person in his mind. Andre hurriedly shook the head, forced himself to forget the picture just now, and continued to ask: “What about other aspects? For example, our food. Reserves, profitability, number of herds, etc. In addition, how do the slaves eat and are they starving?”

Abner, who knows the territory well, didn’t even think about it, so he spoke directly. The report: “My lord, according to your instructions, we have sold most of the food to Linton City to help the dukes stabilize the soaring prices. Therefore, there is not much food in stock at the moment, only enough for daily consumption and maintenance. A professional army of 500 people.

The profitability is also very good. When selling food, the dukes gave a good price.

And the chickens, ducks, Geese, everyday all lay thousands of eggs, some of which are salted, and the other are sent to the city to be sold, which is very profitable.

In addition, due to the large number of cattle, sheep, and horses raised Therefore, dairy products are also an important income for us, especially cheese, which not only tastes mellow, but also provides a lot of nutrition for the body. Half of it is sold and half is stored as army rations.

As for the last item Income is soybean products, including oil, bean dregs, tofu, tofu, bean cakes, etc.

I have to say that your full use of soybeans is simply amazing to me. I never knew it before. This kind of thing that can only be used to feed animals can be processed into such a variety of products, and the taste is also very good.

The remaining bean dregs are mixed with hay and wheat stalks according to your instructions. Pour it into a pot and cook it and become feed for pigs, cows, sheep, chickens, ducks, and geese. We currently have about 360 pigs in captivity, all of which have been castrated and look fat and strong. They can be slaughtered at any time.

The overwhelming majority tenants and slaves in our territory usually eat seaweed tofu soup. The staple food is cooked rice porridge and cut into small pieces. If conditions permit, I will also hire a few fishing boats to catch some small fishes offshore, and then deep-fry them, and give each person three or five pieces. They now regard you as the most respected and loved person in their lives, and they have a strong influence on the territory. A sense of belonging.

After lunch, I will take you around, and then you will find your own status in the mind.

In short, your The territory is extremely rich, even the humblest slave will not go hungry and cold, I dare to swear with my honor that there will never be any territory in the entire southern region that can match it. nice. “

After listening to this long list of compliments and compliments, Andre basically has a general understanding of his territory.

To summarize it in a simple sentence, then Just barely pass the food and clothing line.

Maybe the innovation of agricultural technology and the planting of new crops have doubled the output of the land, but most of the income of the tenants still has to be turned over to the lord, the slaves Not to mention, they are even part of the Master’s property, let alone any income.

In fact, Andre has reduced the tax rate to a minimum in order to make the ordinary person live a little better. 5:5, because further reduction will cause hostility from surrounding lords.

In other words, tenants can enjoy the rest at home as long as they pay half of their income to the lords.

Note that this half includes more than 90% of taxes including poll tax. Once the payment is completed, there is no need to pay those messy items.

For example, Entry tax, arbitrary tax, mill donation, poll tax, inheritance tax, etc. Generally speaking, the lords will not take away the last property of the tenants, they will not give up.

Of course, if it is a territory If anyone wants to get married, then the marriage tax still has to be paid. After all, this symbolizes the privilege of the lord Supreme. Unless he intends to challenge the entire aristocracy, he must be obediently and honestly collected.

Andre simply cannot Imagine how the peasants survived the various types of squeezing. If they hadn’t become a mountain dweller who didn’t have to pay taxes when they were crossing, they have now moved around and become a leading figure to overthrow feudal rule……

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